Workout Accountability

I LOVE to workout. I never thought I’d be that kind of person who’d enjoy going to the gym, but after starting my fitness journey about two years ago, I haven’t looked back. There have been some great moments and the occasional “valleys” of success. Overall though, it’s been an upward trend.

For a myriad of reasons, my workout routine has changed drastically a few times throughout the journey. At first, I resist the change because well, I hate change, and then I get into a new groove and I’m fine again. Even when I expect something to be a setback, it’s turns out to just be another step forward.

First, the trainer of the class that got me hooked on working out and weight lifting moved out of state. I loved her and I figured I’d end up quitting the class because it wasn’t the same.

The whole class, about 10 “regulars,” all told the new trainer he had big shoes to fill. He ended up being amazing. I don’t want to say better (because I really love both trainers!), but it turned into a totally different class. I freaking LOVED going to his classes every week. I would schedule my entire week so I wouldn’t miss a single one.

And then… I moved. It’s no secret that my transition to Hoboken hasn’t been the smoothest. I miss a lot about Connecticut, but it’s the gym that I think I miss the most. It was hard to leave it and if it weren’t for the $15 tolls each way to drive across the bridge or through the tunnel, I’d consider driving the hour each way just to go to the gym. (I’m kidding, obviously, but I do wish it would magically appear here in New Jersey.)

I was incredibly nervous about not finding a good workout routine again here in Hoboken. I was picturing myself just falling off the wagon completely. Luckily, as I’m realizing (coming to terms with? haha), I just love working out to let it fall by the wayside. It truly is a priority for me and so I will always figure out a way to make room for fitness in my life.

I ended up signing up for a new gym that I like, but don’t totally love. And I did 30 sessions with a personal trainer. She ended up moving to another gym and when I ran out of sessions, I wasn’t totally prepared to keep paying for the sessions. Personal training is AMAZING and now that I’ve experienced it, I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to get their bearings in the gym. It’s a great way to build a foundation for working out. I learned more from my trainer in the first two weeks than I had in a year and a half of group workouts. I loved having the individual attention and I know I benefitted from that and the actual workouts immensely.

So where does that bring me now?

An accountability group.

I really wanted to give Kayla Itsines’ “Bikini Body Guide” (aka SWEAT) workouts a try. I purchased her PDF a couple of years ago and have done a bunch of the workouts. But I had been picking and choosing willy-nilly just for days when I wanted a plan for working out on my own. The actual training program, though, gives you every workout that you should do for a full twelve weeks*. Without a class time to put on my calendar or a trainer to show up for, I wondered if I’d struggle to stay on track for the program.

* I have the 12-week e-book program. And there’s a 13-24 week e-book too.

While I was on vacation last month, I started doing some of the BBG workouts with friends. It was so much fun and the 28-minutes flew by. I also knew I wasn’t going to cheat on the burpees knowing I was next to two of my friends… I didn’t want to let them down!

Because my friends live all over the place and because the ones I do live near all have different work schedules, I decided to start an accountability email thread. It started with a few people and it’s grown every week since. I figured it’d work, even if there was only one other person, but it has been even better than I expected. I send out an email on Sunday with an intention to focus on for the week, a personal update, and just regular motivation… then everyone else chimes in as the week goes on.

We’re all loving it! It’s just nice to be able to “work out” with each other, even if we’re in different states!

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Great idea! If not too far you should try Burn Boot Camp. There are several in NJ. You will become hooked if you try it!


I genuinely hate working out (especially running), but I love love love Orangetheory. It moves really quickly so the hour flies by, and it’s a nice mix of group workout with personal attention as needed.


Have you tried Crossfit? I plan on trying it out soon. I think it could be a good blend of weights and attention.


Carly, this is a really great idea! Even though I have a great group of friends in my city, we all workout at different gyms. I love this idea of still helping each other stay accountable. Also, I always love hearing about your workout journey because it keeps me motivated. Up until a few years ago, I did not think I was a gym person either by any means. But it is about finding a gym and workouts that work for you! Thanks for the motivation!

Meredith Moe

Hi Carly, this post really rings true to me. Just over a year ago I started working out weekly one on one with a Pilates trainer. I love to do cardio (walking & running) on my own, but have had trouble sticking with weight-bearing exercise consistently. I thought that it would be the expense of a personal trainer that would help me really commit to it, but what I found out that it was the actually the accountability. I’ve done group classes many times in the past, but this is completely different. That external accountability has worked wonders for me.


An accountability email sounds like such a good idea! I’ve been wanting to get back into working out since I stopped after graduating a year ago – without the convenient gym right next door, it’s a lot harder – but I just haven’t gotten over the hurdle of trying somewhere new.


This is such a great idea. Some girlfriends and I usually send the occasional “ugh i need to workout” text or send a happy snapchat when we actually go, but having an actual plan / written form of accountability sounds like a better way to keep us all on track and motivated. Thanks for the idea!


Honestly, this totally speaks to me. I started powerlifting in February and one of the main motivators to keep going is my amazing coach. She provides me with plans long distance, and I, in turn, send her videos of my lifts, for which she provides comments and coaching on form. She’s a super amazing, motivating human, and I’m so appreciative for the accountability and support she provides. (Also that I’m fortunate enough to afford coaching at this point in my life!!!)


Have you ever thought of doing a group for your followers? It maybe too much work, but I am envious when I see you and Ashley posting your accountability selfies. Thanks for always inspiring your readers.