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I took four yoga classes this week. FOUR. I hardly recognize myself. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking about yoga all the time on here. I just wanted to do a quick little update, and also ask for advice. 
Each of the four classes were totally different. I’m trying to get a feel for the different classes that work for me and my goals. The first was mostly stretching and gentle yoga; the perfect way to gain some confidence for the beginning of this journey. Then I took a Iyengar class and we focused a lot on the shoulders, which is exactly what I needed from hunching over my desk and shrugging my shoulders in the cold! Then I took a Vinyasa class that was a bit too advanced for me. I struggled through it and woke up the next morning very, very sore.
My favorite class so far was the basics class I took this morning. Especially after the hard class, I knew I wanted to do something a little bit slower and quite a bit more instructional. The teacher was amazing and really explained the proper alignment and described what common phrases mean. I’ll definitely be going to this class as I continue to get more and more comfortable with yoga. 
I’m trying to be really good about not buying clothes. Right now, I want my focus to be on what I’m doing, not what I’m wearing. I already have some capri yoga pants that are just fine and tanks and t-shirts that I feel comfortable practicing in.

Adidas “Festival” Sports Bras

The one thing I actually need? Sports bras. The ones I have are great for walking Teddy and even for short runs, but uhhhh, not so much when I’m twisting around and bending like a pretzel. Anyone have suggestions for ones they swear by? I’m all ears….

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PS I’ve never heard of this brand before… but doesn’t everything look really cute?

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Bows and Beaus

I swear by LuLulemon's sports bras…even though they're pretty expensive, they have ones for the different impacts of workouts so you can find the right one for you!

Elle Paige & Henry

I wear Lulu sports bras but this is my favorite tank to wear during class. I'm not comfortable enough to do class in just a sports bar, so I wear the tanks. They are also nice for days when I don't really want to wear a bra and I can throw on a tank and a sweatshirt.

Glad you are enjoying yoga, its a great compliment to your exercise routine.


amanda walsh

My old Pilates teacher recommended TJ Maxx and Marshall's and they are the absolute best for workout clothes. They offer a ton of great brands and styles for really good prices. I've found my favorite leggings, shorts, and post-class clothes there.

Anna Timm

I'm trying out Yoga too and the clothes are just adorable! Lucy is a great brand, the just opened a shop by my house and I love, love, LOVE! 🙂


So glad you're giving yoga a shot! It took me a while to build up to the difficult vinyasa classes but now I'm addicted. There's certainly something to be said for taking "easy" classes too, no matter what level you are – we can all always learn something new!

I swear by the lululemon energy bras. Nothing slips out of place even if you're upside down! They have removable cups so you can customize, and the strappy back is super cute. Lululemon has a lot of other great options that hold up well, that's just the one that works best for me!


So glad you are liking yoga! I has the ability to make everything feel a little better – even the things that have nothing to do with health and fitness!

Lucy is great, though a bit on the expensive side. I went through this search a couple of months ago and found two brands that I really like: Old Navy and Victoria's Secret Sport.

Old Navy activewear is fantastic. The price is right and I always am happy with whatever I pick out. I got a couple of sports bras from there and they are perfect for my ballet classes. Many times, the problem I have with sports bras is that the material is too heavy/thick and a bit too constricting. There is support and there is not being able to breathe. I don't have this problem with the Old Navy ones I picked, supportive but not too tight like you might want for running.

Victoria's Secret. I was really hesitant to try their Sport line because while I like some of their lingerie, everything is ALWAYS about in your face seduction. I like being "sexy" at times, but I definitely don't wear it on my sleeve. And when I am working out, that is one of the last times in my day I feel "sexy". Anyway, I tried on one of the sports bras one day and ended up loving it. They have ranges of support and, it seems obvious when I type it, but because they know so much about bras, they made a really good sports bra. I also like that it isn't to revealing and if I'm grabbing a bite to eat or out and about after class, I don't feel like I have bound my chest, but instead like I have a regular bra on.

Would love to hear what you go with – I'm always on the hunt for workout clothes.

Surf & Hydrangeas

Gillian R.

I'm a figure skater and yoga geek, and I SWEAR by the Old Navy ones! Cheap, cute, and totally functional (for the record though, I'm very small chested… my opinion might be different than others).

Emily Joy

I have no clue what you linked to at the end, because I refuse to click random click-baity Reward Style links, but I love Target sports bras. They have some that are lightly padded, which works well in the cold.
I also swear by Zella workout gear from Nordstrom. It is just as high quality as Lululemon, but much cheaper.


The Lululemon ta ta tamer is by far the best sports bra I have ever owned. I swear by it, it's definitely worth the money because I have one from Target in a similar style and it just doesn't measure up to the Lululemon one.


I know lululemon is expensive, but I swear by their Energy Bra! It comes in a variety of colors and it's the best, so supportive (I'm a 34DD) and it looks just like a typical sports bra!

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

The Lululemon energy bras are my absolute favorite. Some of the running one's though like the All Sport or Stuff Your Bra are a little bit restrictive for yoga. They last forever too. I have some that are going on 5 years and are in perfect condition!


I'm large-chested (34DD) and swear by the New Balance sports bras! They're easy on the budget and actually give support – I don't have to wear two bras at once while exercising! They come in an array of fun colors and have light-weight removable padding. I got mine from TJMaxx and can't seem to find the same style on the New Balance website, but it's worth a shot to try them. One thing I really have difficulty with is trying to find a small band size in a bra that accommodates my large cup size. The New Balance bras do just that! I wear these for horseback riding (jumping around, so you know it works), running, walking, zumba, and my HIIT classes. The ones I have are size L and fit perfectly.

I also have a Danskin bra that works well too. It's not as much of a favorite as my NB ones, but it still does the job! It says low-impact on the website but I found that this is my favorite for horseback riding: I'm also a size L in this one. It says 12-14 but definitely NOT true to size! 🙂


I use Under Armour for most of my running/yoga gear. I own a couple of their UA HeatGear Armour Sports Bras which are my absolute favorite. They are extremely comfortable, wicks moisture well keeping you dry, and they fit nice and snug to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions! They recommend them for A-C cups so if you're bigger chested it might not be a good fit but they do have other sports bra options that I'm just work just as well. Good luck and namaste! xx

Jenny Spicola

Like many above, I also swear by Lululemon's Ta Ta Tamer II (I'm very much large chested). Their other bras are great for lower impact activities, like yoga. I also love GapFit's medium support sports bra, which has sort of a v-neck. Other solid choices include medium-high support ones from Nike and Champion.

Audrey Lin

The one good thing about having small boobs is that you don't have to worry about them when you exercise 😛 I was in Florida last week for my winter break (swim) training trip, in which we swam twice a day and did dryland once a day. I am sore as heck! Unfortunately as a swimmer I don't really know much about land exercise clothing 😛 BUT when we got back from our trip we had a nice long yoga session, which was so great not only for my body but also my mind. My soul!!! Maybe after swim season ends I'll hop into yoga 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Lululemon for sure! I have tried so many different brands of sports bras and I always come back to Lululemon. I dance, do yoga, and run and I find I can get one sports bra that works for all of those activities. I really like how the website explains the level of support that bra gives and there is no particular style that I would recommend the most, they're all great! I prefer the ones that have a double layer of fabric and no padding, because it's just more difficult to wash and I really don't care about having padding anyway – I wear them under something pretty much all the time. However, the padding is removable, so not a deal breaker when looking at a certain style.

Sweet Spontaneity

Christen Marshall

While I am completely in love with my lululemon stuff (like the other commenters), I wouldn't recommend investing that much in gear since you're just starting out. I'm a 32DD and have gotten by in yoga just fine with the old school cheap sports bras from target. I do find that I prefer a built in bra though. (Like the power Y tank a commenter above linked) Having one that has a minimal amount of fabric around the shoulders seems to be the best bet for me so far – the mobility I get from that makes a difference when you start getting into binds.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Liz Goodman

I'm so glad you've been enjoying yoga! There's definitely a learning curve, but once you start getting the poses down it's so great tackling more challenging practices.
I've always been a fan of Lululemon and Lucy if I want to splurge. I like their light support tanks which gives me more flexibility, and have a few different ones I like. I find my running sports bras (Moving Comfort Juno or Jubralee) too restrictive for yoga.
Happy practicing!


I haven't seen any Lucy stores besides the one I grew up with in Bethesda. I have 2 pairs of yoga pants and 2 tanks that I bought 6 years ago there, and they are still in great shape. My mom claims it is the best workout brand for petite sizes.


Love Fabletics for workout gear. It's 100% online, the quality is top notch and the prices are very reasonable. Good luck finding your prefect workout gear!