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Wrapping Paper Suite

This is very early, but… I think I’ve just been craving something to look forward to. And apparently I’m filling that void with wrapping paper. Elsa sent me a link to this Etsy shop and the two of us went crazy building our “suites” of wrapping paper. It’s the little things nowadays people!!!

The designs did look familiar to me and I realized from Instagram that I featured Erisha on my blog years ago and did a handful of giveaways with her. I just didn’t recognize the new shop name. She is so talented and I was excited to scoop up some of the wrapping paper for this holiday season.

Her wrapping paper designs are gorgeous. (Side note but I’d love to see them as fabric too!) You can go in a bunch of different directions, but here are the two I narrowed it down to. They’re the same, just one in blue and one in red. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to lean into my love of blue or keep things a bit more classic red for the holidays.



I really did intend on only going with one… and ended up going with both. I figure I can do the red for the holidays and keep the blue on hand for birthdays and other giftable occasions. You know I couldn’t resist those blue bows. The paper comes in sets sheets versus rolls, just to keep that in mind when ordering quantities.

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Jennifer Record

so funny! I was JUST searching for beautiful wrapping paper the other day… there is something so innocent and beautiful about it… it IS the little things these days <3


You might check out Artists can submit works to be made into wallpaper, wrapping paper, or FABRIC!


I was just shopping for wrapping paper on Etsy last night and thought, I hope Carly does a post on her favorites! Glad to see we’re on the same wavelength 😉

Sarah Haley

So gorgeous! I am obsessed with all things paper and have to check out her shop! LOVE the red! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


So pretty! I like to have some blue or neutral paper on hand for Hanukkah friends, and then use red and green for the rest. Now I’m inspired to start looking for wrapping paper…

Kassi Kasinger

Check out Spoonflower! So good for your sewing or gift wrapping needs! Or maybe you need matching wallpaper? You pick or upload a design and you get to pick what material you have it printed on. I’ve ordered the sport lycra to make swimsuits.