Wrinkle Free Clothes

I hate wrinkles. And I hate ironing. But I also really hate how expensive the dry cleaner is. I’ve found that my small apartment is the worst for keeping clothes wrinkle free because everything gets smooshed in the closet or crumbled on the floor (keeping it real).

While we were in Alaska, Julia and Thomas whipped out this amazing steamer. Most of my clothes were fine from being in the suitcase, but my hiking pants were horribly wrinkled. (Please don’t judge me for wanting to get rid of wrinkles in my hiking pants of all garments!)

Anyway, the steamer they used worked unbelievably well– even better than an iron would have done and definitely way faster. The best part is that it’s portable so you really can travel with it if you so choose to give up a fraction of your suitcase.

I immediately bought the steamer when I got back to NYC. Best $30 I’ve ever spent. THIRTY dollars. (That’s how much it costs me to dry clean three dresses in my neighborhood. Bam!)


I bought this Old Navy dress the other day and passed on the shopping bag and instead just rolled the dress into my handbag. Unfortunately my dress got very wrinkled. Fortunately I had my steamer on hand. 
There’s the little steamer. Seriously… it’s a major game changer.
Garrett is loving the steamer too. I kind of want to purposefully wrinkle things just to steam them. 

If you’re a freak about wrinkles, you have to get the steamer
Anyone else obsessed with steaming?! It’s just so randomly fun.
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Audrey Lin

Usually I just sprinkle water over wrinkled clothing and hang them up to dry, but this seems a much more effective method 😛 And wow, the price is very student-friendly! Thanks for the share 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Devon Huntley

I have probably too much experience with steamers between working retail and having worked for my sorority for a year (just think about all those table linens for recruitment that sit in boxes for 11 months…) and I have used many steamers.

The Rowenta steamer you posted is one of the better ones – not my favorite but it gets the job done quickly! My pet peeve about it is the small water capacity (like REALLY small) – you have to refill it multiple times if you're steaming more than one item. For travel I use the travel steamer by My Little Steamer – it's $20 from Bed Bath and Beyond, super light weight, heats up crazy fast and gets the wrinkles out! Bringing your own steamer with you is so much better than relying on a hotel iron that may or may not melt your clothing or put a massive black mark on it!


I just got a steamer for Christmas and it is freaking amazing!! I don't think it's always faster than ironing but it definitely does a better job, and for some reason is more fun. I have the My Little Steamer from Bed Bath & Beyond too. I got my mom hooked on it too.

Kristina does the Internets


We have a large Rowenta steamer/iron combo, because sometimes there are things that still have to be ironed I love it so much!! I always want to buy mine for college grads (but it's such a boring gift) this smaller, cheaper one would be a great add on gift!!

Allie Harris

Love it! I have a mini steamer that my mom got me for Christmas and it is seriously a life saver at college!

Alexa D'Angelo

I'm obsessed with my steamer! It was the best purchase I've ever made. When I went off to college it was the best thing I packed. It saves me so much time and always keeps me looking neat. I really hate wrinkles i (I even steam my gym clothes). It's literally perfect! Enjoy yours!

Alexa xoxo

Jackie {York Avenue}

I was just thinking that maybe I should get a steamer after I bought a silk shirt and it came home totally wrinkled from the bag. Glad to have a recommendation to go off of (and a well-priced one to boot!)


I HATE ironing, too. My mom irons all my clothes, which is awesome, but I'm moving out. I put a steamer on my wedding registry, and I'm hoping that it will be as wonderful as you say!

Julie Beattie

This is amazing! I am definitely picky about my laundry (as in, I will refold a shirt several times before I'm satisfied…drives my husband crazy) so this seems right up my alley! As careful as I am with folding and hanging, my closet and drawers are packed to the gills so wrinkles definitely happen. I am adding this to my list for once my self-imposed month-long spending freeze is over. Thanks for the recommendation Carly!

Brendy Beauty

….I may have just bought that mini steamer. LOL I hate when my button downs are all wrinkly and I can be incredibly lazy about taking my stuff to the dry cleaner. Thanks for the tip!