You scream, I scream

This is the absolute worst ice cream ever to be invented.
And what I mean by this is it’s the BEST ice cream ever to be invented.
Seriously, finger-lickin’, eat-the-whole-carton, gain-ten-pounds good.

{via flickr}
Ice cream has really been bothering my stomach lately, but it’s not stopping me from indulging in a few scoops.  It’s like peanut butter ice cream with chocolate… and mini buckeyes.
Have you had plain buckeyes before?!?!  Soccer Mom’s friend makes them for us every Christmas.  We stick them in the refrigerator and eat them by the handful… very dangerous!!!
Here’s a great recipe from Smitten Kitchen on how to make the little divine treats.
Are you a fan of the peanut butter buckeyes?

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……IO to the anonymous up there. Buckeyes are the mascot for Ohio State so up here in Ohio we eat them all year long and especially on football game days 🙂

Caitlin C.

I've never had Buckeyes before… but peanut butter is my one favorite foods, and ice cream is the other… so when you combine them I'm SURE to be obsessed. I need to try this!


These look amazing! I've never had buckeyes before, but it's peanut butter and chocolate . . . can't be too bad, can it?


Amazing! I'm from Ohio, so I was basically born a buckeye fan (both the team and the treat!). This ice cream is on my next grocery list! Thanks!


This ice cream is AWESOME! We picked some up at Publix on Thursday and everyone at my house has loved it! I've never tried buckeyes outside of this ice cream, so that recipe from Smitten Kitchen just made it to the top of my list.

Paige - Everyday Belle

sorry ice cream has been bothering your stomach lately :(. i actually discovered that if you blend some high quality protein powder with frozen bananas, you can make a really yummy sort of ice cream substitute- of course it's not exactly like the real thing, but it's definitely worth trying out! i know you recently decided to stop eating meat (and you've been running a lot!), so you might think about looking into it. A lot of websites will even ship you a few samples for under $5 🙂

♡ bAs

YUM!! I definitely want to try this! I actually have been craving ice cream almost ever day now. This could be very dangerous.

I love making buckeyes… I made a TON of buckeyes this past Christmas. I usually make them with my grandma, but this year I had to wing it on my own. Apparently they are really good. I am still hearing about them haha. I don't know what made them so different from any other ones. I can't wait to make them again!


Publix has the best ice cream; I'll have to try this next time I'm in Florida! And I definitely want to make buckeyes now–I've never had one!

eliza k

That sounds amazing! I am lactose intolerant, so I cannot often indulge, but I do when I absolutely have to haha. Maybe you're becoming lactose intolerant, too? I was fine up until my senior year of high school, and my body just stopped being able to process milk and ice cream. Just try one of those Lactiad pills next time u eat ice cream, you might see a difference! 🙂


I love buckeyes! My mom makes them every year for Christmas, too! And I have to say… they are my favorite =)


My family is from Ohio and my dad was an Ohio State Buckeye so my grandma used to make buckeye candies all the time when I was little! Thanks for sharing the recipe I'm excited to have rediscovered them!!

little miss southern love.

I love buckeyes! I wish publix was still open because I could so eat some or all of this right now. I love making buckeyes! My Boyfriends family is from Ohio and we make them every Christmas! This Christmas we made them with white chocolate and they were so good!