Your Final To Do Before the New Year

Whoa! Where did 2014 go?! With the New Year right around the corner, Maxie has some really great advice to wrap up this year. I know I’m excited for new beginnings, but it’s definitely worth checking off everything from Maxie’s list!
Your Final To Do Before the New Year
Guest Post by Maxie McCoy
What if you could see your entire year of to dos in one single list? I bet it’d be the longest list ever.
Whether it was the final exams you spent hours studying for, the blog posts you wrote while everyone else was out socializing or the hand-written cards you always made time to send off, you did a lot this year. From the really big things to the seemingly small, I’m sure that to-do list could wrap once around the word. 
If that list is so long for all of us, why is it that we so easily forget all that we’ve done? As you enter these few days squeezed between Christmas and the New Year, you’re especially prone to forgetting all the incredible things that you accomplished. Everywhere you turn there’s another message about next year – about how to make 2015 your best year yet.
But 2014 isn’t over. You still have a few very important days left in this year. So, before you get to goal setting and resolution creating, spend the last days of 2014 putting a big, gorgeous bow on your list with these final to do’s:
Clear Your Digital Clutter
Now is the perfect time to (winter) clean your digital life. We spend more time on our emails, social media sites and iPhones than any generation before us. There’s no one to tell us to clean out our photo stream like they did our closets. Before going into the new year, clean out all the digital clutter that annoys you, causes negativity, takes up space or just doesn’t serve you. Maybe this is unfollowing certain people on facebook. Unsubscribing to the million and one emails you don’t even read. Deleting pictures off of your phone that are blurry or useless. Do it, your future digital self will thank you!
Look Back
What are the skills or habits that you developed in 2014 that you’re really proud of. Make a point to look back on the past year to see what you want to bring with you to the new one. For me, I’ll without a doubt be continuing my love and practice of meditation which I finally started doing this past year. I’m really proud of my consistency, and it’s something that I’ll definitely be carrying over into 2015. Take 15 minutes to come up with a thing or two you mastered this year that you’ll keep doing.
Plan for Planning
You know that next year you’ll be planning just as much, maybe more. Which is exactly why you need a perfect planner or journal. Use what you know about your planning habits from 2014 to make the best choice here. Were you always on the go and just needed something light-weight for your ongoing checklist? Or did you like seeing your week at a glance with to-dos broken down by day. Whether you pick up my personal favorite moleskine, or your own favorite go to, finish this year by giving yourself a clean slate for next.
Where Did You “Fall”
One of the best things you can do before moving onto the new year, is looking at where you had a not so awesome moment. Maybe you screwed up? Maybe you made a mistake. Regardless, you most definitely learned. If there was someone that broke your heart, ask yourself how you’re better because of it. If you made an embarrassing mistake at work, reflect on what it taught you. If you accidently hurt the feelings of someone you loved, think about what led you there. These moments are our year’s greatest teachers, we totally have to take inventory of them.
However you finish your year, remember to give yourself a big ‘ole pat on the back. You rocked 2014. You learned some lessons, had a few big wins and a million small ones. Next year will be even better because you rang in the new year by fully finishing out the old.

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Great list! Thank you, Maxie!! My favorite item is cleansing your digital self. I know I have way too many pictures, screenshots, and useless apps on my phone that I'll never use – so why keep the clutter? I'm also considering deactivating Facebook (eek!) as one of my New Year's resolutions to clear up my digital life and focus more on what actually matters – like Instagram (haha) and blogging.

Hope you had an amazing time in Florida and have a wonderful New Year!!

xo, K

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