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1 Girl, 5 Outfits: Haley Ashcom

Back today with another 1 Girl, 5 Outfits post. This one has a little bit of a different twist and I think you’re going to love it!
Hi everyone! My name is Haley Ashcom and I currently live and work in Washington, D.C as a full-time government employee and part-time travel enthusiast/blogger. Almost two years ago to the day I accepted a new position that would require me to travel the country almost 30% of the year. So, I quickly decided that I would turn that professional opportunity into my biggest hobby and joy: traveling and documenting my adventures. For work, I get to travel to over 20 states over the next couple of years and as a result, I’ve made it my mission to visit the remainder of the 50 states on personal travel, all by 2020. So far I’ve visited 36 total, met so many amazing men and women from all walks of life and with astonishingly beautiful diversities, and have really gained a higher understanding and appreciation for our country. For my 1 Girl, 5 Outfits post, I proposed to Carly that I add an additional category of ‘5 states’ to the mix, and the outfits you’ll see were all taken in different parts of the country.
Unlike typical fashion posts, I’ve really aimed to highlight the place I’m visiting and push my fashion-limits by wearing pieces that are considered stylish in that particular location, even if I wouldn’t generally wear them in DC. Through this exploration of local style I’ve heightened my love for travel and yearning to learn even more, and I’m thrilled to share this with you.
Professional Outfit in Washington DC Outfit #1: Washington, D.C.
What to wear for a job in DC
This is an example of an outfit I would wear on a day-to-day basis in Washington, D.C. Working for the federal government in an office setting and traveling often to make presentations means wearing business professional clothes fairly regularly. I definitely strive to add my personality into requirement and this rick-rack suit does just that. I love how I can wear it in the warmer months {these photos were taken late September during a horrid heat-wave} with heeled sandals, but also into the cooler months with fleece-lined nude tights and boots. The other added bonus: suits require ZERO planning and effort; I pick a suit, throw it on, and automatically look put-together and professional.
 Mt Rainier
Outfit #2: Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington State
Mt. Rainier Outfit
Another fun fact about me is that I’m an avid hiker. I have plans to complete the Mt. Everest Base-Camp trek in April 2019 so any free time I have is spent training in the mountains. These pictures were taken during a personal trip with my fiancé in September and the key to this outfit was layers. My favorite easy hike outfit for basically any time of the year besides Winter is a pair of leggings and matching sports bra. As you can see though, higher altitudes start to get very cold, very quick so making sure to bring a fleece-lined jacket was essential. This outfit ensures that I’m cool and dry in the warmer temperatures close to the base, and warm and dry once I peak the summit.
Charlotte, NC
Outfit #3: Charlotte, NC
Gingham Dress
This outfit in comparison shows just how different climates can be across the country. The trips were only a week or so apart, but I had 75-degree weather during my trip to Charlotte in mid-October {you’ll see quite the comparison as you read on}. While in Charlotte I was sure to embrace a little bit of southern-sass in my gingham tie-sleeve dress. The conference I was attending was rather casual, so this dress that I paired with my favorite dupe mules was elevated enough that I felt professional but did not come off as too stuffy or overdressed while most people were wearing jeans. The evenings were only slightly chillier so I was quickly able to toss an olive-green cargo vest on to make the look a little extra ‘Fall.’
 Breckenridge Outfit
Outfit #4: Breckenridge, CO
See what I mean when I say different climates? The week after I was in Charlotte I traveled to another conference in Denver, CO. I was fortunate enough to have an afternoon off so my work-wife and I visited my favorite ski-town. Breckenridge is simply darling and I wanted to accomplish an elevated mountain look in choosing my outfit. I think I accomplished this with my new favorite mock-neck sweater dress paired with my camel coat and these amazing snow boots. It was the perfect outfit for brunching, shopping, and need I say… Instagramming.
Louisville Kentucky
Outfit#5: Louisville, KY 
Last, but certainly no least I kicked off the month of November in Louisville, KY. I couldn’t help but attempt a country-club, stable-like look that I’m fairly certain has turned into a new favorite outfit combination of mine. I’m sure you’ve seen this hounds tooth skirt everywhere over the past couple of years because of how darling the details are and how versatile it can be. It was definitely a chilly weekend so tights, a turtleneck, and a fleece vest were crucial! My new Frye boots {that I can finally wear after taking quite some time to break them in} also helped to keep me warm. This mix of neutrals in contrast to the gorgeously burning Fall trees was such a joy to photograph, but getting to enjoy such a perfect Fall weekend was even better.
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Absolutely love these posts! One of my favorite series you do. It would also be fun if the person picking the outfits picked 5 must eats/ must do in their city! Give you the insider scoop to their home city and also give five outfits. Loved this one with the different cities!!