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My Christmas Wishlist

To be totally honest and transparent, I have banned my friends and family from buying me anything. If you saw the state of my office, you’d understand why. I have my dream job (i.e. blogging), that allows me to buy pretty much anything I could ever want AND it comes with this job perk of being sent free stuff all day, every day. While it sounds like a great thing, and it can be at times, most of the time I’m drowning in things. And boxes. Needless to say, I really don’t want for anything.

But for the sake of this post, I’m going to put together a little wishlist.


iPad // I have an iPad that I still love dearly from 2011. It gets the job done for very, very simple tasks (like streaming movies), but it’s gotten pretty slow. Most apps can’t even update because the hardware isn’t supported, haha. I think if I were to ask for one thing, it’d be an iPad. I was just in the Apple Store in the Oculus a couple of weeks ago and nearly pulled the trigger on one. But here’s my dilemma. I’m also sort of kind of on the fence about upgrading my MacBook to a MacBook Air, in which case, I wouldn’t also want an iPad. I do a ton of traveling and even just lugging my laptop into the city can be cumbersome. So I like the idea of having either the iPad (maybe the pro + a keyboard?) or the MacBook Air for lighter tote bags. Maybe some of you can weigh in if you have one or the other and what your thoughts are!

Black Cashmere Scarf // I have a similar cashmere grey scarf from J. Crew a few years ago that I love. (It was a huge splurge for me at the time and I’m pretty sure I got it at 40% off.) It remains one of my go-to scarves for traveling and everyday winter wearing. Before Paris, I was looking into a black option and actually forgot to buy one. I completely forgot until I went to pack my suitcase the morning of the flight and was like, whoops! It’s still on my list because it’s such a versatile and practical purchase. It’s a rare day that I board my flight without some kind of cashmere wrap– I use it for warmth, as a mini blanket, or fold it up for a neck pillow.

Ina Garten Cookbooks // I am on a serious Ina Garten kick right now. I love the Food Network, but I used to skip to a new channel whenever her show came on as a kid. Now I’m watching reruns and freaking obsessed. I bought one of her cookbooks last week and made my first recipe and it was a HIT. Would love to add to the (errr, start a) collection. She has so many to choose from, but I think I’d love the Cook Like a Pro and Barefoot in Paris books.

Mulberry Handbag // I’m not a designer bag kind of girl by any means, mostly because they are usually very ~trendy~ and there are “hot” bags and “it” bags and “must have” bags… and then six months later there’s a whole new set. I’m very skeptical when someone says something is an investment piece that they’ll carry for years… when they said the same thing last year and the other bag is probably sitting in an eBay listing somewhere. With that said, I have been kind of lusting over Mulberry handbags lately. For a designer bag, they’re not insanely priced (don’t get me wrong though, they’re still expensive– I’ve just seen worse). I went into the SoHo Mulberry store recently and couldn’t pick a favorite bag. I love how the bags are classic (actually classic), the hardware is thoughtful without being over the top, and the branding is at a minimal.

Printed Flats // And just for fun, these flats are SO cute. I have been seriously gravitating towards “fun flats.” Just because I can’t wear heels, doesn’t mean I can’t have a fun pair of shoes. The print on this is gorgeous and works for holiday without screaming “holiday,” so they work all winter long. (Weather permitted, of course.)

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Robyn Puglia

I have a mulberry bag that I bought 15 years ago and have used a TON. It was my first ‘grown up’ handbag.
It’s totally timeless. I still use it today and it’s in brilliant condition.
I recently bought a second one (it’s more of a mum-friendly style as I have two toddlers) and again, 18 months later it’s in perfect condition. I know my girls will be using these bags well into their 20s and maybe even 30s and that makes me so happy!

Rachael Draper

I recently went through a Mac upgrade and I was leaning toward the air because of how thin and light it is. He ended up talking me into the new MacBooks that are only 2 pounds because of their better processing and lifespan. I had my first MacBook for 8 years and he suggested the MacBook Air wouldn’t last me as long. So I purchased the MacBook in gold and I love it!! Thin and fast and still works perfectly 3 years later.


That Mulberry bag is so cute!! I remember when the Alexa bag was all the rage and it seemed like EVERY youtuber had it…but I wonder where those bags are now?? Haha. I agree that if you don’t get a trendy bag then it will last much longer and you’ll use it more.


This post was so perfect for me right now, it’s a little unnerving! I have been struggling with my iPad from 2011, also and have been contemplating an upgrade myself. Just my own opinion here – I switched from a MacBook Pro to the Air and didn’t love it as much. Didn’t think too much about it though, because it was for school and got the job done. However, I was assigned an Air at work in June and just had to replace it with a Pro because of hardware issues. Not sure if it is just me, but it I were you, I would skip the Air and get the iPad Pro plus a keyboard…

Also I have not been able to get Mulberry bags out of my head lately, too! You’re right – SO classic and the branding isn’t over the top like everything seems to be right now!

ALSO (sorry), I tore my meniscus recently and can’t wear heels at all! I’ve invested in some flat boots and booties, but I can’t wear those with everything. I also got a couple pairs loafers that I love, but sometimes a girl just wants some fun flats. Do you think you could squeeze in a post dedicated to fun flats like these? I’m already thinking I should get these, but a couple of other styles, colors, etc. would be so wonderful!

Sorry for long comment, but this was literally everything in my head right now!


I love Ina Garten! Her recipes are so good! I have her foolproof cookbook and love the Mustard Roasted Chicken and the Tomato Soup!

Meagan R.

Oh girl, Ina Garten is one of my favorite people on the planet! I have almost all of her cookbooks and they’re absolutely fantastic. When I first get them, I sit and read them like novels. I love her little introductions to each section, full of stories and tips. Barefoot in Paris is loooovely, I think you’d love it! And I’d love to know where you’re watching reruns–just on tv? I don’t have tv and just look them up on YouTube but there aren’t very many. Anyway, happy cooking! Sending love from Utah!


So, I have the newest iPad model (the (9.7 in one), and it is compatible with the Apple Pencil, and I love it!! My grad school program gave them to us, and I get to keep it, and it is sooo awesome! I wasn’t sure about the apple pencil at first, but it has been very user friendly, and do not like to use the iPad without it!! I highly recommend it!!

xoxo Libby


I just went through Mac update myself – both a new laptop and a new iPad (I had the original Mini… just like yours, it had definitely seen better days). I got a new iPad – not the Pro, but I also go an Apple Pencil and a keyboard. And even though it’s close, I just don’t think it can REALLY replace a laptop. There are still a lot of websites that are not totally mobile/tablet optimized, and it makes things more difficult.

But if you’re just looking for a tablet for on-the-go use, and not for everything – then yes! I recommend.


I have an 11′ Macbook Air currently and I LOVE it. I have to bring my laptop to work with me every day and it’s so light and easy to transport. I had a MacBook Pro in college and I so wish I would have had the Air then-it would have been so much nicer and lighter to shove in my backpack with textbooks. I use my computer a LOT-including having a remote desktop installed on it to run Windows for work, and I have just the basic memory and RAM settings. It’s still very fast after 2 years. I would highly recommend it!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

My iPad is so old, I can’t even remember when I got it! I mostly use it to read books (iBooks & Kindle), for the Notes app, and Netflix. In the last few years, I feel like quite a few of my friends got the new iPad and use it for class and/or for design work, which I think I’d really like to experiment with as well. // I have a large cashmere scarf that I love so much!!! Functional gifts are the best gifts :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Hi Carly – I have a MacBook Air that I’ve had for a few years now that replaced my former MacBook (the white one). I got it just as I was finishing college and LOVE IT. I went from never bringing my computer to class to basically always having it in my bag because it was so light. Even after college it has been great to travel with. To keep it at top running speed I save basically everything to an external hard driver or flash drive. At the time I purchase it they didn’t have the iPad Pro.


We are about to upgrade my husband to a Macbook because he hates the Ipad Pro + Keyboard combo. Granted he is in a very different field but I think the issues would be pretty much the same. The keyboard is way too small and the Ipad just doesn’t provide a lot of the same options a computer would. He’s at the point where he will lug his old Toshiba laptop to work instead and that thing is like a brick! I have a Macbook Air currently (which I love!) but I think we’ll end up going with a Macbook for him.


You don’t want designer handbags, yet you own a Louis Vuitton and a Goyard?
what about the bags Kate Spade sent you? Le Sport Sac? I know those may not be ‘designer’ but…


Both the Louis Vuitton and the goyard were gifts… and Kate Spade bags, while lovely, are definitely not luxury as they’re usually under $300. And Le Sport Sac are extremely affordable…


KS is luxury for someone not getting them for PR.
And LSS – runs upwards of $100.
Maybe not luxury to you but your audience seems to be in their teens/twenties; I know I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a seasonal bag.


It might be “a luxury” for someone, but it is not “a luxury designer.” Hope this clears up the distinction for you.


Great ideas!
The question regarding your computer/ipad is what you intend to do with it? I have the macbook pro which weighs a ton (a few years old) and wanted something lighter to bring back and forth on a daily basis, but also travel with. I was torn between the new air that came out or the macbook and settled for the macbook as it is lighter and smaller than the new air. – which was my goal. The new air is slightly faster and has more pixels, but weight and size were my deciding factor. That all being said, I have witness the new ipad in action and attach a keyboard to it, it works wonders (like a laptop), plus the pencil and touch options add another dimension. Again, what you plan to do with it may influence your decisions. If its to be on the go, I say definitely try it out and leave your macbook at home.

– Not too sure if you have Kate and Ace still in the US, but they make amazing cashmere scarfs that can be worn winter like summer. Light enough to become a summer shawl, but warm for the winter. Perfect for the plane and so much more.

Good luck with your decisions 🙂


FEEL YOU on the designer bags. My grandmother left me an inheritance and while I put most of it to paying off my law school loans, before she passed away, her & I selected a Mulberry Bayswater for me to purchase as my work bag and I’ve carried it every single day since. It is such a classic, and I sort of love that almost no one knows what it is besides a gorgeous bag.


I just got the 2018 Macbook Pro 13 inch and I love it! It is very light (way way way lighter than the older versions of the MacBook Pro). I would highly recommend!


To throw my two cents in for the Macbook/Air/Ipad debate: the iPad pro & pencil would add so much more capability when paired with your existing laptop than switching the laptop out with an Air just for portability. I’m trying to remember if you’ve said you have a Macbook Pro or a Macbook. The Air would be a step down, processing wise, from the Pro and a step up from the Macbook (which a genius described to me as a ipad with keyboard in terms of whats inside). Considering the need for photoshop capability at a high volume for you, I don’t think an Air would necessarily be a good fit. The newer generation got better guts, definitely, but my Air gets overheated with just cheap Paint program open alongside a browser. A Pro/Pro combo would give you processing power and portability plus the extra artistic options of the iPad.