10 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I’m not the kind of girl who buys the latest and greatest beauty products… but when I find something that I like, I stick with it. Some of these listed are old favorites, things I’ve been using for years. But some are new. In my quest to experiment more with makeup, I’ve been enlisting the help of friends and experts. Now I have quite a few “favorites” that I’ve been really loving…

1) NEST Perfume // I’m not a perfume girl. I used to wear it all the time, but then it started triggering more migraines. I’ve been hesitant since… but this Nest Fragrance rollerball is literally the best. A super mild, but absolutely delicious smell. I keep it tucked in my handbag and just do a dot on my wrists (a little bit goes a long way!). Yum.
2) Fresh Cleanser // This has been on my bathroom counter for just over a year. I got it originally after I started experiencing the worst skin problems from NYC winters. It’s the best kind of cleanser. Almost a gel, but totally smooth. I use it with my Clarisonic at night and by itself in the morning. As a girl with sensitive skin, I love how this is gentle and still can work through my waterproof mascara.
3) John Frieda Go Curlier Spray // Omg, this stuff has been amazing. I use my Drybar curling iron every other day and this spray is great. It’s one of the easiest hair protectants I’ve ever used. I hate when my hands feel sticky and gross, so I love being able to pump the spray into my hair without having to touch. Oh, and it smells SO GOOD. So good.
4) Burt’s Bees Chapstick // Pretty sure everyone uses Burt’s… it’s the best! I have tubes everywhere. Every pocket of my coat, hidden in every bag, and also on my desk/nightstand. I literally cannot live without it. The plain is great, but I’ve been totally obsessed with the grapefruit flavor– tastes like summer.
5) Bobbi Brown Bronzer // I’ve been using bronzer since I started wearing makeup, but switched to Bobbi Brown after the other one was discontinued. My makeup routine revolves around the bronzer, especially when I have to have photos taken. Otherwise, I could easily be casted for the next Twilight movie.
6) Stila Liquid Eyeliner // Remember when I was trying to figure out the whole cat eye thing? Yep. This stuff is the key. A girl at Sephora recommended it for me (and even gave me application tips). It definitely took me some time to get used to it and it’s way easier for me to do my right eye than it is to do my left. But it rocks. And totally stays on all day long with no smudging.
7) Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup // Somewhere between tinted moisturizer and foundation, this gives great coverage without actually looking like you’re caked in makeup. The benefits of foundation without anyone knowing? Count me in. I tend to have discoloration and uneven skin, and love how this evens me out.
8) Julep Quick Dry Drops // I paint my own nails, but I also have no patience when it comes to waiting for them to dry. These drops are amazing and seriously work. You paint your nails like normal, wait two minutes (that’s it!), use two drops for each nail, and then wait another minute. Good to go. Literally. You can even get into bed without stressing out about sheet marks… (Just me?)
9) Molton Brown Body Wash // All of the Molton Brown products are amazing, but you have to try the body wash. Peppercorn is my favorite, but I’ve been using the Sandalwood recently because it makes me feel like it’s summertime.
10) Tarte Amazon Eye & Cheek Palette // I would consider this a palette for beginners. It comes with instructions (#mykindofmakeup), but it is also super versatile. You can do just about anything with the colors, even though they’re basic. I’ve been experimenting and really love how you can do all kinds of simple day looks and dramatic night looks as well.

Do you use any of these products? What are your must-haves?


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Playground Prepster

I am reliant on my Tarte foundation and Aveda's Smooth Infusion for hair. I've really started to search out paraben free products which can make finding great products a little more difficult. I love Burt's Bees Chapstick and body lotion. I'll have to try the Tarte palette – I'm a fan of Tarte.


I've been really hesitant about ordering the Ta-Da drops but will definitely be adding them to my box this month! Thanks for the recommendation Carly 🙂


At the age of 37, my must have's are the new Proactiv+ which I use for my dry yet bump/acne prone skin (hormones), Philsophy's Amazing Grace shower gel and lotion (I'm sensitive to scents and the man if my life loves the smell of this as well), Philosophy's Hope In A Jar foundation, very light and I wear on days when I need a little coverage.

Kelsey M.

Stila's liquid eyeliner is one of my favorites! Doesn't budge all day and the tube lasts a long time. I've been looking for a new face wash, so I'll definitely look into fresh soy face cleanser 🙂

Kelsey //


I'm the same way! Once I find something, I really stick with it. I've been using the same BB creme (CoverGirl) for maybe 8 or 9 years (since it was called tinted moisturizer haha), my mascara for probably 6-8 years (CoverGirl Last Blast Volume), and my blush (Clinique in Cupid) for maybe 5 years. I discovered the dry drops from you and I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for that recommendation. I mostly do my own nails too and this was a total game changer 🙂

Gillian R.

You're totally not the only one about sheet marks! For some reason, I always paint my nails late at night 'quickly', then get in bed, and, well, have nothing to show for my nail-painting effort. 😛 I've been wanting to try liquid eye liner for awhile now…thanks for the product tip! I just might give it a go!


Bobbi Brown bronzer is the BEST! I'm with you, and it's always a huge part of my makeup routine and I love how natural it looks! Which reminds me, time to buy more soon! 🙂