10 Must Have Ballet Flats

With a taste of spring and the light at the end of the (winter) tunnel approaching, I’ve been on the hunt for new ballet flats. Actually, I’m on a bit of a spending freeze right now because I’ve been spending my money on cabs recently. (Terrible habit, but it’s been so cold and I don’t take the Subway alone after 10pm…) Oh, and I’ve been ordering way too much Seamless (quesadillas, pad thai, and pizza… oh my.)
So I’m holding off on new purchases, but I’m still lusting over new ballet flats. I love wearing a good heel for meetings and dinners out, but when there’s lots of walking involved? I’m all about the power flat. In fact, my favorite pairs are almost completely worn through from so much pounding of the pavement. Literally.

What’s your favorite pick?

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LL Bean had really good ones before they changed them. I only have one pair in black and I hesitate to wear them because I don't want to wear them out, but they have the cushiest footbed that I've come across. Most feel like you might as well be barefoot.


I live in Manhattan too and you can definitely take the subway by yourself after ten….unless you are coming from the Bronx or Coney Island. But if you are going from the west village to the ues then you are totally fine and just wasting your money!


I miss J. Crew's classic ballet flats…I hate how the Emma's and Kiki's don't show "toe cleavage." They make my feet look wider and strange.

Brian Davis

I've always loved cute flats but a few years ago I jumped on the Tory Burch flats bandwagon. The flood gates opened and my collection of Reva, Eddie, Caroline and Pacey Tory flats has grown to "GULP" 24 pairs. Oddly enough my collection of Tory flats doesn't include any Tory flats in this post!

These are some of my Tory flats collections.

Great post, thanks for sharing