10 THINGS Vol. 12

It’s time for another “ten things” post. I stole this idea from my friend Kelly– but it’s basically just an old school blog post where I share the first ten things that come to mind… Ready, set, go!

ONE //  Jack and Sports

Jack has always shown interest in balls and it has intensified lately. My sister was always the sporty one growing up and we joked how when we had kids, she would be the one going to dance recitals and I’d be at the baseball/softball fields. I think we were right 🤣 I really love it though. Like fully love it. I knew I would be excited to see what my kids were into, but it’s even more magical than I could have imagined? Jack and I spent hours (hours!) this weekend where I threw a pickleball to him so he could hit it high. (Thankfully I can sit down while doing this, haha….) When we go to my gym together, we always stop to watch the squash matches and we are currently trying to differenciate between paddles and racquets. (It is confusing when you’re not quite two yet!) Basketballs, pickleballs, tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls. We are into it all! Move over Sporty Sis, Sporty Mama is here (a little OG reader inside joke).

TWO // Summer Speeding By

June is usually the slowest month to me…. but this year it seems to be speeding by at an alarming pace! I just want time to slow down. Our entire summer is planned out right now. I have this horrible habit where I start to think things are already over when they haven’t even begun? It’s like my brain plans out the schedule from now until a future date and I’m like, “Well it’s as good as done.” (It makes no sense trying to type this out, but right now I’m “sitting” in September 10th when we get back from a two-wedding weekend.) With that said, I am looking forward to everything we have planned. I miss summer days that stretched out long. Maybe even feeling a little bored…. but it’s just not possible with a toddler. Now I prefer having places to go and people to see. At least for now! This is all over the place– thanks for bearing with me. (Again, this is just what is coming to mind as I sit down to type, haha.)

THREE // Opposite of Simplifying Things

In my head, I want to have this nice, pretty, simple life with few complications. In reality, it’s the opposite of simple at the moment. I just feel like there are a million moving parts and spinning plates. Especially right now, I’m in a particularly chaotic state of life, at least for me. This always happens though and I know there are periods of rest and periods of momentum. And you can’t have the rest without the momentum happening on the front end. Right now? I’m everything feels like it’s ramping up. We’ve been doing all these projects in the house, I started decorating a new office space, I am juggling mom and business life. All good, wonderful things, to be sure. But… a lot of things.

FOUR // A Summer Break?

Well that kind of leads me to this point…. I think I’m going to take a little summer break. I don’t know when or how I’ll do it and to what capacity, but I think I might take a little break from my blog. Not more than a week. Just enough time to catch my breath a bit. I know so many people have moved away from blogging and I get why. It’s just always going to be my bread and butter. It does take more time than I think it appears. Like, a blog post that takes hours is read within a couple of minutes. It also just is constantly in the back of my brain– thinking of ideas, trying to find interesting to content to share, and then pre-writing stuff in my head. I always feel more creative and inspired after a little period of rest. I don’t even feel burnt out, so I’m kind of thinking it’s a preemtive thing.


I got a diagnosis of POTS when I was in college after a scary fainting episode. It’s been something that I’ve been largely managed without too many issues. It’s just something that I live with– not a huge deal for me (personally– it can be for other people). After another bad episode a couple of weeks ago, I saw another specialist locally. I realized it had been over a decade since I saw a doctor for this specifically. Of course, I had made the appointment back in February when I realized I wasn’t feeling well and passed out bad two days before the appointment. I was grateful to get…. the same diagnosis + another one that often goes hand in hand with POTS. I had a mix of relief and disappointment. Relief that there wasn’t anything more serious and also disappointment that there’s still just not a lot to do. Just riding out this flare up and trying to pay attention to my body even more (lots of salt and water).

SIX // A Little Pat on my Back

I was thinking recently about an opportunity I turned down last year. I’m very proud of myself. It was an exciting opportunity and I think ultimately it could have been great. However, I knew I didn’t have the time or energy to commit to it. I would have given it my all and it would have been a bit of a disaster to my personal life. It was actually related to needlepoint. Not only would it have affected my personal bandwidth, it would have taken something that I enjoy doing for fun and turned it into work. It was so hard to walk away from this particular opportunity and I listened to my gut. I wondered if I’d regret the decision and I’m happy to report that I’m actually just very proud of myself in the end. I know, with some hindsight, that I made the right decision! I’ve been happily working on Mike’s stocking with no pressure (other than finishing deadlines).

SEVEN // New TV Shows

Mike and I watched (and loved) Shrinking on Apple TV and now we’re in the market for a new show. I’m nearly done working my way through Friday Night Lights while I needlepoint at night. I love when we’re at the beginning of a show and have a ton of content to watch. Finding a new show that we both like and finding a show that is entertaining enough to watch while I needlepoint are both dumb little challenges. Any suggestions? I feel like we’ve watched “everything.”

EIGHT // Rebuying Clothes

When I did my latest wardrobe seasonale closet changeover, I was a little depressed at how many beloved dresses I was hanging onto that simply didn’t fit after having a baby. My body is forever changed (especially my ribcage!) and these dresses I loved either didn’t zip or would uncomfortably zip. I’ve slowly been tracking these favorites of mine on Poshmark and other resale sites! I plan on selling the ones I have owned now that I have replacements that fit. I have to say, it was such an exciting revelation when I realized this was a possibility.

NINE // BBG…. Again?!

I’ve been thinking about potentially restarting BBG. I did it years ago and absolutely loved the results. Hands down the strongest I’ve ever been in my life!! I actually think I’m more active now than I was then, in terms of daily movement, but I think I could benefit from a strength training program. I want someone to tell me exactly what to do, without doing a personal trainer because I want to be able to be flexible with when/where I workout. (I think right now flexibility is key in terms of me actually being able to commit to something.) Part of me feels crazy for thinking about restarting. It’s so hard! Then again, isn’t that the whole point?!

TEN // An Extra Hour

If you had an extra totally unscheduled hour of your day… what would you do? I’ve been thinking about this a lot and my answer changes daily. Some days I think I’d 100% use that hour to deep clean/organize a part of our house. Then other days, I’d take a nap no question. But also I’d love to just sit on the couch guilt free scrolling through TikTok. Maybe read? Maybe needlepoint? Maybe work out?

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Thank you for putting your feelings re things feeling over through planning! I LOVE planning but feel exactly the same way… so interesting to read as I’ve neber put it into words either – maybe a sign to let go of control more often?


Lucky Hank, Florida Man, and hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever watched – The Bear (but I think it requires your full attention) These are new so not a ton of episodes- but I though they might be unique


You need to watch Break Point on Netflix! I know you play PB not tennis but I think you’d still appreciate it! I binged it in two days, it was addicting. Lots of balls so Jack might enjoy too haha.


Kids being active with sports and outside activities is magical. Enjoy every event.


Second vote for the Bear on Hulu. Season 2 just came out, easy 30 minute episodes and really great storyline! Also full swing on Netflix if you and Mike are into golf! I’m personally not into golf but absolute love this show! So interesting and now I enjoy watching golf haha!


I wholeheartedly endorse rebuying old favorite clothing items in your new size postpartum! It really helped me feel more comfortable with my return to the office after my last baby.


Another great Apple show that my husband and I enjoy is ‘Acapulco’ – a charming show!

Lori-Ann Holbrook

Well, hello, POTSie sister! So glad yours is usually under control. Mine is the bane of my existence. Prayers for your other diagnosis.


Such a great post for a Sunday! I thought about what I would do for an extra hour and I agree it would change on the day. Some days I wish I had more time when I am busy and others I wish I could have less time because I am bored.


Re: Strength Training- I would recommend trying something by megsquats or Couch to Barbell over BBG. HIIT isn’t a super efficient way of getting strong and it can be pretty hard on the body. I’ve found traditional strength training to be such an empowering thing and while a couple meetings with a personal trainer might be useful to get the hang of squat/deadlift form- it’s really easy when you go from there.


I’m not sure if you’ve watched it yet, but Ted Lasso. I also second Bear! Succession has a good 4 seasons although very intense.


Shows you both might like if you haven’t watched yet – Insecure, The Newsroom, The Bear, Gaslit

All great!


For strength -what about one of the programs through Peloton? I feel like getting badges is enough to keep me motivated, kind of like stickers for kids!

Aly Maixner

TV Show Recommendation: The Lake on Prime! It’s only 2 seasons currently, but such a fun one. I feel like it’s gone mainly under the radar but my husband and I both loved it.

Yelena Sheremeta

Hi Carly! If you liked Friday Night Lights, have you seen All American? I feel like it’s the “new” version of FNL (or similar!). I’ve also re-watched Madame Secretary multiple times! So, so good!


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime is fantastic!!! I’d recommend watching that 🙂

Agnes Blümer

I enjoy these old school posts so much! Love them. Thank you for writing them …
Re shows: I am currently enjoying “Killing Eve” (love Sandra Oh in everything!), but I am totally late to the party, so you might already know that one.

Hailey Williams

What’s your poshmark handle? I would love to follow you as you post things.


I have POTS too and, wow, it can just really suck. Sending good wishes and support during this flare-up – I hope you start feeling better soon!


I agree with the comment about enjoying the old school posts. I haven’t read a blog post in a while but this is giving me Carrie Bradshaw vibes reading it. 😀

I even turned off a show I was watching before bed to focus on this.

Thanks for your time writing this