BBG 2.0 Review

I’ve officially completed BBG 2.0. Which means I’ve done 28 weeks (four weeks of pretraining, weeks 1-12 with BBG 1.0, and weeks 13-24 with BBG 2.0). I did a full review of BBG 1.0 when I finished that program and that answers a lot of the basic questions about the program and my initial opinions on it.

I have a lot to say about this program and it’s almost entirely positive. I don’t think it’s for ~everyone~, but I do believe that most people can make it work for them.

BBG 2.0 Review

Sports Bra // Leggings // Sneaks

SWEAT App vs. PDF?

My experience with 2.0 was different in some ways than my 1.0. So I wanted to do another review of it. The biggest change was that I switched from the PDF to the Sweat App. I paid $119 for a year-long membership. While this is twice as much as the PDF for the 1.0, I have access to all the Sweat (aka BBG) programs for the entire year. It’s also the same price as ONE hourly session with a personal trainer at my gym. While it’s not “cheap,” the value of what you’re getting (if you’re usually it consistently) is worth it.

For a little breakdown math, just considering the 36 BBG workouts I’ve done since downloading the app (12 x 3), each workout cost $3.31. That’s 1/10th of a SoulCycle class! Now, you don’t get one on one attention that you would get from a personal trainer, but you don’t have to worry about making appointments with someone else’s schedule in mind.

I really liked the PDFs for the most part and thought that I wouldn’t like the app but I was willing to give it a try anyway. I ended up preferring the app over the PDF (for the most part).

What I liked about the app:

– It shows you the breakdown of each exercise visually on the app. So if you’re unsure of how to do a particular set, no worries: there’s a mini Kayla on your screen showing you how it’s done. With the PDF, I’d end up pulling up the moves on Youtube to make sure I was doing them correctly.

– It also has audio cues. With the PDF, I found myself constantly going back to my phone in between each set to remember what the next exercise was. With the app, Kayla’s voice will come on over your music/podcast/audiobook and say the exercise. You do have to tap between each exercise to say you completed it, but it’s so nice to reach over, tap, and then listen to her tell you what’s next while you’re getting into position.

** One funny thing about this is that I now hear Kayla’s Australian accent whenever I hear a commonly said word in real life. For example, she often says “neutral grip” and now whenever I hear “neutral,” I hear it in her voice!!

– The built-in timer is THE BEST.

– It’s easy to keep track of your workouts. It automatically moves from week to week and you can sync your calendar to “schedule” the workouts. If you need a little more motivation to stay on track, the app might be more helpful than a PDF printout- which isn’t going to remind you to do it!

What I didn’t like:

– One time the app froze. It only happened once, but I had to restart my phone and then my workout for the day was lost and I wasn’t exactly sure how to restart it. (I ended up having to let the app’s timer run out for two circuits and then resumed my workout where the app had originally frozen.)

– There are a LOT of workouts per week. With the PDF, it tells you what to do when including LISS (low-intensity steady state) workouts. But for some reason in the app, it seems like you’d have to have multiple days with two-a-day workouts to do everything it recommends. If you’re intense and following it to a tee, I can imagine it developing into unhealthy behaviors which could lead to more injuries.


My Review of 2.0

App vs. PDF aside, I will say that I way preferred the 2.0 program over 1.0 and I liked 1.0 a lot. Even though it’s a challenge, it was easy to follow and I knew what to expect. I did find myself getting slightly bored with 1.0 though. 2.0 was immediately a challenge. It was so hard that there was no room for boredom. And I LOVED that. You definitely need to finish weeks 1-12 as a base though, so it’s a necessary evil.

The exercises within 2.0 are quite challenging. I’d have a slight sense of dread when I looked at what each week would entail. But I have to say, I felt like an absolute badass finishing each one. I’d look at “decline pushups” (where your feet are on a bench and hands are on the ground) and think “NOPE!” only to be surprised by my own strength when I finished fifteen. Not easily– but I did each and every one.

I think that sense of accomplishment with each exercise is what kept me so motivated through 2.0. Where 1.0 seemed to drag through the last month, I felt like I flew through each week of 2.0.

My biggest issue with this one is the same issue I had with 1.0. And it’s a dumb issue at that…. My body transformation wasn’t dramatic. I kept having to remind myself: it’s not what I look like, it’s what I can DO! My physical appearance looks pretty similar but my capabilities are so much more!!! I can do (a lot of) real pushups, squats with dumbells, box jumps for days, etc. I have never felt stronger or healthier.

I was able to do a lot of 1.0 workouts at home with slight modifications. But 2.0 almost always required a trip to the gym (because of weights and equipment). I was strategic with when I went because my gym gets insanely crowded and you do need a little bit of space to complete each workout. At first, I was annoyed that I had to trek to the gym, but ultimately I ended up loving the pilgrimage. I definitely worked out better in a gym environment and it was nice to break up my workday instead of working out right where I worked.

(Now that I’m typing it out, maybe that’s what helped the weeks move by faster too!)

My one big downside to this round was that I’m still nursing my sesamoiditis. I wouldn’t say BBG is the worst for my foot (90% of the exercises don’t require going on the ball of my foot), but it’s certainly not the best. I’m still figuring out what my course of action is. It’s funny but I took a week off from working out (once I finished 2.0) and I thought my foot would feel better without the training but it actually swelled up worse, so… not even sure what to think. I’ve just kind of been suffering through it.

My photo results

BBG Results

I really wish I had worn a different outfit for my photo progress, haha!!! I don’t think I envisioned myself making it this far when I took the first round of photos. I also feel like maybe the results would look better if I were tanner. But I’m kind of feeling anti-fake tan lately and trying to embrace my skin for what it is. I also have two giant bruises/bumps on my leg for the BBG 2.0 so my legs aren’t looking their best.

But the thing I’m most proud of is the difference in my arms!!!! I’ve always been most self-conscious of my arms and I’m kind of shocked at the difference even between BBG 1.0 and 2.0. All those pushups paid off!!!

BBG 2.0 Results

How to stick with it

I think my most frequently requested question about BBG is how to stick with it. I know this is not the answer people are looking for, but you just have to commit. There’s no other way to do it. Like just about everything in life, you either do or you don’t. It’s going to boil down to your discipline and no one else can find it besides YOU.

With that said, having an accountability group can help a LOT. I had an email thread with about 15 people– 10 of whom dropped off by the end of week two. This time around, I was on a text chain with Meghan and Ashley. It was a lot better having daily check-ins and someone to encourage you when you weren’t feeling it. I think the sweaty selfies is what motivated me the most!! We actually weren’t even on the same weeks, but it didn’t matter. Just knowing we were all in this together, even if it was just virtually, made it a little more bearable.

Carly Heitlinger

What’s next for me?

I’m going to start BBG 3.0 this week. Additionally, I haven’t been doing the extra prescribed LISS workouts besides a yoga class here and there. I was going to try to do an 8-week 10k training program in between BBG workouts but I’m not sure it’s the best thing I can do for my foot. I’ve heard spinning is good for sesamoid injuries because the cycling shoe is stiff. We’ll see! I do think the only way I’m going to see a noticeable difference with my body is if I increase cardio (or rather do cardio) and totally overhaul my diet, which I’m not that interested in doing. I could be better with what I eat, but generally speaking, I’m fairly healthy already.

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I really should find a workout I enjoy again, I have been’t doing much of anything fitness related…


What you are saying about the program and especially the results resonates with me on so many levels !
I’ve been doing BBG for a year now (2 rounds of 1.0 and 2.0 – I am currently on week 21) and I thought I would look so much different than I do now! I’m kinda chubby and haven’t lost weight (2 pounds tops) but boy do I feel better and stronger! Underneath that top layer of “fat” I now have muscles ! Incredible to me ! So refreshing to hear your journey with BBG and I can’t wait for the 3.0 review 😉

Bailey Carver

This got me so excited to finish BBG 1.0. I’m just getting back from a vacation where working out wasn’t super easy, so I can’t wait to get back in the routine and finish off this challenge!


I love reading both the BBG reviews now! I am been thinking about downloading the App for the free trial for a few weeks now, and haven’t done because of fear lol. But, I think I just need to take the plunge because you and others have some really positive things to say about the work-outs!

For your foot pain and injury, I saw that you had some toe spacers. I used to be a dancer, and my feet are kind of wrecked from it, and I will still use my toe spacers that are meant to be worn in a pointe shoe. These smaller spacers might be a good thing for you to try because they are meant to be worn in a shoe! My favorite is a ballet brand spacer, but you can find any ballet toe spacer on Amazon! 🙂

xx Libby

Whitney Hudson

Carly, loved hearing about your BBG 2.0 experience!!

I started an accountability group with 35 girls from the ‘Carly the Prepster’ Facebook group and we are in BBG 1.0 week 2 now. Hopefully we will all have similar success stories to share soon!

A Girl, A Style

Carly, you look so strong! Absolutely loved reading this! I have been doing my own version of BBG (taking the various HIIT circuit classes at my gym 3x a week) and for me – even as someone who naturally hates the gym – the noticeable improvements in my strength and fitness week on week is the biggest motivator, and scheduling all the classes into my diary at the start of the week definitely helps too!

Briony xx


YOU LOOK SO GOOD! I’m so happy we’ve been on this journey together and so grateful for the support from you and Ashley – otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have quit a while ago! While I too haven’t seen a huge transformation it’s definitely been enough to make me feel way more confident and way stronger! I share all your sentiments around 1.0 vs. 2.0 and definitely prefer the app over the PDF (which I didn’t think I would!)


You look great! I always try to get back into BBG, but I do better training or in classes. I suffered from sesamoiditis for YEARS and I’ve never even heard of another person having it – I always had to explain to everyone what was wrong! Funnily enough I had the same experience and when the doctor put me in a soft cast and then a walking boot it just felt worse from not moving it at all! What worked the best for me were barre classes, maybe the combo of using the ball of my foot and stretching healed it, but I no longer have issues with it. May be worth a try 🙂


Thank you for this, Carly! I’ve been taking barre classes for over a year, and I’ve been a little disappointed that I haven’t seen a big change in my body. But, like you, I was pretty thin to begin with and now I do feel stronger. But the reminder to add some cardio is just what I need. My speed is walking but even that will probably help!

Wendy Hamm

You look very healthy. Maybe you can’t see the change in your core because you’re “too close to it”, however you have great abs as they say. 😁

Logan Christine Ranhofer | Habits + Hues

Carly your results are crazy!! I can’t believe the definiton in your abs and arms and I can only imagine what your back must look like — hello tank top season! I’ve started and stopped BBG twice now, lol, and just can’t seem to get into it. I think I love group fitness too much, but after seeing your results (especially in the arms, which is my trouble zone) I might just have to give it another go and REALLY dedicate mysyelf to it.

Congrats on your results and your dedication that is no easy feat!

xoxo Logan


Awesome – I’ve finally started bbg 1.0 after seeing it all over social media for years. I did the 4 weeks of pre-training and now I’m on week 1 proper… I cant even imagine doing a single decline push-up but maybe I’ll get there!


I had a similar foot injury, and altra running shoes helped so incredibly much. I also put a support in my other shoes so that the ball of my foot was lifted slightly and I wasn’t putting pressure on it.


Right now I’m trying to find workouts I actually enjoy. I find myself more engaged by classes in a group environment than trying to lead myself through a standard gym workout. I’ve tried BBG and found I needed to pre-train to get through the pre-training portion! This summer when I have some more time, I think I’m going to give it one more shot when I’m on a more consistent schedule. Just need to find a great accountability group! I feel like that is an element to it that would really be encouraging.

Lily R.

I also have been doing bbg and in the beginning it wasn’t shaping my body. I learned about the body coach tv on youtube and he does a lot of hiit workouts usually around 15 mins. I do this in between the bbg circuits. I found much better results with this combo. So glad you enjoyed bbg too!

Julie Anna Bogen

Hi, Carly! Clarifying question, since I see what you said about the app suggesting too many workouts per week: how many did you end up doing?


Thank you for creating this post specifically for the BBG 2.0 program. I’m on week 10 of BBG 1.0 and deciding if it’s worth the purchase for the next 12 weeks. All though I did BBG 1.0 twice only because the first 12 weeks I was only doing the rounds onece and not twice like it mentioned in the first of the book. I also don’t see a dramatic change in my body even after almost doing the program one and a half times (basically). But I’m hoping the 2.0 program will kick my butt and create more changes. I also haven’t been doing the cardio (LISS) days, I walk my dog but I need to get my butt on a treadmill! You mentioned starting the 3.0 program, is that on the app? How has that been going compared to the PDF?