Five Recent Amazon Purchases

I’m actually trying my best to limit my Amazon purchases. It’s too easy to click “buy now” if you know what I mean. Sometimes it feels like you’re not actually even buying something because the process is so instantaneous. I think it could lead to bad habits!

With that said, sometimes you just have to go to Amazon because it’s fast, you can read reviews, and it’s easy to weed through products. Duh, right? I actually love to read what people are buying from Amazon because I always discover a new product or tool or something just weird but useful!

Here are five recent (and random) purchases I have made:

Eleven Madison Park Book

Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook // I bought Mike a birthday present a month early and in classic Carly fashion, I found something the week before that I also wanted to give him. He LOVES to cook and we went to Eleven Madison Park for his last birthday (six months late lol) so it was a fun little followup. The one thing that sealed the deal was that it had a recipe he and I both loved when we dined there.

Camera Cover

Computer Camera Cover // I bought these after reading one too many articles online about the importance of covering the cameras on my computer. (Of course, I haven’t done it on my phone or whatever and realistically I think I’m a pretty low threat level for hacking. People would be very bored if they did. Just me at my desk, all day long 😂.) I do feel safer with it, so there’s that! Pretty cheap for peace of mind. It comes in a pack of two, but just as a warning: the actual covers are pretty tiny and when I opened the package I lost one of them for four hours.


iPad Stand

iPad Stand // I am obsessed with this iPad stand!!! I’ve been loving my iPad, but my only complaint has been that I needed something sturdier to hold it up. I liked the idea of a cookbook stand because of how pretty that could be… but it wasn’t the most practical. This one is STURDY. And doesn’t shift or move all over my desk when I use the touch screen. And it folds up pretty flat and small making it easy to travel with.

USB Cord

USB Cord // I lost the USB cord for my electric toothbrush‘s travel case. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m pretty sure it must have gotten thrown out when I moved last year. And of course, I have a box full of random USB cords and NONE are the right size. I figured out what I needed and that led me to Amazon Basics. So convenient.

Dog Bones

Dog Bones // I read about these somewhere and decided to give them a try. Ted and Ham are not super into treats but I still try. These bones have been a hit. They’re rather large for my small guys so I snap them in half and they split one. The bones are dense enough to maintain their focus and energy for a short bit but soft enough that they’re safe for them.

Have you found anything good on Amazon recently?

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Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

Ooh, I love that cookbook! Also, I covered my computer camera a few months ago, too! I definitely got sucked into the black hole of reading scary stories about people watching, even though I’m not sure me writing posts and editing photos would be the most interesting viewing material! Ha ha!

I hope you have a great Wednesday,


I use my mom’s Prime account…don’t we all lol. But, what I have been doing, so I do not buy everything with one click, is I made my own list. If I find something I like, and it is not a need now thing, I add it to the list. And sometimes, my mom will randomly pick something on the list and send it to me!

A great find as of late, has been Sam Edelman loafers!! They are so so comfy, and I am obsessed!

xx Libby

Grace K.

6 foot iPhone charger! But really though, Amazon so good about clever/useful things. I regularly order Nespresso pods in bulk!


Great ideas!
Love the ipad stand – would you mind telling us the brand? For some reason the link is directing me to a diaper bag.


I also recently bought some laptop camera covers, I previously used a post-it note to cover my camera and it didn’t look great as you can imagine. I now have a proper camera cover and I feel better and it also looks better! I spend far too much on Amazon if I’m honest!!

Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx