11 Super Bowl Sunday Eats

I haven’t watched the Super Bowl live in years. (I’m more into the commercials and now they’re all online!) But this year I actually am going to be watching the game (aka the commercials ha) with some friends. Besides the commercials, I also love good football food!

11 Super Bowl Sunday Eats

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I’m definitely not a football watcher, but I love Super Bowl Sunday! The food is by far the best part and I love the halftime show. It was only recently that I actually started to understand football (a little bit), so I might actually watch some of the game this year—ha!

Here are eleven delicious recipes perfect for any Super Bowl feast!

1. Spicy Buffalo Nachos
All of your favorite Buffalo flavors on one delicious, cheesy tray!

2. Kimchi grilled cheese
Take grilled cheese to the next level by adding spicy kimchi, this will add a surprise element to any Super Bowl spread.

3. Cheesy herbed garlic bread
Cheese and herbs come together in this delicious garlic bread—I’d recommend doubling this recipe.

4. Baked Buffalo chicken legs
This is one of my most popular recipes and for good reason! I think I’d take chicken legs over chicken wings any day.

5. Broccoli and gouda twice baked potatoes
A little bit of a healthier snack with these cheesy twice baked potatoes with broccoli.

6. Turkey and white bean chili
I never realized that chili was a Super Bowl staple until my friend asked me if I had any good chili recipes. This is definitely my favorite!

7. Crispy Buffalo chicken wings
Ok, I know I just said I love chicken legs, but if you do want to make chicken wings, this is the recipe for you.

8. Cheesy refried bean dip
This dip is incredible and the perfect not-so-healthy dip for the Super Bowl.

9. Avocado shrimp dip
This is a hearty, cold dip that can be prepped ahead of time. The shrimp elevates a typical avocado dip or guacamole.

10. Baked Teriyaki chicken wings
Teriyaki is such a popular flavor that I knew it’d be perfect for these chicken wings. A quick homemade sauce elevates these beyond your typical wings.

11. Slow cooker pulled pork
Pull out the crockpot and let it keep this pulled pork warm all evening. You can’t go wrong with hearty pulled pork sandwiches.

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OMG those broccoli and gouda baked potatoes look so good! I would make those for a regular dinner, not just for the Super Bowl!!

XO Malinda