If 2011 is any indication of how 2012 is going to be… this is going to be one heck of a year!  Lots of changes will be taking place.  I mean, for starters, I’m graduating this year.  Saying that I was the graduating class of 2012 seemed like so far into the future.  (I’m talking the future in terms of Zenon here!)  But, what do you know… we’re here.
Welcome 2012.
Here are my resolutions from 2011… and an update on how I did:
1) Make new friends…. Check!!!!!!! 🙂
2) Wear ponytails less frequently…. YEP!!!!!!
(The background behind this resolution was that some guy once described me as the “girl who sat in the front of class with a ponytail.”  Not a fan.)
3) No more television…. Sort of.  I didn’t watch television at all first semester.  I started watching TV again over the summer, and I watched shows on Netflix this semester.  I did cut down significantly though overall.
4) Read more…. 100% met!
For the record, I will be continuing with these goals!  They aren’t limited to 365 days 🙂
Additional goals for this year are:
Be more impulsive.
In a good way though.  I had a long talk with a friend the other day about how I don’t do anything impulsive.  Even shopping for me is calculated… I go in with a list, a plan, and a budget.  While being extremely thoughtful, and even cautious, is a good thing… it’s only good to a certain extent.  I need to do more things on a whim.
Have an open heart.
This has to do in terms of romance, but I really don’t discuss that on here 😉  You’ll just have to trust me on this one!
Biography Page Theory
Oh, you must know by now how much I love a good theory.  Well this one is about how I present myself at any given moment.  Basically, I pretend that everyone I meet (from a professor to the cashier in the grocery store) is in charge of writing a page of my biography.  What would they say about me?  What legacy, however small, am I leaving behind in the eyes of those who come in contact with me?  Am I friendly and outgoing?  Am I driven and hardworking?  I remind myself of this on days when I’m feeling particularly grumpy or sad… If I am snippy with the cashier of the grocery store, what would she write in her one page?
Have more faith.
Read more about how & why in this Prep Talk!

I have this horrible tendency to not celebrate accomplishments.  The minute something happens, I’ll maybe tweet it and then start thinking, “Okay, Carly… what’s next?”  I had some pretty amazing things happen in 2011… like, designing a valentine for Kate Spade, meeting 501 fantastic individuals, launching a magazine, incorporating a company, writing for, etc… Yet, I never take the time to really celebrate.

What are you trying to accomplish in 2012?

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