Wardrobe Upgrades

Looking forward a few months… I’m going to be doing a big transition into the Real World.  I want to start updating & upgrading bits and pieces of my wardrobe over the next few months.  I do not want to do it all at once for a few reasons.  Namely, the cost.  I’d much rather spread it out over a long period of time.  Plus, buying a ton of things at once always leads to unworn outfits (with tags still on!).  Slowly building is a much better way to see what you really need and what you’ll really wear.
On my list for upgrading:
Skinny belts, in particular.  They’re perfect to wear with high waisted skirts.  They’re perfect to spruce up a lazy jeans outfit.  They’re perfect for cinching a dress.  They’re perfect wrapped around your waist with a cardigan.  They’re perfect with fun little summer shorts.
Loving this Madewell belt (with bow!).
Business Wear.

I have a really difficult time finding perfect suits.  I’m too tall for petites and too small for regular sizing.  I want to take what I currently have to get tailored.  I need to stock up on perfect suiting shirts and camisoles.    Of course, I’d like to find that perfect “good luck” suit, too!
J. Crew Perfect Shirt is, well, perfect.  One in every color please!
Specifically, long necklaces and pretty earrings.  I have plenty of bracelets, but I need to spruce up the rest of my jewelry box!  I love wearing longer necklaces nowadays, something that I was never into.  I want to have a few that I can wear with collared shirts.  As for earrings, I’ve been totally stepping out of my comfort zone…. as in, I now have two pairs that I actually wear 😉  I’d like to find a few more.  Perhaps these:
Do you have a list of things to upgrade your wardrobe?  What would you like to see added to your closet or jewelry boxes?

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For me it's no contest… Brooks Brothers has HANDS DOWN the best shirts. The non-iron ones are fabulous (so quick to iron & look terrific all day) and they last forever!


I really like the idea of buying items more gradually. I think it will be hard though because even though I will be entering the real world soon as well, I would rather spend my money on more playful items instead of suits and belts!


I definitely agree about needing to have more business wear. I never thought the day would come when I actually desperately wished I had more!


For suits, I recommend Theory. The sticker price is tough to take but the suits are classic and last forever. I'm a petite and I am able to buy their jacket's without needing them altered. Pants are a different story….

J.Crew is also good for suits though I sometimes have trouble finding a jacket.

Banana Republic suits are okay. They frequently go on sale which is great but they wear out with regular use. This isn't too much of a problem if you're just looking for a suit to be be stashed in your closet for emergencies and interviews, but if you have to wear a suit for work I would advise against them. Their separates and other workwear are great though!


I'm slowly beginning to update my wardrobe…but for college! I'm so excited, because I have my eye on so many things that I wouldn't wear to school now, like cute skirts. It's going to be so fun to experiment with fashion in college!

Little Miss Adventure

If you're worried about tailoring for businesswear pants, check out Club Monaco. Unfortunately, they don't sell online, but I know there's a shop in DC somewhere, and they tailor all full-price pants for free! I work at the Boston store, and people are constantly amazed when I tell them, it's a great deal for a pair of pants that lasts a really long time!


I have that belt! My boyfriend works at Madewell so he picked that one out for me and I seriously love it. Also love the 30% on everything and 60% on some things that I get as a discount, also the same discount on J.Crew because they're owned by the same parent company.


I agree with ACL. Brooks Brothers hands down for shirts. A little pricey, but worth it. Also, try Ann Taylor. They've recently gotten some new designers, with super cute ( and nice quality) work wear!

Oh, and if a suit doesn't fit perfectly… get it tailored! Invest in a great suit and then have it tailored to fit you perfectly. A word to wise… as a working gal, not too many folks even wear suits anymore… it's all about business casual. However, it does depend on the industry. 🙂