2020 Goals

Last year, I set some pretty specific goals. It was the first year, probably ever, where I felt like I actually completely nailed my goals. It helped that they were all things I genuinely wanted to either accomplish or commit to. My list for 2020 is slightly shorter but it’s because I loved my goals for 2019 so much that I’ll be continuing with those and carrying them into 2020 (and beyond) as well.

To recap here are my 2019 goals and how I fared throughout the year:

LANGUAGE: This goal was the most out of left field for me so I’m actually surprised that it’s something that I stuck with. And not just stuck with, but it’s become something I truly enjoy. I’ve been doing DuoLingo every morning for over a year. I let the dogs out in the backyard, start the coffee maker, and sit down at the island to go through a few lessons while the coffee brews. Most days, I spend about 10 minutes doing it and others I get amped up and do 20 or 30. I also started taking French lessons!! As much as I love the app (and I do), it’s been so helpful to sit down with a real expert.

Am I fluent? Absolutely NOT. But I’m feeling so much more confident and I am surprised at how much more I know. I now hear French phrases and conversations (in books, movies, music, etc.) and it doesn’t sound completely foreign.

CONTINUE WORKING OUT: I did BBG through 3.0. I did end up getting quite burnt out from it, but holy smokes did I get in shape!!! It remains a great foundation for the rest of my working out and I have never felt more confident in a gym. I think that’s a benefit I didn’t quite expect. When you’re going to the gym with consistency, it does start to feel a little bit more like home. I definitely used to walk in feeling unsure and even anxious and now I walk in knowing exactly what I’m going do and how to do it.

COOKING: I was good about this, though maybe not as great as I could have been. I try to cook for us at least once a week (usually Monday nights!). Having a kitchen with more counter space has made it way easier. And, naturally, the more I cook the more confident I feel.

GOING GREEN: I made three specific goals for this one. Commit to not using coffee cups. Not using plastic bags. And cut back on paper towel usage. I am happy to report that I used eight coffee cups all year (almost all by accident if I went somewhere and they forgot to put it in a mug). Previously, I would use eight in a week so I’m most proud of this. I 100% do not use plastic bags anymore for any shopping. (Having my car makes this a no-brainer as I have a handful of totes in my trunk at all times.) And, while I still use paper towels, we use about 90% fewer than we used to. Having dogs is like the one place where I haven’t been able to completely kick the habit. We have a whole drawer of dishtowels that we use instead and I got a set of these “paperless towels” that I am OBSESSED with.

READ 52 BOOKS: I wasn’t as great as I thought I would be about quitting books, but I still got through over sixty!! Will be recapping my favorites in a few days, so stay tuned.

MORE IPHONE PICS: I wrote this to kind of hold myself accountable for it… and to give myself permission. It’s so dumb (truly, I recognize it) but I was scared to post iPhone photos on my Instagram. But I think I posted at least one iPhone photo (if not more) a week in 2019. The best part? People prefer it! So I had nothing to be nervous about… expect to see even more in 2020. I don’t see likes anymore on Instagram and now I seriously don’t care. Takes the pressure off, for sure.

2020 Goals

In addition to continuing, and improving, on my 2019 goals, here is what I’d like to accomplish in 2020:

MAKE LUNCH: Previously, I was living in Hoboken where I had access to all kinds of great and easy and affordable lunch options. In the suburbs, it’s not as convenient and I found myself either snacking in lieu of eating or going to the Whole Foods salad bar (and wasting so much money…..). I want to be way, way better about making healthy lunches at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated and I find lunches way easier than making a full dinner so it shouldn’t be that hard in practice. I just have to commit to it and not succumb to laziness.

STRETCH: I love working out now (seriously if only my 25-year-old self could hear me now…). While I’m so, so much stronger than I ever have been, I’m losing a lot of my flexibility with age. I have always been pretty lucky with my flexibility– back-bending with ease and getting splits with like three days of practice. But turning 30, I’m all of a sudden feeling tight. Like, yikes, I need to work on this ASAP. The gym I go to has an amazing new stretching room and I’m just going to be tacking on a stretching session either before or after a workout depending on my schedule.

Maybe I’ll get those splits back by 2021 😂

WRITE: I need to be way better about scheduling time to write and working that into my everyday routine. I’m going to try, for the first quarter of the year, to write for an hour every workday that’s not a shoot day. So basically, three days a week. I’m thinking this is going to be the best strategy (as I don’t have to do full hair/makeup and I’m my most focused first thing and hate having something lingering over my head)… though I’ll revisit after a quarter to see how it’s going.

SEWING: This is the one that I’m most excited about!!!!! A truly “just for fun” goal…. I want to sew. I bought a sewing machine and have been practicing. I’m going to start a list of beginner projects that I can work on on weekends.

I’ll have to do a longer post about this as I get further into it, but let me just say, I am loving it so far. My mom always had her sewing machine out, making quilts and Halloween costumes and whatnot. She taught me and I did some projects but didn’t stick with it once I hit middle school. It’s insane but I thought I’d have to relearn everything from scratch and while I’m (very) rusty, I do have some serious muscle memory.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2020?!

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2019 was a year of no for me. It was great and i was always in my comfort zone but now looking back i have missed a lot! So this year will be a year of yes! Im picking 12 things, 1 for each month so i have an entire month to work on it. I love to see your sewing projects! Good luck to you and to everyone’s goal/s this year!


Yayyyy well done. How good does it feel when everything is on track?! One of my aims last year was to get better with lunches – the thing that’s made the biggest difference is cooking more dinner and having leftovers, but also having a go-to always available (in summer that’s bagels, tomatoes, pesto and cheese, and in winter it’s soup!) I actually much prefer what I make to buying lunch now.

Krista S.

Hi Carly,
Great job with your 2019 goals! I especially like your “going green” efforts. I’ve been working on this as well. I love for I unpapertowels etc. Super sweet family small business.
Love your blog etc. Good luck with 2020.


I got this one from Brother because it does small embroidery (couldn’t resist) in addition to sewing: I did a LOT of research before purchasing and, honestly, had a hard time deciding.

If you’re just starting out, see if there are local classes that teach with a particular brand/model. Or if there is a Youtuber that does tutorials online that you like with a certain model. Each sewing machine ~essentially~ does the same thing, it’s just a matter of which bells and whistles are going to be a priority to you!!


I have a similar brother machine and love it! I don’t use it a ton but I have had it for almost 10 years and it has been so reliable! I have done a little bit of Embroidery with it, small monograms and such, but would love to hear what you do with that part too! Where you buy the patterns, or if you make them yourself!


I also have a Brother – purchased it about 15 years ago and use it all the time. It’s not a high-end model (this particular model was discontinued years ago) and it definitely has its moments but I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Welcome back! I sure missed you. You are such a doll and so inspiring. I loved reading your goals and am very excited you will be sewing in 2020. Me too!

Amy S.

1. Fix your teeth. No one expects you to be perfect, but you post pictures of yourself online all day for a living and your smile matters (see today’s pic where you’re doing that tongue thing, per usual).
2. Keep friends for more than 36 months (and make/keep some friends that aren’t bloggers or in-laws).
3. Improve your writing. Eliminate typos in your professional writing (you know, it’s your job). Write like a grown up.
4. Stop humble bragging about luxury purchases and generally improve your self-awareness.
5. Throw Mike’s five finger running ‘shoes’ and flip flops away (unless you’re at the beach. To be clear, Paris has a river, but it’s not the beach…).
6. Don’t ever, ever refer to yourself as “Hot Carl” (or allow others to).
7. You’re thirsty for a baby – we get it. Tone. It. Down. If you don’t, you’ll alienate acquaintances (and Mike).
8. Stretch. Sure, go ahead: stretch.
9. Curb your obsession with being between the ages of 6 and 14. You’re 30+. It’s so odd how you infantilize yourself. It’s not cute for a 30 year old to obsess over things that happened to them when they were 13.
10. Hire a real interior designer/decorator. Stop buying decorations, decor, and furniture from Wal-Mart, Target, and HomeGoods and stop buying wicker and rattan stuff. A couple items? Perhaps. A whole house full (when you live in a landlocked NJ suburb)? No. Your house is cute, you make lots of money, and you’re an adult – act like it. When you’re about to buy that fake plastic garland, repro., mass produced Asian-ish decor, junk “Lauren” line lamp, or pressed ‘wood’ furniture, ask yourself: “Would Julie H. buy this for her house?”. If the answer isn’t an immediate “yes”, take it out of your cart, drive home (no Starbies stops or dramatic in-car Stories), and Google “NJ’s best interior designers”. Hire them.


Just for the record, I’m not going to be deleting your comments anymore. (This is, if anyone is reading, the troll who comments multiple times a day for six+ years on my blog.) These are all the gripes she has about me that she harps on incessantly. Disturbing, but hoping that once she feels “heard” (I’m truly not sure what her end goal is….) that she will stop. Clearly blocking her attempts to post have not been enough.

Amy S.

I haven’t commented on your blog in months (closer to a year) and have never mentioned most/any of the things above. So, those are lies. My goal is to provide you honest reactions and honest advice as a reader of your blog.

Amy S.

While I certainly don’t comment multiple times a day, I’ve actually been reading and occasionally commenting since around early 2012. I’ve also never been “blocked” by you. Do you know that “Hot Carl” refers to being defecated on during sex? That aint “quirky”……


Again, I’m happy to send you a copy of every comment you’ve made and a list of every IP address of yours that I’ve blocked.


Carly, while this comment “attacking” you was harsh, and sure, no one is forcing you to react constructively to criticism (regardless of it being fair or not), you going after commenters personally, and publishing where they live or whatever is really not professional.


Just curious: you seem to genuinely dislike a lot of Carly’s content. Why do you continue to read her blog?


Good for you Carly. It’s truly not worth your time. People have their issues but they don’t have to become yours.


I never comment on blogs but this behavior is absolutely not acceptable. We as women should never be speaking this way to one another. I encourage the person who wrote this comment to reflect on what kind of energy you’d like to bring into the world. You do not have to appreciate anyone’s content, however; this is someone’s livelihood and your unprovoked personal attack is completely out of line.


@jennifer: None of my comments were intended as personal attacks – they were honest reactions to her blog/social/public content. If you were truly concerned about personal behavior and “women standing up for women” you’d be as appalled as I was to see Carly’s friends/boyfriend referring to her as a human excrement-based sex act on Instagram. You’d also be alarmed by Carly’s obsession with her youth and other people’s babies, her regular public mental breakdowns, and rampant consumerism. Suggesting that Carly invest more in her home, stand up to people referring to her as “Hot Carl”, be more self-aware about how her hyperbolic shopping and brand dropping looks to the rest of the world, and that she should ensure her professional writing is typo free aren’t attacks – they’re honest reactions from a long time reader/consumer of her content. She (and many of her fans) has a hard time with non-glowing feedback…I get that.


Please, continue to demonstrate how you “don’t comment multiple times a day.”


Carly, I honestly think you have me/my IP address confused with someone else who may live near me (my home network, as far as I know, is used by a single laptop and two phones…) – but, do tell: when’s the last time (what day) you believe I submitted a comment on your blog? As far as I remember, it was weeks ago.


Correct… it was weeks ago, because I shut my comment section down for the past few weeks & took my holiday break. You have been rotating through like ten names for the past six years (amy, leena, farrah, beth, jess), you always comment at 9am (assuming that’s when you get to work and open your laptop). You’re obsessed with my boyfriends hating me, my family hating me. You’re very hung up on my furniture, you can’t STAND the wear I wear berets. If I delete your comment, you typically come back three or four more times trying to comment it in various ways. You almost always do a first name and then just followed by @gmail. So no, it doesn’t really matter what IP address you use, it’s very obvious you. Let me know if you’d like more examples.


Amy, ever read the narcissists prayer? You should do as you’re going through it line by line;
A Narcissist’s Prayer
“ That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did…
You deserved it”
Your pathetic & contradictory statements (to paraphrase) ‘I haven’t commented for nearly a year’, ‘it was weeks ago that I last commented’, ‘they weren’t personal attacks’, ‘I care about you so I was just trying to help’ all whilst criticising and lying let us all know your true nature.


Carly – your “break” aside, the fact remains that I don’t comment any where near everyday and you know it (maybe 1-3 times a month max, which is far less than the majority of your commenters…most of whom are here to openly promote their own blogs by leaving stock comments with links). So, when you say I’m commenting “multiple times daily” that’s either an exaggeration (lie) for effect or you’re confusing me with other commenters. I just read through that link to the comments you’ve been squirreling. Not only do those people appear to have all sorts of email addresses – .edu, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, att – the vast, vast majority simply are not me. I’d also point out that most young people have gmail accounts these days. I do occasionally change my name (it’s irrelevant), but it’s clear you’re confusing and conflating me with other commenters. Few if any of the comments you’ve hoarded are as you characterize them. People take issue with the singularly odd way you wear your berets, not that you wear one. “People are obsessed with my boyfriends hating me…”- huh? I saw one thread where someone challenges why it is your boyfriend missed your family 30th bday celebration dinner on Nantucket….seems like a fair question to me (and it def didn’t suggest Mike hated you). Your family hating you – again, huh? I must be missing the comments that suggested that. People criticize how you’re decorating your house…..ummm…..ok. Maybe listen to them? It so odd that you’d make this huge leap, assuming all these comments come from a single person (a coping mechanism, perhaps? do you really think that only one person has critiques of you?), and then also read things in the comments that aren’t there. If you can’t handle people asking why you wear your clothes a certain way, critiquing your appearance, commenting on your home decor choices, or inquiring about your boyfriend than for heavens sake stop publicly sharing all of these things with strangers on the internet.


You live in Glastonbury and work in West Hartford right? Again it doesn’t matter that your specific IP is different, the location is still generally the same. And the tone is the same. And I don’t publish the comments so it seems extra odd that comments coming in an hour apart with the same messages from the same town would be different people.


Amy, stop lying. Everyone can see straight through you.
The ending of the emails makes no difference as you can use any email address to comment here so you can merrily make them up so having that as your false defence is crazy.
‘I’d also point out that most young people have gmail accounts these days’ is a hilarious statement to try and pretend you’re just a young person who cares rather than the angry, bitter & hateful person you clearly are.
And in your your defending you’re still managing to throw out insult whilst pretending you just *care so much*
You really need to put just 1% of the effort & anger you put into hating into taking care of yourself, getting off the internet and actually living your life


There’s a difference between not “glowing feedback” and what you just posted which is a nasty, personal attack. I’ve commented maybe twice on this blog, but your hateful, uncalled for comment pushed me over the edge. If you don’t like it here….leave. When I disagree or think something on this blog is questionable I walk away from it. Roll my eyes. Get on with my own life. It barely registers because it’s a….blog. You should do the same. You add nothing to Carly’s blog with these kind of comments. And if you truly live in Glastonbury and work in West Hartford…well hi neighbor!


Ann (or whoever you are) – take 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 walk 👏🏻. Your comments are cruel, your stalking is illegal (see cyberstalking law for Connecticut given that that’s where you live:, and you really need to get a new hobby. Pull your life together and do something better than this. You’re an embarrassment.


100% agree that you should let the foolishness stand.

In what world does anyone believe this is helpful or constructive feedback? It’s mean spirited, rude and inappropriate.

I don’t know how people become this invested in trying to control the outcomes of a stranger’s life choices.

I’m an avid (garment) sewer so welcome to the fold and have fun!


It is so unfortunate that you get stuff like this, Carly. It’s totally uncalled for.


Amy S. feels more like a stalker than a follower. How does one become so obsessed over the smallest details of ones life? This is a person who needs to get a life of her own.


Maybe a good goal for 2020 for you, Amy, is to speak to someone about this obsession you have with someone you’ve never met before. It’s not healthy. If you don’t think it’s a problem, maybe show people you know IRL your list above and see what they have to say about it.

Not a personal attack, just trying to help you improve for 2020 🙂

Amy (NOT the original person that posted this comment)

This is incredibly disturbing how obsessive this person is with trolling you, Carly. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. I hope this person will make it a resolution to leave you alone this year. As I’ve always been told, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!


Wait a minute… are you the same Amy that posted all those mean spirited comments on Lauren Kay Sims blog? And wrote horrible things about her CHILD? Don’t you have better things to do than verbally attack multiple strangers on the internet?
Pretty sure you’re the one that needs to act like an adult here.


I can’t wait to see how your lunches go! Feel free to share because I’m definitely lacking in inspiration in that area right now!


I love this so much Carly! You’ve inspired me a great deal over the last year – I repicked up (did it as a child but getting back into it) embroidery thanks to you, and this year I have a goal of reading 50 books and teaching myself to sew! Big goals because I have an 8-month-old daughter haha but no time like the present to pick up new habits that’ll set a great example for her 🙂


Happy new year, Carly! Cooking more is one of my goals this year! Hoping to gain more confidence in the kitchen & actually start enjoying it 🙂 It would be great if you share your lunch ideas – it’s hard to get creative when packing lunches for me!
Looking forward to all your book recommendations in 2020, I use your reviews to chose what to read next all the time!


Stretching is a goal I can totally relate to and have on my own 2020 goals! I am 35 and sit in front of a computer all day for work. I have definitely been feeling the aches and tightness! I need to be better about getting some more physical activity in throughout the day and starting out with some morning stretches. Looking into visiting a chiro this year as well to address some posture issues I have going on.

Another goal I have that is sorta similar to your sewing – knitting! I actually already learned and knitted my first beanie over the holiday break! A friend of mine gifted me a starter kit, I watched a couple videos on YouTube and voila!

Best of luck on your goals!

Vicky |


stretching – love that. i need to start doing it more myself. one of my goals this year is to improve my posture (mine is truly terrible!) and stretching my chest is supposed to help.

good luck!


Carly, your first few posts of 2020 have been amazing. Can’t wait for more this year, and have especially enjoyed following your book instagram account. Thanks for creating a network with important dialogue.


Learning French has been one of my resolutions for years. I’m still miles from being fluent though. I will admit that when I got that 365 day streak on Duolingo a few years ago it felt ridiculously good. My plan is to buckle down harder this year. I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes/ and or challenges of your journey.


I’ve never commented on a blog before but couldn’t resist as I love your post and I especially love you calling-out that vile troll and bringing receipts to back it up and point out their lies.
Starting 2020 grabbing control and not putting up with nonsense seems like a great way to go and hope you keep on keeping on and have a wonderful year!


I most definitely support you in not deleting the troll’s comments. You shouldn’t have to exert energy on someone like that. Maybe public shame will help calm her down.

Also, if she is nitpicking a stranger on the internet to this extent, imagine what she does to family and friends. I’m guessing you probably have it easier than them lol.


Do we really think someone this angry and mean is capable of keeping friends? Amazing that they’re so critical when they clearly have a lot of issues to work out.
Carly, thank you for sharing your goals! I have some similar goals this year and I’m excited to continue following along with you!


Not sure if you’ll see this with all of the insanity going on above (I looked at the imgur image and honestly some of those comments are downright disgusting and I am so sorry!)

Would you mind sharing some of your lunch recipes as you make them? One of my goals for this year is to cook more and not order out so much and would love some inspo!


Yes, I agree! I totally would love to see the lunch recipes! It’s hard for me to be consistent with lunches at work.

Ps: Carly, f**** the haters 🙂


For what it’s worth, I like the way your teeth and smile look. You keep being you! Looking forward to seeing some sewing projects in 2020. Happy New Year!

Amy Lenae

Great goals Carly! Keep your head up along the way and exceptional things will happen. Cheers to the New Year!!

Maman Patate

I didn’t set any goals because they are the same every year and I “fail” each time. So this year, I just wrote down “trying to be happy”.


Girl, share those lunch ideas pleaseeeeeee! I struggle so much in that area.

Wishing you nothing but the best in 2020 – I’ve loved following you throughout the years.


Carly, loved your list!

Amy S. – Unclench. This life is too short to be quite so unpleasant.


I got a sewing machine for Christmas year and have been itching to get started with it! I started following your stitch club account! Please post some very VERY beginners how-tos soon! I need all the help I can get!

A different Amy

Why did you only edit one of your hands to be more smooth? And don’t say it’s the lighting. Did you forget you had two hands?


It is the lighting haha I’m leaning against a column that’s blocking the light on my one arm


Hello Carly!
I used to read your blog a lot in 2015 and 2016, after I had had my first child. I needed inspiration to by new clothes for myself since hardly anything fit me, and I found your blog very helpful. All the pictures of stylish outfits that are more classical and disrcreet rather than flashy or avant-garde inspired me to find a style that is practical and hopefully also nice looking. I actually stopped reading because I got obsessed with learning to sew and started reading all about that instead. So, I wanted to thank you for writing this blog and also wish you good luck with sewing! Even my limited knowledge of garment sewing, fitting and design has helped me better understand what kind of ready-to-wear will work for me. It makes me appreciate good clothes more. Both sewing and embroidery is so fun!