22 Tiny Things to Do This Summer to Feel More Joy

Friends, consider this your summer bucket list!! I love this list that Maxie put together of things to do this summer that will bring you more joy. They’re largely simple acts that can make a big impact on your mood and spirit!

22 Tiny Things to Do This Summer to Feel More Joy

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Raise your hand if you wait all year for summer! Even though school might be long behind you and work doesn’t stop just because it hits the month of June, it still feels like summer break is a time when things slow down and life is injected with a bit more ease.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that chasing “happy” feelings is totally pointless. Happy is elusive. I’ve made the mistake more times than I can count – thinking a major goal, a different relationship, or a new-and-improved me would be what brings happiness. None of that is the case. Joy doesn’t come from a huge win or achievement. It doesn’t come from a perfect and adventurous summer vacation. We don’t feel big happy feelings all the time (Oh, and stressed or anxious feelings aren’t actually the enemy). Joyful moments are made in tiny choices. Which means we have to tune back into them and look for little ways to chase our own happiness, rather than holding out for huge sweeping outcomes.

What better time than now to get into that habit? Make your summer about the tiny things that can bring you even more joy. Here are some places to start:

1. Read a Great book. There’s so many. Start with Carly’s recent reads, or my book if you’re feeling lost!

2. Impromptu detours. Maybe go the long way. It’ll change up your perspective and take you off of autopilot.

3. Smell the flowers. Just stop and look at these tiny beautiful things. You’re sure to smile.

4. Fireflies. If you’re near them, there’s just nothing better.

5. Dance in your kitchen. To your old, favorite song. Or to your new favorite. You’ll feel the joy when you move your body.

6. Change your phone screen saver. Maybe it’s the photo of a loved one or a place that brings you such good memories. Change it up.

7. Journal your gratitude. Because gratitude begets abundance and the best way to feel joy is to remember all the moments that are rich with love.

8. Eat outside on a blanket. Picnic style!

9. Go on a walk. Whether it’s early in the morning if it’s already super hot, or a nighttime stroll, getting some fresh air will rejuvenate you.

10. Reorganize. Your wallet. Your closet. Your purse. Your pantry. Make something a little more orderly.

11. Text someone you’ve been thinking about. Because they’ve probably been thinking about you.

12. Watch a sunrise (or sunset). These are mother nature’s great light shows.

13. Make something. Art. A new recipe. A doodle in your journal.

14. Pay it forward. One of the greatest ways we can fill ourselves up is to give what we have away.

15. Take a bath. And light a candle.

16. Hit up a museum. There’s so much art, history, and beauty in local museums. You’ll find so much perspective there.

17. Sit under a tree. Just do it.

18. Smile at a stranger. I dare you not to feel a little spike of happiness from doing this.

19. Have coffee in bed. Because long and lazy mornings are the best.

20. Hold onto a hug a little longer. We all need it sometimes.

21. Facetime someone you love. There’s nothing like actually seeing the smiles of the ones you care about.

22. Send a handwritten card or letter. You’ll love doing it and you’ll be spreading the joy.

Remember, joy is found in the moments. Make as many tiny moments as you can this summer, and you’ll have a season full of so much goodness.

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I have been participating in number 19 for a couple of weeks now, and it does not disappoint hah! I also think I am one of a few people who still enjoys sending snail mail. It is so fun to make someone’s day when they get a nice card in the mail!

xx Libby

Janet M Fazio

What a great way to start the week! While I was out for a run Friday, I was wishing all the kids along the way a happy last day of school. I remember that excitement well.


I loved your bucket list style posts! Would love to see one of those again.