Random Things I’ve Been Loving

I started writing down a list of random things I’ve been into. Only one of which has anything to do with this outfit 😂I found another folder of outfits and now I have an overabundance of them ready to go for the blog… which kind of never happens for me.

First the outfit, then the list:


I originally purchased this dress thinking I’d only wear it with sandals and at the beach, even to throw over a bathing suit. However, when I got the dress, I knew it’d be even more versatile than I had bargained for. It’s darling and, most importantly, crazy comfortable.

The ties at the top allow you to get the exact length you need and the buttons down the back couldn’t be cuter.

Summer Dress

Carly Heitlinger    Sezane Anne Dress

Soludos Wedges

Dress // Espadrilles // Similar Tote

ESPADRILLES // These espadrilles are actually on the list. I’ve had them for a few years and every summer they tend to be my go-to “dressier” shoe choice. I have them in navy too, but the cream is what I wear the most. They go with EVERYTHING from jeans to dresses. They’re great with short dresses and even work well under maxi dresses/skirts if you need a little height.

GRAHAM CRACKERS // The market I shop at for food had a display of graham crackers right by the register. Unless I’m specifically buying them for s’mores, I never buy ~just~ graham crackers but they were calling my name. I bought a box and, ugh, I think I’m going to be eating them all summer long. For whatever reason, I’ve been craving them with blueberries. Kind of weird but kind of perfect.

TV SHOWS // I finally (finally!!!!) finished the Gossip Girl series. I watched a bunch of the seasons in college with Little V and then at some point stopped. I never finished it and even though I knew the big spoilers, it was still fun to rewatch the series in its entirety. The last few seasons took me a long time to get through because the plot was just too ridiculous, but I downloaded the last season to watch on the flight home from Paris and it was the best way to pass the time. Probably should have read but it was a nice way to pass the time. I just started Downtown Abbey again… I had only watched a few episodes I think (?). Couldn’t remember a lot of the plot.  I’m already hooked though. And so many good shows are coming back this month– Big Little Lies, Handmaid’s Tale, and Below Deck (my reality show guilty pleasure).

PIMA COTTON ROBE // A few weeks ago I “retired” my big fluffy robe for the summer season. The air conditioning in our apartment hasn’t exactly been working and while it’s manageable overall, the one thing that was unbearably hot was my big robe! It’s not too bad though considering I love my summer weight robe. It’s so comfortable and lightweight that I have considered, on more than one occasion, of packing it to bring on trips with me.

MELON // Another food craving for me? All the melon. I had been on a citrus kick for a while and now I’ve been wanting all the melons. I spent about thirty minutes dicing cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon to keep in the refrigerator. It’s such a refreshing treat to have on hand. I found myself scooping out a bowl of the diced melon every afternoon!

JADE ROLLER + MUSHROOM SERUM // Not going to lie, I don’t think the jade roller actually does anything, but I can’t deny that it feels amazing on my face when it’s nice and cold. I’ve been slathering my face with this mushroom serum (I freaking swear by the entire line!) and then rolling over it with the jade roller while sitting in bed to read every night. I definitely have noticed a difference in my skin from the serum and the roller is quite relaxing to do before bed.

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I think true to size- it’s roomy and the length can be adjusted with the bows


I used a whole bottle of that Origins serum but I wasn’t sure it ever did anything… love the line though and I use tons of Origin products. Hot tip, that serum is on sale on the Nordstrom Rack website if anyone wants to stock up.


Hi Carly. In terms of TV coming back this month, have you watched Younger? It’s smart, funny, and completely addictive! I really enjoy your blog- glad I discovered it!

Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona

I totally agree about Gossip Girl – the later seasons have story lines that just aren’t believable, even for that bunch of characters. I started watching it on Netflix but I just couldn’t finish the whole series.

Lauren G

I’ve been contemplating rewatching Gossip Girl as well, but you reminded me of how crazy those last few seasons get… Soo excited for Big Little Lies to come back though!! I saw that the cast spoke at one of the Wing locations this past week. Wish I could’ve been there!


LOLOLOL to the jade roller not doing anything haha! I agree. 😂 Love your dress with the wedges! Deff my entire summer wardrobe! Yay to finishing GG! The last two seasons were especially dramatic and kind of lingered on but I love the ending!!!! I started when I was in HS then went away to college and stopped after season three and just finished the series a few months ago. It was worth all those hours watching it after work and on weekends ha!

Katie | http://www.sunshinestyleblog.com


Question- do you scotch guard or do anything for the shoes to make them last longer? I just got a pair and am curious what to do to protect them?


Aw, this reminds me of your old youtube videos on your favs of the month (I miss those).

Meagan R.

I love this post because it’s as if we’re just chatting over lunch as girlfriends! I’m very into reading in my hammock and hiking right now. Utah’s a beautiful place for both!


I’ve been rewatching Gossip Girl too and am just about to finish! I agree that the later seasons get a bit ridiculous, but from what I remember, everything ties up pretty well in the end!
Do you find that the espadrilles run true to size? I notice Nordstrom says they run large, but wasn’t sure if others found that to be the case.


In regards to the jade roller, look up lymphatic drainage. I can noticeably see a difference when I start with one side of my face and then do the other. It decreases puffiness and helps drainage!