Diary No. 8

Happy Saturday, friends. Back today with another round up of iPhone pictures from the past two weeks. With Paris smack dab in the middle of this two week period (where I only took iPhone photos!), this grouping is a little lackluster.

SZ Blocks J. Crew

I bought this swimsuit on a whim. I’ve been trying a bunch of one-pieces knowing that nine out of ten won’t fit my long torso, but this one is just perfection. Typically I just wear a sun shirt over my regular bathing suits so I’m kind of excited to mix things up with a long-sleeve one piece. Also, I feel like the photo online (both on J. Crew & here) doesn’t do the print justice. It really pops in person!!!

Old iPhone

I’ve been cleaning out the apartment slowly and went through a duffel bag that had a bunch of random things inside…. including this old iPhone. I had just found the charger for it and plugged it in to see if it would work. It was a blast from the past!!!!! Actually, it was terrifying to go through it because it had a ton of old text messages (from 2012/2013). It was such a weird sliver of time in my life (graduating college, working in NYC, quitting my job) and to read some of my thoughts/texts as a 22/23-year-old freaked me out. Felt like a diary and also like a different person. 😳

Travel Outfit

My travel outfit for the long flight. Since it was just a weekend and I didn’t bring a camera or a laptop, I traveled very light (for me at least!) with a carry-on and a tote. (Yes, that’s a bag of Sour Patch Watermelons peeking out there.)

Avocado Toast

I didn’t include this in my recap because Mike and I literally sat down at a random cafe for lunch right before a quick shoot I was doing. I don’t remember the name but I got the avocado toast. It had cream cheese, which is probably one of my most ultimate weaknesses in life, and pomegranate seeds. That’s why I’m including it here. It’s such a small addition but they really elevated the dish. YUM.


We also ordered escargot at least once a day. Always reminds me of It Takes Two, but they’re soooo good. My grandma texted me to say that every time she was in Paris with my grandpa they’d also order them at every meal. Warmed my heart!

Frame TV

I posted on IG Stories that I switched up our photo on our TV. We have the Samsung Frame and it’s a great television. I love the way it looks and I think as a television it works just fine…. and ultimately I would recommend it. BUT I feel like it needs to come with a warning about the app. It’s horrible. Like, horrible and barely works. (There are pages and pages of forums about it… it’s not just me.) I’ve only had the patience to connect to the app/TV about five times since we got it a year ago. You need the app to upload new photos and the photos have to be perfectly cropped before uploading. Again though, it’s worth it if you’re going for a pure aesthetic reason.

Little City Books

Because I’ve been reading so much, I’ve been spending so much time in Little City Books. My dream is to own a bookstore and I’d (seriously) consider doing it in like the next ten years. This particular section of the store is always featuring new arrivals and best sellers. I get a lot of my book ideas from it! I just picked up Normal People.

Hermes Scarf

Oh guys 🙈 I bought an Hermès scarf while in Paris. I had two ideas of souvenirs I was considering. A Chanel brooch or a scarf. I was buying someone else a scarf and (whoops) spotted this one for myself in the case while looking for her. I have to say, they were so friendly and nice. I knew immediately I loved this scarf (even just seeing it in a tiny square), but the lady helping me was so patient and must have opened up twenty options for the gift. I was stressed picking something out for someone else… and found the perfect one (I hope!) eventually!

Hoboken Flowers

The weather this week has been so gloomy and rainy. Rainy is an understatement. We’ve had frequent torrential downpours. Yesterday I took the dogs for our usual walk through and it was like a second wave of spring hit the streets. Flowers everywhere.

Summer Selfie

Finishing with a gratuitous selfie 😉Unless I have an event or a photoshoot, I tend to not wear much makeup if I wear makeup at all. I’m going to try to forgo foundation as frequently as I can. Lately, I’ve just been going with sunscreen (Kiehl’s or Dermalogica), eyebrow gel, a swipe of mascara, and tinted lip balm. So easy and I feel much more carefree.

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Love the blue leopard print on the blouse. I agree owning a bookstore would be super fun!


I loved this weekly diary; lots of good content. Your natural look encourages me about my own natural look. I could totally see you opening a bookstore. Happy Weekend!


Love that scarf Carly! So glad you got this rather than the Chanel brooch. Do you remember the name of the pattern?