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Paris was a dream and I knew it’d be kind of “womp womp” returning, especially since Mike was going to London. But it was honestly a pretty relaxing week and I kind of lived it up having the whole apartment to myself 😉


Nothing like coming back from Paris and going straight to the French bakery down the street for another croissant 😂

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // iOS 13 Features

I have totally been geeking out about the new iOS 13 features that will be unrolling with the new update. I always get excited to see what’s new and some of the features seem really smart– like they should have been there all along!

TWO // How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Zoodles (zucchini noodles) have been my pasta replacement of choice for a while. I made the mistake recently of going into the grocery store starving, without a list, and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. I threw some premade meatballs and, on a whim, went for spaghetti squash instead of pasta or zoodles. I’m a full convert now– yum. I actually hate yellow/green squash (it’s a texture thing) but I thought the spaghetti squash tasted so much better. You don’t really need a recipe, but these instructions are the best I think!

THREE // Slip Dress

So I totally don’t know if I’m cool enough for a slip dress or not but I kind of want to try. Seems like a super easy way to look chic with minimal effort. I love how they look on other people!

FOUR // Cantaloupe Prosciutto Caprese Skewers

I have not made these yet but I’m saving the recipe here for the future!! I mean, YUM. I’ve been on a major melon kick lately and I think anything tastes better with a bit of prosciutto. These would be the perfect thing to make before a dinner party or to bring over to a friend’s house.

FIVE // America’s Got Talent

While I don’t watch the actual show, I have been watching some of the clips from America’s Got Talent online. These two auditions were incredible. First up? Sophie Pecora. I totally teared up while listening to her song about middle school. I thought it was so genuine and emotional and she’s incredibly talented. And then….. Kodi Lee. Holy cow. This guy. I had FULL BODY goosebumps the entire time. He, deservingly, earned the golden buzzer. Just wow.

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A trick a friend shared to avoid the most difficult part that comes with spaghetti squash,..cutting through it. Ask the grocer in the produce section to do it for you. They’ll take it in back to cut it in half, wrap in plastic and return you. Voila! 🙂


Glad you had a good time in Paris! I’ve never been, but it’s definitely a dream of mine to go someday!
I make spaghetti squash in an instant pot, and the texture and flavor turns out amazing! I prefer that over anything else! If you have one, you should give it a try.


Bailey Carver

Those skewers look amazing! Definitely making them for a weekend pool day. I am always curious about slip dresses! Would love to see an outfit post with how you style yours.