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Not the best quality, but how amazing is this photo of my Grandma and Grandpa?! They lived on a beach in North Carolina and were clearly quite festive. (Also, not sure that I forgive my dad for giving away his yellow Volkswagen to them! Ha! We called it “the funny car.”) If you go back to the first few years of blog posts and notice comments from “Betsy”– that’s my grandma! She and my grandpa have sadly both since passed away, but we love going through old photos of them. My grandma was quite the character; you can only imagine where my mom got all of her spunk from!



ONE // Create and Cultivate

Create and Cultivate is a one-of-a-kind conference. I haven’t personally been yet, but a bunch of my girlfriends have (including Maxie!) and love it. I’m so excited that they’re coming to NYC in May and I’m so honored that they asked me to speak on a panel. Tickets just went on sale, and they are notorious for selling out, so even though the conference is in May, I wouldn’t wait too long to purchase if you want to attend!

TWO // Lizzie Velasquez

Wow. I watched Lizzie’s Ted Talk and have been a fan of hers ever since. She’s genuinely an incredible person. She just did this video with Allure and… double wow If you’re unfamiliar with Lizzie’s story, you must watch.

THREE // Moms vs. Kids

I think I may have shared this already in an On My Radar post, but I’m resharing because it kills me every time. What moms think of themselves versus what their kids think of them. Try to watch without bawling your eyes out.

FOUR // Dermalogica Skin Prep

My skin is absolutely freaking out this winter. It happens every year, but I think it’s so much colder/drier this December that my skin is having its annual freakout early. Yikes!!! My facialist recommended this scrub after a much-needed facial, and it’s been a godsend. I still use my regular cleanser and my regular (life changing) moisturizer, but this scrub is making a huge difference. I’ve noticed that my blackheads are disappearing, my skin is so much smoother, and even my redness is at bay.

FIVE // Family Goals

I definitely shared this family’s video last year. This year’s edition is just as fun! I’m so envious of big families!! It puts the little dances my sister and I would choreograph to shame…

Anything good on your radar this week?

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Emily Rose

Thanks for the scrub recommendation. Love that moisturizer! I’ve been partnering the matching oil underneath the Night a minsmoisturizer at night per a Sephora recommendation.