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My mom kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas, but I really have everything I could possibly need. The only thing I could come up with, that I would actually use was workout gear. I’ve been working out a lot and it’s been really great. Not only am I in the habit of it, I’ve figured out what I actually enjoy doing. And I’ve learned that I HAVE to enjoy it to do it.

I have been absolutely loving my tennis lessons (hoping to play in Tampa while I’m visiting), I’m still obsessed with yoga, and I joined a new gym a few months ago where I take this amazing weightlifting class. In the new year, I’m going to be sharing even more about my routine and hopefully even kicking it up a notch (or two). Oh! And ski season is here, too!

While I’m not terribly picky about what I wear while working out (as long as I’m comfortable, I’m good to go), it doesn’t hurt to also feel cute!


Seamless Ski Baselayer // I have one of these from last year and it’s the softest! Perfect for skiing… and it’s comfortable, even with two or three additional layers on top.

Paisley Windbreaker // I’m normally pretty bundled up going in and out of the gym, but I think this windbreaker would be great for tennis lessons when it’s cold.

Gray Malin Ski Water Bottle // The minute I saw this water bottle, I knew it had to be mine. While I already have this, I’m still including it because it’s such a great gift idea!

Paisley Sports Bra // My t-shirt does not come off when I work out, but I still would like to wear this cute sports bra!

Pleated Tennis Skirt // I. Love. This. Skirt. It looks so cute and I would mind seeing this under the tree on Christmas!

Navy Sneaker // Not necessarily a “need,” but still a cute option for my weightlifting class!

Monogrammed Tennis Bag // Oh how cute is this tennis bag? I haven’t been brave enough to try playing tennis with anyone other than my instructor, but maybe for when I do…

Bogner Ski Jacket // I splurged on this coat (it was my only personal Black Friday purchase!) and literally cannot wait to wear it skiing this winter.

Ski Sweater // I bought on this sweater when I saw it in stores a few months ago in anticipation of ski season! I Snapchatted it a few days ago and had a few requests to know where it’s from!

Yoga Pants // Okay, these are pretty plain, but you can never have enough yoga pants. I feel like I’m constantly washing and folding the ones I have now.

Perfect Tank Top // Another simple option. I like to wear tank tops to yoga practice (especially hot yoga!) and under t-shirts while working out in case it gets too warm!

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I adore your style! That monogrammed tennis bag is the best! Too bad I don’t play tennis– haha! I was like, “oh, I bet I could use this for Pure Barre!” but then I noticed the tennis racket pouch. LOL!



I am so excited to go skiing I put a new ski jacket on my Christmas wishlist. That ski sweater is so cute I need that lol!
Kelsey |