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A few months ago I included an article about the secret to happiness. Or maybe “a” secret to happiness. It was about searching for and recognizing, slivers of joy in your life. I think about those slivers of happiness every day still. I love how simple it is.

Some slivers of joy from the week:

– I went to a friend’s house this weekend, and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the nice weather.

– I’ve had the best grapefruits every day. I’m normally not very hungry in the morning, so it hits the spot.

– I had my first iced latte of the season on Monday. It was delicious, but that first sip was especially delicious.

– On Wednesday, Courtney and I shot a few outfit posts in Westport. It started off a little cloudy. There was a moment though when the sun broke through the clouds and warmed the air just beautifully.

– I went to an event hosted by American Girl (more on that later!) and walking into the store in NYC made me feel like a kid again. So many great memories associated with the brand.

– Nowadays I can’t walk by a stand of flowers without picking up something for my apartment. These tulips are so springy!


ONE // S-Town Podcast

I spent more time in the car than usual this week and binged on all of the episodes of S-Town. It’s a new podcast by the same people who did Serial. They released all seven episodes at once, and it made it so easy to get through it… not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly well done. It blew Serial out of the water. I’m hoping more podcasts go this storytelling route.

TWO // Embroidered Lobster Sweater

This lobster sweater is super cute. The little guy has so much character. If I didn’t already have a similar one I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

THREE // Millenials and Side Hustles

I think this might be my favorite article written about millennials. I saw it floating around Facebook and send it around to a dozen friends. We’re all doing these side hustles! The article says it best, “We are Generation 1099.”

FOUR // Crosswalk the Musical

Leave it to James Corden to do the best Beauty and the Beast video of all time. Tears rolled down my face while watching. Can you imagine being a car witnessing it?! I’d die!

FIVE // “Hallelujah”

A girl sang “Hallelujah” (one of my favorite songs!) into a well in Italy. The acoustics are unbelievable. Talk about talent!!!

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this has been one of my fave OMR posts you’ve done! I think it would be great if you included slivers on each one 🙂 gratitude and joy are the greatest parts of life


I loved that lobster sweater so much I had to order it ( along with a whole bunch of other stuff!).

Jen Kessler

Hi Carly! I took a month off of reading blogs and I’m so happy to be catching up on your blog! I love this idea of slivers of happiness – it reminds me of that book ‘1000 Gifts’ and is such a good daily practice.

I am LOVING the millennial side hustle article. I’m on the older end of being a millennial but it’s so true. The second I popped out of college and got a downtown job was the second I dove into photography and followed my creative side hustle dreams. 🙂