25 Before 25

I really can’t believe I’m 24 today. That’s serious mid-twenties. Wasn’t I just counting down the moments until I was in the double digits? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was waiting anxiously to get my drivers license… to go to college… to move to New York City?
I feel like every year goes by faster. I’ve accomplished a lot so far and I’m just beyond excited (and ready) to accomplish even more. I have a feeling that this year is going to be the best one yet.
Mackenzie has a 101 in 1001 list, but it’s way too intense for me! I opted to do a 25 before 25 list. (Which in some ways makes me feel like I’m turning 25… sheesh! I have a whole year for that one.)
Between today and my 25th birthday, I want to accomplish everything on this list! I think it will be a fun way to do some things that I really have always wanted to do. Some will push my outside of my comfort zone. All will be amazing memories.
  1. Visit The Met, MOMA, Guggenheim, The Cloisters, and The American Museum of Natural History. (I’ve been to a couple of these, but I need to go back!)
  2. Travel to another country. (My postponed trip to Paris is still in the works!)
  3. Take a trip solo! (Maybe a personal beach weekend alone?)
  4. Go to a ballet. (Can you believe I haven’t been to a ballet in the city yet?)
  5. Throw a dinner party. (Note to self: Must find more chairs for my apartment.)
  6. Be featured in a magazine… or write for one. (Queries, here I come.)
  7. Take a cooking class. (Because I’d rather use someone else’s oven than mine.)
  8. Unplug completely for a full 24 hours. (#unplug)
  9. Stop drinking soda. (No more poison.)
  10. Attend a midnight showing of a movie. (Already planning on Divergent… March 2014)
  11. Leave a 100% tip. (I love this and can’t believe I haven’t ever done it before.)
  12. Finish writing my book! (Long time coming people, long time coming.)
  13. Run a 5k. (Who’s with me?)
  14. Skydive. (Welp.)
  15. Go apple picking! (Every year I plan on doing this and it never happens!)
  16. Take a class with General Assembly. (I’m dying to sign up!)
  17. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies. (I have refused to watch the last one until now!)
  18. Go to a concert. (I’ve only been to two– High School Musical & Backstreet Boys)
  19. Ice skate in Central Park. (With a date, well wouldn’t that be nice?)
  20. Collaboration/Project with Mackenzie. (So many things in the works already!)
  21. Eat something with Ketchup. (I know, crazy times.)
  22. Visit Georgetown again. (I haven’t been back on campus since graduation.)
  23. Get acupuncture. (DYING to go. Everyone at work raves about it.)
  24. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. (Seems like I should, you know?)
  25. Have my palms read. (One part terrified, one part intrigued)

Now here’s the thing. I’m not going to be competitive with myself. I will not beat myself up over not accomplishing everything. I am going to do this for fun and document it along the way.
Have you ever made a “bucket list”? What’s on yours?


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I was inspired by Mackenzie to start a 101 in 1001 list. I've really been enjoying it so far! I'm trying to not rush it or beat myself up over not accomplishing everything all at once. Good luck with your list Carly!



Happy Birthday! I should have plan this as you did when I turned 24! Do your best to complete it, it'll be memorable! Been inspired! I'll start planning for my 30! As 25 is literally around the corner 🙁

Good Luck!


This list is brilliant! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures (especially looking forward to the new book! 😉 )!
Happy Birthday!!!


Molly Turnbaugh

I love this idea! I can honestly say that I would love to do all of those (other than the skydiving… yikes!!) Keep us updated on which ones you accomplish! 🙂


Happy Birthday!! I am 24 too and I love the idea! Although I've already been 24 for 4 month now, I think I will do a list like this 🙂


Hope you have a great birthday! I love this! I did a summer bucket list and it was so much fun to cross off things on my list and see how much I'd done this summer. Now, I made a bucket list for college that I keep adding on to. I can't for all of the exciting new adventures.:)
xo Tia

Jessica Randall

I LOVE these!

Travel to another country
Go to a ballet
Throw a dinner party
Unplug completely for a full 24 hours (uhhh I don't know about this one…)
Stop drinking soda (DONE)
Leave a 100% tip (GREAT IDEA)
Run a 5k (DONE! Let me know if you wanna kill 2 birds because we should visit Georgetown and do a 5k in DC!
Skydive (SWEET!)
Go apple picking (my BF and I are going later this month!)
Watch all of the Harry Potter movies (best done on a snow day!)
Go to a concert (DONE! Owl City counts right? ;D)
Visit Georgetown again (Let's go!)
Get acupuncture (ooh I wanna try this too)
Have my palms read (Let's do it! two parts EXTREMELY skeptical and a smidgen curious)


Happy Birthday! Love the idea rather than the 101 in 1001. I don't know if I could think of 101 things, but 20 maybe 🙂

Elissa Verso

I volunteer to guide you through the ballet! It's honestly the best! American Ballet Theatre is doing Theme and Variations this season, and you can't go wrong seeing anything Daniil Simkin is in (I believe he is doing a new piece called The Tempest), or the always lovely Gillian Murphy.

Katie McC

I always want to apple pick every year, but Florida is so limited! I want to go to a real orchid and pick the apples directly from the trees. Last year I found a corn maze near Gainesville and convinced my family to go last year during Halloween. It was so. much. fun! I can't wait to go again this year, but I am already on the hunt to find a place where I pick some kind of fruit from a real tree. How cool thought, I can't wait to hear about the list as you complete it. =)


Hi Carley! I'm a first time commenter, but I've been reading your blog for quite a while now.

ANYWAY, don't be afraid to get your palms read! I've had mine read twice; once when I was a freshman in high school and then the summer before my freshman year of college.

It was SO interesting. Yes, I am a skeptic and not one for psychics (yes, interesting, I like it, but c'mon). It's just interesting to see how you come off to complete strangers. They read your palms, but gather a lot of information from the way you carry yourself and I've always found that so interesting. Just make sure you don't overpay, especially if you're not one to believe in all that. Also – go with friends! I've watched as some prophesies have proven to be true and it's fun to watch.

My palm readers seemed to agree that I've met my soul mate, and that I'll have three children. I'll live a long, healthy life and that I'm very smart and capable. My palm reader from my freshman year of college told me I would save many young people from suicide, etc. Creepy considering I'm now applying for a PhD in Clinical Psychology and that's exactly what I want to do with my life…

Anyway, have fun with it. It's not scary at all.

Julia D.

I love that you've already set up a system for tracking your goals. Definitely one of the most important steps in achieving them. Accountability is key.

Sarah Morris

Can you tell me a little more about General Assembly? Can you take a single course vs. a set number week of courses? Looks right up my alley. 🙂

Jessica (Bows and Sequins)

How am I just seeing this? So behind on blog reading. I started my 25 before 25 list about a week before my birthday and then kind of got too busy to finish it. I need to hammer out the last few and get it posted soon. I mean, we'll be 25 before you know it!


Just found this list and thought I would mention that we have the EXACT same birthday…9/1/89!

xoxo, Elena