Charity Water Birthday Pledge

Charity Water is a really wonderful organization that provides clean drinking water for communities around the world where that would otherwise be impossible.
What I really love about Charity Water is its transparency of what they do with donations. You can track which water projects were funded by your campaigns with GPS and photos. They even have a page dedicated to all of the completed projects so you can really see the impact.
One of the special things about Charity Water is that you can take a birthday pledge to raise money and awareness.
I chose pledge my birthday for Charity Water this year. There are obvious health concerns with not having access to clean drinking water. But also, women and children are often the ones responsible for walking to clean water and transporting the water back to their village. This often means that they don’t have the same opportunities as men or access to education.
Everything from the College Prepster campaign is going to Orissa, India! Every $450 provides a household with three taps (kitchen, toilet, and bathing room).


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Jessica Randall

Carly this is the best! What a great idea! I love that you're sharing this with your followers to help raise awareness and money. Girls' health and education is a passion of mine and I'm so glad you're doing this!