3 Things To Do When You’re Not Feeling Like Yourself

Some days I wake up and just feel “off” from the get-go. It’s kind of like waking up on the wrong side of the bed; hard to pinpoint what the reason is– if there even is a reason! I do think life can serve you the most amazing of days, but not every day can be like that.

When You're Not Feeling Like Yourself

I do think it goes without saying, but just in case… if it’s more than a funk and something that has lasted for a while or you can’t seem to shake it no matter what you do, then definitely reach out to a friend, loved one, or doctor to get help! Everyone deserves to feel like themselves and there’s no shame in getting back to that!

3 Things To Do When You’re Not Feeling like Yourself

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Do you ever go through periods of time where you just don’t feel like yourself? Maybe you’re feeling like you’re in a little bit of a funk. Or maybe you’re just feeling a little off and you’re not sure why. Or maybe you do know why, but you’re having a hard time getting over it and coming back to feeling like you again.

We all have cycles of feelings, and moods, and ups n’ downs. Just this year I had one month that felt like I was riding one of the highest waves of my life, to be immediately followed by a pretty tough month of frustration and funk. These periods within our lives couldn’t be more normal. Not every day is meant to be a hundred. But specifically, when you’re feeling like you’re not being your full self, and you’re having a hard time coming back to that person – maybe you’re being more agitated than normal, maybe you’re laughing less, maybe you just can’t get back into your desired routine that makes you feel good – there are some little tweaks that you can try making in order to hopefully get you back to you, quicker.

These three tips below are a few that always work for me, and obviously comment if you know of anything that always works for you, too!

Reflect back on your best moments
Whenever you can look back at times when you did something well, or you were really, truly, madly energized by life, it can tell you and remind you that you are indeed something wonderful. Look back. Search for moments when you felt the proudest and you felt the most energized. Then take some time to celebrate yourself. You’re that same person, even if you’re not feeling like it today…you are. And sometimes reflecting back can remind us that there’s more to this day or this period of feeling a little off. You will get back there and out of this because you’ve done it before!

Seek something uplifting
A little pep in your step can be helpful right when you need it. Last week a friend sent a meditation on loving yourself right when I needed it because I was being my own worst critic. And it was just the right words and momentum I needed to know tomorrow would be better than today. If you’re moved by speeches, pep talks, or words of encouragement about knowing yourself and knowing your own magic, you might love these by my favorite women (and one by me!)
Brené Brown’s TedTalk which is amazing inspiration to know and be your full self.
Oprah’s inspiring speech on believing in yourself and your dreams. (This is one of my all-time favorites)
My audiobook excerpt on what it means to find and be the highest possible expression of yourself.

Get out of your head
Occasionally we just need a break from our own thoughts. And it’s way easier said than done. So if you’re being really hard on yourself for not feeling like yourself, getting out of your head and back into your life can help shake you out of this weird period you might be feeling. A few ways to do that: go to a concert or sporting event, hang out with some of your best most loving friends or family, partake in one of your favorite hobbies, or get a really good workout in. Do something that requires less thinking and more being, laughing, and connecting with people and activities other than yourself.

Remember, you’re not your feelings. And you won’t always feel funky, low, or unlike yourself. A little change in your day can make all the difference. So try one of these or let us all know what helps you feel more like yourself when you’re feeling a bit off.

For more encouragement from Maxie to be your most powerful self, check out her new book You’re Not Lost.

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Thank you for this tips, great post and helpful reminder that there is no need for a forced smile every day but there are ways to bring the smile back on.


Thank you for sharing the post, sometimes I need a post like this. There are always some days I feel like my body is not mine 🙂 or someday I hate myself for silly things I did in the past, for my cowardice.


This is a good read and would highly recommend if you’re looking to boost your mood , we go through alot of things and making sure that we stay true to ourselves is important.

hopefully we can create great content in the future