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I’m dying to know if you guys have read any great books this year? The stack next to my bed keeps growing and growing. I haven’t been able to read fast enough. I flew down to Charleston on Friday morning and had planned on getting through a good chunk of a new book, but I ended up watching The Office on my phone instead. WHOOPS. I heard a rumor that they were taking it off of Netflix so I felt like I needed to get through as many episodes as possible… and then I heard that it wasn’t true!

I always have a hard time starting new books. I swear it takes me weeks to read the first 50 pages of a book and then I finish the remaining 300+ in a matter of days. I need to be hooked and feel a connection to the reader. So bringing a brand new book on a plane when I have tv shows downloaded to my phone? Recipe for disaster.

Anyway, I had to pop on here to share a book I recently finished and LOVED. I was enjoying The Female Persusaion so much that I was trying to “ration” out pages so I wouldn’t finish it too quickly.

The Female Persuasion

I actually received this from a publisher and it sat on my desk for a while untouched. I don’t know how I missed “a novel” at the top of it– I thought originally that it was a weird “I am woman, hear me roar” non-fiction. It’s AMAZING. Literally such a well-written and incredibly relevant book.

It’s mainly about a recent graduate who goes to work for the glitzy startup of a feminist pioneer. It examines modern feminism from all angles. I appreciated it in a huge way. Sometimes I think that companies/brands use feminism right now to sell/push products as a marketing ploy. This book is NOT the case. It’s smart and thought-provoking, all while still being an entertaining read. I think what I liked most about the book was that it demonstrated how “feminism” isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a one-size fits all thing.

I related so much to Greer, one of the main characters, as she navigated college and post-graduate life living in NYC. I think because I also worked at a startup that championed women, I saw so much overlap between her storyline and my life… it got to the point where it was bizarrely similar.

HIGHLY recommend this as a summer read!

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I always did the library’s summer reading program as a kid, so summer is all about reading for me! I’m currently reading ‘Secrets of a Charmed Life’ by Susan Meissner, a book my sister gave me and has been sitting on my pile for a couple of years now. The fourth book in the Outlander series is on deck. I have to get that done before the show airs in November!

Hannah Lavine

Highly recommend Circe as well! I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. It took me back to learning about Greek gods and reading the Odyssey back in high school!


Some of my favourites over the last few months have been The heart’s invisible furies, Educated, The Great Alone, an American Marriage, The light we lost. So many great books, so little time!


I just finished this too! I saw it on Instagram (I think it was one of Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks) and before I read more about it, I thought it was nonfiction, too. It was so incredibly good. It got me to finally read my copy all “We Should All Be Feminists” that has been sitting around my house forever.


Your TBR list on Goodreads always has me going to the library or book store! I just read The Kiss Quotient and it is so so good.


I recommend Zero Waste Home. It totally changed my perspective on waste and packaged products.


Hey Carly! I have read your blog every day for years, and sparsely commented, but today’s post didn’t sit with me the right way. It seems a little… inconsistent? A book about “I am woman, hear me roar” is weird? But then, once you found out it was fiction, you’re so proud to have worked for a start-up that “championed” women? Those sentiments don’t exactly make sense. Is female empowerment weird or not? I guess I’m disappointed that you’d look down on a book simply because you thought it was non-fiction, or you thought it was non-fiction about (god forbid!) female empowerment.


I thought the title Female Persusian for a non-fiction book WOULD be weird. Idk maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dana Mannarino

Need to read this book! I’m just like you, it takes me SO long to get through the first few pages of a book and then I speed through them!

The Champagne Edit

Ashley S

I just started “A Simple Favor” by Darcey Bell since I just saw a trailer with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively starring in the movie adaptation coming out later this year. It’s a thriller about a well-to-do mom who goes missing in her CT community, and her best friend (and mommy blogger) updates on what’s going on in the investigation. Not sure if it will end up being a great read, but it’s definitely entertaining so far!


I’ve been a follower of yours for years but I have never commented. I love your book posts and always enjoy your Recs. I started this book about a month ago. I have 100 pages left but no desire to finish it. I just feel like there is essentially no plot. Maybe I’ll try to finish it after reading your great recommendation!


I recently finished two books by Celeste Ng: Everything I Never Told You (LOVED it) and Little Fires Everywhere (thoroughly enjoyed, but not as much as the other).


Particularly as a “summer” read, I’d highly recommend the “Crazy Rich Asians” series by Kevin Kwan…I iniitally didn’t think I’d like them, but once I started reading, I couldn’t put the first book down! Absolutely hilarious, and smartly written. And of course as more incentive, the movie comes out in August!


You first introduced me to Beatriz Williams, and I started with “The Secret Life of Violet Grant” by her. It’s such a well-written book – I would totally recommend! Thanks to you I’ve gotten back into reading after a few years hiatus!


I just read The Summer I Met Jack – Michelle Gable! Really good historical fiction take on the Kennedys!


I work in a library and I TEAR through books, but I recently finished The High Season about a woman who leaves in a beach town year round, but has to rent out her house each summer to afford it. This summer, however, her entire life falls apart. I absolutely loved it and it’s perfect for a summer read.


Definitely on my list of what to read next! I loved her previous book, The Interestings.

I just started The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand and it’s SO addicting, the perfect quick summer read