3 Ways to Be the Best Version of Yourself

I love this post by Maxie for more reasons to count! I also just have to brag on her for a second… I listened to a snippet of her audiobook and, ugh!, it gave me goosebumps! If you’ve ever “felt lost” with your path, it is FOR YOU. Ever since I learned that she was writing her book You’re Not Lost, I’ve heard so many people say that they feel lost… and I can’t wait until her book is out into the world because I know everyone is going to love it!

Best version of you3 Ways to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Do you ever have days where you feel like you’re just killing it? Maybe you’re feeling totally creative, or completely in the zone. Or maybe you’re just really into the way you’re showing up in your life. When we’re feeling totally ourselves and totally in flow, it’s likely that we’re tapping into the best version of ourselves.

Whether you’ve ever thought about what the best version of yourself looks like or not, it’s a great way to pinpoint where you might need a little extra love, effort, and care. Identifying the best version of yourself is NOT about hating where you’re at or who you are now. Rather, it’s looking for the areas of opportunity that can make you feel more of whatever it is that you’re wanting to feel.

Recently, I’ve been overly inspired by the people in my life. The ones who show up so well for themselves and for other people. And it led me to ask, what does the best version of myself look like? And trust me, the answers in my journal were every combination of random, deep, trivial, and insightful. It was everything from having an organized closet to finally sign up for the volunteering program I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

Sometimes the best version of yourself is just a few choices away. And figuring out what that person looks like for you is a great way to start. Here are a few ways to do that…

Plan out your best day
Much of being our best self happens in the tiny decision we make at each stage of our day. So plan out what the best version of yourself would do throughout the day. Does she workout before work? Does she put her phone away while writing? Does she read instead of scroll through Instagram? Zero in on the tiny decisions that make up your day. Because your days make up your life.

Make a plan for one thing you’ve put off
There are often big things we want to do that we never get to. But our best self would probably make time for them. For me, this was volunteering with young writers. For you, this may be traveling. Or starting your book. Or learning a new language. If something has been important to your for a while but you’ve made no progress, figure out how to start moving toward making it a reality. Asking yourself this question might help.

Ask yourself how you want to show up?
Our best selves aren’t “best” because we’ve done or accomplished more. Often, they’re best because of how we’re feeling, the love we’re giving, and the openness we’re operating with. So ask yourself what energy and feelings you can show up within any situation that you’re in. And then pay attention to where that comes easily and where that’s particularly hard.

Your best self isn’t someone else. Your best self if already within you. It’s just about how you bring that version out more often than not.

For more actionable encouragement like this, pre-order Maxie’s new book You’re Not Lost.

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Thank you for this post! This is definitely something that I needed to read today. I have been on this journey of self-reflection and trying to better myself as a whole. I will be putting these tips to use and buying Maxie’s book!

Ashley Drach

Great post, Maxie! I’ve recently been “feeling lost” when it comes to career, and somehow it seems to be seeping into daily life. I think living a more mindful, planned out day, is right on the money. Thanks for the thoughts and insights!



GREAT post! I think it’s much more motivating to try to be the best version of yourself, than focusing on someone else’s journey. I definitely feel as I get older I sink a little deeper into my true self.

Eva |

Lindsey Baltz | Career Coach

I do a lot of confidence and self esteem-building in my work and this post really resonated with that. I think using visualization techniques like this can be so powerful for making productive change happen. Thanks for this timely post! I can’t wait to read Maxie’s book too!