3 Ways to Reroute if You’re Feeling Off Course

Just over a month ago, I was having this tiny life crisis. I couldn’t tell which direction I was going, where I should be going, and I wasn’t even sure where I wanted to go. As a girl who (really) likes having a plan, this feeling hard to figure out. I talked to a few close friends and ultimately determined that I didn’t have to make any decisions right then. It was okay to sit there for a bit, while I let myself get sorted out. (Basically, I did Maxie’s third point!)

3 Ways to Reroute if You’re Feeling Off Course

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Have you ever felt like you’re just not headed in the right direction? Maybe it’s because you’re feeling a little off course. Or maybe it’s because you feel like you took a wrong turn, big or small. Or maybe it’s because you’re not sure the end location is even a place that you want to be heading.

If you’ve ever followed google maps, you’ve probably seen how often the app will tell you to reroute. It pauses for a second, recalculates, and gives you another option for getting where you want to be going. Honestly, I probably recalculate and reroute my life at least once a month – because I’ve changed my mind about where precisely I want to go, or because I’ve learned something new that’s informed my route, or because I simply made a well-intentioned, but completely wrong turn.

It happens. To all of us. Even when things are good, we can still feel off course. And when things are not good, getting off course can help us get back there quicker. It doesn’t matter if you’re entering a new chapter of your life, searching for new opportunities, refreshing your desires, or expanding into better and bolder versions of yourself, sometimes to get to the good stuff you’ve got to feel a little uncomfortable and a little lost before getting there. It’s normal (and trust me, I know it’s not easy but have a little faith in yourself and you’ll get there…promise.) Here’s some steps that might help:

Turn around. Not because you need to backtrack (maybe you do), but because so much of figuring out where you’re headed exists in the data points of where you’ve already been. Taking a second to look at how you’ve gotten here, what you like and didn’t like about that journey, will help you get back onto a path you enjoy.

Ask for help. None of us are meant to figure everything out alone. We need our cheerleaders, our besties, our family, and our mentors. If you’re feeling like you’re off course for any reason, try asking your people where they see you, or what they feel like is holding you back. It’s powerful information for figuring out exactly how to reroute.

Take a pause. I know it’s hard to sit in your sh*t (meaning, not fixing it right away). But sometimes a pause is the best thing you can do. You don’t always need to get into action right away. Pausing can help you take a breath and figure out which action will be best, eventually, to help you reroute. Let your negative feelings, discomfort, or confusion bubble up without judging it. When you’re ready to move, you will. And you’ll do it confidently because you’ve taken the time to assess what’s going on.

Remember, you’re always going to be rerouting on this path of life. You’re not going to get it right 100% of the time. Wrong turns are normal. Asking yourself, where the heck am I going is so normal, too. Be kind to yourself and take your time. In this lifetime, you’ll always, always be finding your way.

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