30% Off New Arrivals | J. Crew Factory

The J. Crew Factory store just released a bunch of new products… and they’re offering 30% off all new arrivals!
I’m having to use some serious willpower to not get, well, everything. One more good thing, it does make me feel like the light at the end of this super cold wind tunnel. Last year, it was actually somewhat warm in DC in February. Okay, okay… it was one afternoon where literally everyone was out on the front lawn without jackets or coats. And it was glorious.
I could go for one of those days right now! Well, the next best thing is shopping for springy clothes. (Just go with it….)
This airy floral pajama set (top / bottom) are going to be perfect for the warmer nights. Right now? I’m still wearing four million layers because I essentially freeze every night. 
Oh, these navy dresses are calling me. A little bit on the summer side, they make me crave super hot sunny afternoons. (Please, someone remind me to be grateful for the sun when I complain this summer!) The navy lace dress is super perfect for dinners at outdoor cafes and the striped dress is great for errands and dates in the park.
Are you looking forward to spring clothes?

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I love that anchor print skirt. It's definitely on my spring wish list! I also am really liking the red ikat print that skirt also comes in.


Amy - OPC

So weird…I bought the EXACT blue striped dress at regular J. Crew last year. Wonder why they would repeat it? And I must have that skirt.


I've had to stop myself from ordering everything! I'm in love with that anchor skirt, though…



I bought a pair of navy chino shorts and can't wait for them to arrive in the mail. 🙂 I didn't think to look at dresses, those are really cute.

Katie McCarty

I was super excited to see all of the new cute J.Crew arrivals. I love the paper bag skirts and their shorts! My favorite J.Crew skirt from last summer started to tear. It's been worn down to the bone, and I can't throw it out. It's going to be the first clothing item I patch and I hope it withstands more wear and tear for at least a few years.


both of those dresses are on my wish list. i love them! it was almost sundress weather this weekend so i wore one anyways. it was so nice!