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This has been the fastest month ever. Yes, it’s a short month… but it’s still flying by! I feel like I can hardly catch my breath. I think being sick for over a week ensured that I was in some sort of a daze induced from tissues and cough drops during that.
I’ve been really obsessed with the usual things: Dance Moms, Cosi’s tomato basil soup, Pret Yoga Bunny Detox. But I thought I’d share some of the new things that I’ve been loving.
This Prada handbag. Okay, this is a seriously lust-list worthy bag. I keep the tab open on my computer and look at it every now and then. I mean, it’s kind of perfect, right? Not going to happen any time soon, but a girl can dream… 
I seriously dislike shopping for jeans. I mean, it’s probably one of the most frustrating experiences ever. It’s never been something I enjoyed doing. But I popped into H&M over the holidays and bought a pair of $10 jeans. They were the perfect wash and didn’t have any logos on the back pocket… and don’t have “whiskering.” I didn’t even try them on, I just bought them in my presumed size and then hoped they would fit. They’re super long, so I’ll get them hemmed when I’m not just wearing them with boots. But for $10?! The best!
So everyone in our office has a serious candy problem. I thought that I had a serious candy problem. Well, at the very least, we all have a problem. One girl keeps bringing in boxes Good & Plenty. She thought they were “safe” because “no one like them.” Wrong, we can’t help ourselves. While I typically can’t stop eating candy, these are a weird enough flavor where a tiny handful is satisfying enough. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Sweet Tarts that have made their way into our office.
I posted about my new cleansing and moisturizing routine a couple of weekends ago. I liked the products even after a few days, but now I have had time to really really fall in love. The moisturizers are super great, but it’s the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash that I’m beyond obsessed with. You only need the tiniest dot and frothy is seriously the best description. It’s super smooth and amazing. And the minty smell is yummy!
You know what else everyone in the office is talking about? Dogs. Bauer is super cute. And it seems like everyone has a cute dog or wants a cute dog. Similar to the Prada handbag, I absolutely will not be getting a dog anytime soon (or frankly, ever). But I still have picked out a fictional dog. A French bulldog named Georgie, duh. With a necklace collar, just like this one on Pinterest. Obviously.
So, what are you loving right now?

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Jessie Springer

This is such a random post and I love it! If you ever need to get your dog fix you can borrow my little doxie.. They're cute but oh so much work! The Prada bag will be much easier to look after 🙂

Jessie Holmes Springer

Red Lipped Beauty

Hi Carly,
Stumbled on your blog a couple of days ago and am hooked!

Things I'm loving at the moment you ask?

Long walks with my adorable man (I sound like a dating site)
New stationary (uni starts back in precisely four days)
and New Girl (TV show)

Love the posts, you make me wish I was living in New York 😀


Miss Amy Gene

This face wash sounds exactly like what I need 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

Also thinking I need to check out those H&M jeans, I mean I hate jean shopping more than anything and so $10 sounds perfect.

Amy H.

I wish I was lucky enough to find $10 jeans! I hate shopping for jeans and finding a $10 pair that FIT would be some kind of Holy Grail.

The Explorer

I absolutely adore that handbag, it is a beauty and i love your blog too Carly. I read it religiously everyday.

The Explorer

if you want to read some science

Morgan Paige

Do you still have Bauer? Or no? I'm kind of OBSESSED with my dog, Lyla, and I would have the HARDEST time giving away a "puppy" that I've saved.

Also, I'm seriously SWOONING over that bag!