36 Hour Trips

I had a busy travel schedule for this month and everything fell through for various reasons. Our trip to Bermuda was rescheduled because of a Hurricane… I had to opt out of a fun amusement park weekend trip because of a scheduling conflict… A trip to Chicago had to be canceled because of a new work schedule… and there’s still one on the line but it’s pending on a kind of big thing right now.
I mentioned last week that I feel like I wished all my plans to fall through because I was feeling overwhelmed, ha. Joke’s on me!
That said, my October freed up quite a bit! And I’m trying to get at least one little getaway locked down.
New York Times has these amazing 36 hour guides with tons of great ideas of places to go and things to do. There’s a little bit of everything and something for everyone in the books. In April, Garrett and I traveled to Washington, DC for 36 hours and I couldn’t believe how much we could squeeze in in such a short time. I love that it’s easier to commit to than a full vacation, but you still experience the feeling of getting away. 
This summer, when I officially knew we’d be in Connecticut, I bought the USA and Canada Northeast version. It’s impossible to flip through the book and not want to pack a bag and hit the road immediately. I bought a car right when we moved here and I’ve been itching to go on a road trip, especially with these dreamy travel guides. I’m thinking that this month is going to be the perfect time. 
My only issue now is that there are so many places I want to go! If you had 36 hours for a wonderful trip, where would you want to go?!

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I've had this as an iBook for a couple of years, its great to have on your phone when you get a spare weekend with no plans 🙂


This sounds perfect! The only problem for me is that getting out of Texas would probably eat up the majority of those 36 hours. Even then, an adventure sounds good right about now. Great post!

Hustle & Whoa

Laura Cronin

I've taken quite a few 36 hour trips to visit friends from college who live all over the place. Some of my favorites have been flying to New Orleans, Boston, and DC. The next place I want to take a quick trip to is Maine! I'd love to see the L.L. Bean flagship and the wonderful natural settings! I think it'd be the perfect little getaway!

Laura Aime Vous


I found cheap flights to Philly so my husband and I are flying there for the day. 12 HOURS!! (And he has no clue!) If I had three whole days, I'd love to take a trip to Reno, NV and then pop over to California for a little while. Last year I visited Lake Tahoe and I would love to experience that with my husband.