The Intern Hair Inspiration

Due to our canceled Bermuda trip, Garrett and I ended up having a nice little weekend in Connecticut… including a date night to go see The Intern.
I had heard the best things from everyone I knew who saw it and couldn’t wait. I really loved it. I want to buy the movie so I can watch it again and again. Between the interior design (they filmed in this townhouse!), the cast, the fashion, the plot… I was totally into it.
But I was especially mesmerized by Anne Hathaway’s haircut in the film. This is going to sound like I’m an Anne Hathaway super fan (although I wouldn’t deny it if someone accused… I love Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears PradaLes Miserables, and heck, I even liked Ella Enchanted), but I’ve kind of always been inspired by her hair.
My sister and I had Princess Diaries on DVD and one of the bonus features was her audition. Apparently she got the call back because the granddaughters of the director (the two little girls who get her autograph in the movie!) thought she had “princess hair.” I think I especially related to Mia’s hair issues/transformation and was a fan ever since. I even used to braid my hair in a “Princess Diaries” braid from one of the scenes, haha… I can’t believe I’m even admitting this. 
Anyway, I really loved her character’s cut in the movie. Short and healthy but also not too short with a long bang to add shape around her face. I’ve been contemplating a hair cut for a while now but wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. If I end up going short, I’m bringing in these stills as the inspiration…. Thoughts?
I’ve actually had shorter hair in the past and while it’s easier to maintain, I remember longing for long hair again. Humph. What’s a girl to do?! Yay, nay? Let me know what you think about a shorter cut! I would definitely do it for the winter so it’d be longish again for summer…


PS I wanted her entire wardrobe from the movie too…

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I still want to see the movie – I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

You would look great with that cut! Your hair actually seems quite similar to hers. Haha I love that you admitted that about the Princess Diaries braid, I always used to do that with movies. Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap inspired me to cut my hair chin-lengthish after the isolation cabin transformation scene. (I have red hair, and that was the only time my young self actually liked shorter red hair lol).

Sweet Spontaneity

Ashwini Dev

I love her hair in those photos and think it would look great on you. Mid length hair is so much classier than long hair on anyone over the age of 21.

Ellen Borza

I just chopped off a lot of hair. It was past my chest and now it's up to my collar bone. I think fall is a grew time to do it if you're thinking about it! You could definitely pull it off.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Bailey H

I loved her hair in the movie and the office and the townhouse. I was obsessed with it all! I think you could rock her chopped look!


Gillian R.

Go short! Mine was wicked long (to the small of my back….) and I chopped it off in June. My hair is SO much healthier and easier to deal with, (for me) it's more enjoyable to wear down now, and it's just a nice change of pace. It's only hair! It always grows back! And quicker than you think, too. 🙂


You dress so much like this!! I think the costume designer must follow your blog ;).
I like the length. Id add some long layers to break it up a bit.

Laura Cronin

I cut my hair last year and it's about this length now, I'm actually growing it so I can do a little bit more with it, but I do agree that the shorter lengths are great for low-maintenance! I'll have to check out this movie, I keep hearing about it.


Laura Aime Vous

Kristen Woolsey

Love that hair cut! My sister is a hair stylist and she says it is always hard to copy a celebrity's hairstyle, because you won't ever look like that celebrity. But, you actually favor Anne Hathaway, so I think you picked a realistic style!
I'm a huge Princess Diaries fan, and I really want to see The Intern!

Emily White

I just cut off 10 inches! It was scary, but so worth it. My hair looks much healthier and just more bouncy overall. I also was able to donate it, which makes me feel better about the situation in general – not everyone is lucky enough to have the choice!

Phyllis Lee

What a cute and classy haircut! I definitely understanding wanting short hair when you have long hair and then wanting LONG hair when you have short hair! Maybe you could try a middle length haircut: not too long and not too short 🙂

Phyllis |

Heather Bien

I chopped mine from SUPER long to collarbone length this past summer and LOVED it… but then I decided to just go all in and chop it to a chin length bob, which I am now obsessed with. If you have healthy thick hair, it's so much easier to deal with than long hair! Blow drying takes literally a quarter of the time it used to.

Pineapples and Pearls

Amber Hillis

At first, I thought the photos above were you, so yeah. I would totally cut it! Something chic and new for your new adventures. 🙂 It's still long enough to princess braid 🙂

Mariah Rickard

I adored this movie!!! and I'm right there with you as an Ann Hathaway fan. She is just so great at every role she seems to play. The fashion in this movie was to die for! Literally the whole time I was like oh my gosh! I want that!

Also I totally think you could pull of this hair cut.