ON MY RADAR 8.4.23

I don’t really know what it was about this week, but it took me out. I swear I’m crawling into the weekend. The below picture sums up what my spare time has looked like. Trying to finish Mike’s needlepoint stocking and rewatching Anne with an E– it’s so good. My favorite way to unwind.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Ivory Trampoline

This is a preorder for a super cute trampoline for kids. Jack is a big fan of his cousin’s trampoline and I’m tempted to preorder this for a winter activity. It would be perfect for our basement.

TWO // “The Retrievals”

If you haven’t listened to this podcast by the producers of “Serial,” I can’t recommend it enough. I will say, it needs to come with a pretty big and broad content warning (infertility, medical, women’s issues, pain management, drug use, etc.). It’s powerful though. I am fully caught up and I just can’t believe it’s a true story– and likely not the only one like it.

THREE // Halloween Critters

Don’t hate me for sharing a Halloween thing in August…. but….. omg these little critters are so cute. I don’t even know what I’d do with them– I just know I want them they’re so adorable. There’s also a trick-or-treat puppy that is just as (if not more!) cute. 

FOUR // 45 Summer Recipes

Here is a round up of 45 of Half Baked Harvest’s best summer recipes. I love all of her dishes and they always come out so good. I have a few go-tos for cooler months, so I definitely need to try one or two for summer. Those summer pastas are calling my name…

FIVE // Doen Pre-Fall Collection

Doen can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned! I’ve been loving the pieces I have from their summer collection and now this pre-fall one has me downright drooling. (Those KNITS!) I think this is my favorite print and dress– would be gorgeous for a fall wedding.

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The J Crew short sleeve sweater is an additional 60% off ! There is no more pink, but I bought a blue one ..


I avoided listening to The Retrievals for awhile because I did IVF, but now I’ve started and oh man. Such a crazy case study for how society ignores women’s pain. Thanks for sharing.