This summer is flying by, and I can’t believe it’s already August! We have a fun month ahead, from heading upstate for a week to Mike’s family’s lake house to Jack’s second birthday. I’ve been doing a bit of Amazon shopping to prep and wanted to share what I bought on Amazon in July.

Frederick Picture Book // It makes me so happy to see how much Jack loves books! I had to order this classic since we didn’t have it in our collection yet.

Biker Shorts // Biker shorts have never been my thing, but I finally decided to give them a chance since it’s been so hot. I was surprised by how much I liked these–so much that I purchased them in navy a few days later.

Long Sleeve Workout Shirt // I love these long sleeve Lululemon shirts for lounging around the house and found a great Amazon dupe under $30!

Fast Charge 10ft Lighting Cable // We can never have enough charging cables in our house. These are my favorite since they’re fast charging, and the 10ft cord always comes in handy.

Scrapbook Adhesives // A few weeks ago, I sat down to fill out a little birthday book for Jack. It was a gift from a friend at my baby shower– and it’s darling: a little binder to fill in photos from your child’s birthday (from their “birth day” through eighteen). I had a ton of photos printed and sat down to cull the photos from Jack’s first birthday and the day I had him. I’ve had such a fun time going down memory lane and would highly recommend putting together a scrapbook of your own.

Precise Liquid Ink Rolling Ball Pens // Does anyone else get so excited about new stationery? I definitely do, and my new office was the perfect excuse to order a new set of pens!

Toddler Balance Bike // Jack loves riding his scooter and Retrospec walker/balance bike, so we decided to get him an upgrade to this toddler balance bike as an early birthday gift now that he’s almost two and I can’t get over how cute it is!

Kid’s New Balance Sneakers // We loved these sneakers for Jack so much that I had to repurchase them!

Dustpan Set // Not my most exciting Amazon purchase of the month, but probably one of the most practical, ha! But I will say it’s pretty cute!


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Swapna King

How do I get an adult version of Jack’s new bike! Adorable! I love new notebooks and notecards! I need to invest in new pens too! Love reading your blog, Instagram and watching your Tik Toks.


Take all my money! 😉 For the biker shorts, did you get the 6” or 8” length? Thank you!