4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting (Anything)

Isn’t it crazy how far we’ve come in terms of technology and communication in such a short amount of time? I think we’re all still trying to catch up as far as best practices, safety, and “rules” are concerned though. There’s a lot of grey area and there’s quite a few ways you can end up with your emoji foot in your mouth. Maxie’s here to share some questions to ask before publishing anything!
4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting (Anything)
Guest post by Maxie McCoy

It’s pretty cool what we’re capable of at the touch of a button. Having a digital presence allows you to not only have a blog, a following, a business, or a creative outlet…it quite powerfully gives you a voice. One that can be seen and heard. One that can be used for good. Or, unfortunately, one that can be used negatively or against you later on. 
As I’ve been traveling the past few weeks, I’ve shared out the completely entertaining and sometimes outrageous things happening in my life (like my mother renewing her vows in her 35-year old wedding dress #truestory. And this week in Europe, my adventures have been shared instantly on snap and more thoughtfully on Instagram. 
I’ve gotten more and more comfortable sharing things in real time once with an appropriate sense of my own filters (i.e. what is on brand, what is private, and what is appropriate for others to know). The immediate nature of our sharing on platforms like Snapchat got me thinking…what should we be thinking about before we post on snap and beyond?
Here’s a few questions I use to filter my decision to post something:
Does sharing my location put me at risk in any way?
Whether you’re spending the day at a notable place in the city or labeling your Instagram location to something cheeky only to see that it’s dropped a pin at your exact location… putting your exact whereabouts online for the world to see isn’t the best idea. There’s some weird people out there. Only put a post up that includes your exact location after the fact or if you’re already onto some place new. No matter how big your following is, this is personal safety. It comes first.

(Here’s more tips on how to be safe!)

Do I care if this offends someone?
I’m all about the diversity of opinion. And some people’s opinions personally offend me. While my opinions might offend other people. It’s life and it shouldn’t keep you from having an opinion. However, there’s a difference in having an opinion and putting remarks out into the world that reflect universally negatively on you. If your opinion is out there (and you’re not being racist, sexist, and vulgar) know that some people may disagree and share that disagreement with you. If you’re not down to engage in that, then perhaps reconsider posting, otherwise take time to mentally prepare. 
Am I sharing this for the wrong reasons?
Sometimes, we post things with a specific audience in mind. Maybe it’s that ex that broke our heart. Or maybe it’s for the group of friends that didn’t invite us over to their party. So we post something that makes us seem happy, beautiful, confident, etc, when we’re feeling anything but that moment. Most times, it’s pretty obvious to tell when someone is doing that. So if you have the urge to post something just to prove a point, reconsider. Your intentions are everything. 
What opportunities am I considering right now and would this post affect those?
Maybe you’re applying for a new job, vying for a promotion, starting a new volunteer program or going for a leadership position at school. Ask yourself if you would want those decision makers to see what you’re posting. Even if it’s here now and gone tomorrow, it’s never really gone. You can still be real, honest and open, while having some foresight about how things could be interpreted later on.Put your best foot forward one post at a time. 
The more you’re in practice considering these ideas, the easier it gets. And the better your posts become. Filter before you filter and those posts will be there to support you and your future dreams. 

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Ane I.

I gotta confess I sometimes forget that whatever I post to the internet stays there forever. The consequences can be devastating. Thanks for bringing the issue up!

Ane | Basque Prep

Heather A.

Great great tips! I'm always trying to be conscious of why I'm posting what I'm posting and also it's always important to keep that geo-tag in mind when posting. I've noticed I've started using that less and less because I don't need everyone knowing the places that I may often be frequenting! Thanks for sharing!

xo Heather

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