Straw Hats

I feel like every summer I go off on the search for the perfect hat. And every summer I get a little closer. There was this floppy hat two summers ago (that Teddy destroyed one day) and this one from last year. When I found this hat, I knew it was meant to be. I think it fit my head (which is kind of huge) better than any other hat and I love that the brim is tapered towards the back. I think it’s extra flattering. And it can be adjusted to be tighter for windy days!
There are so many great straw hats on the market right now. I think brands are really stepping up their game. From these crazy expensive but oh-so-gorgeous hats to super affordable hats of every size.
My favorite picks below:

Any favorites?

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Allie G

Caroline, I also am worried! Since I have been reading her blog (6 years I think, now?), she has never gone MIA without first announcing that she would be taking a break or what not.. Hope all is well Carly!