5 Easy Weekday Breakfast Ideas

I LOVE breakfast but I’m typically very lazy in the morning. These recipes all look SO GOOD. Ugh, I’m craving a bagel with lox right now!! Yum!

5 Easy Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I’m sure that right now, there are many of you who are working summer jobs or internships between school years. I remember doing that every summer—it was a great way to gain work experience, network and make some extra cash. But it was a totally different routine than when I was in classes. One that required breakfast every single day.

Now that I’ve been working for a while, I’m used to this breakfast routine (I often bring something and eat it at my desk), but when I was younger, I was always challenged by what to have for a filling breakfast. Here are five of my favorite weekday breakfasts.

1. Raspberry overnight oats

Throw these together the night before and you can grab-and-go in the morning! Oats, almonds, coconut, and raspberries mean you’ll stay full all morning—another option is my blueberry overnight oats, equally delicious!

2. Scallion caper cream cheese bagel

I love bagels and make my own scallion caper cream cheese on a Sunday (it’s so much cheaper to make your own) so I can have it throughout the week. I add some smoked salmon, red onions and cucumber and my favorite bagel order is ready to come to work with me.

3. Ginger turmeric mango smoothie

It’s like sunshine in a glass! With orange, mango, banana, ginger, and turmeric this smoothie is filling and totally different from my go-to green smoothie.

4. Quick breakfast quesadilla

This is something that I used to make for breakfast all the time. It seems like it would be too much for a weekday, but it honestly takes 10 minutes (just clean the pan when you get home in the evening).

5. Mini pesto potato and spinach frittata

Ok so these aren’t something you’ll make in the morning, but whip up a batch on Sunday and you’ll have breakfast all week. I made these extra filling by adding potatoes, and you could definitely add some ham for extra protein.

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How timely—my summer internship starts tomorrow! I’ve done this routine many times before, but it’s so nice to get some fresh ideas. Thank you Carly and Louisa!