A Long Weekend in Paris

I jumped at the chance to go to Paris for Memorial Day weekend. Mike is in London this week so we went up a little early to spend a few days in Paris. It’s maybe not the most convenient to go over for three days (the return flight is always the worst), but I am not going to say no to Paris 😉

Because I’ve been twice before, we decided we wanted to just wander and eat. Mike made one dinner reservation, but other than that and our Airbnb, we had no plans. It was so lovely. Like, one of my favorite trips ever. I usually am a girl who craves a solid plan so it felt weird going on a trip without an itinerary. I also left behind my laptop (not that big of a deal considering it was a holiday weekend but still!) and my camera (I didn’t want to feel like I had to be “on” the whole time).

While I didn’t bring a camera, I knew I’d have my iPhone should I be inspired to snap a picture. And in Paris, well, there’s inspiration around every corner. This is mostly just going to be a photo diary. If you want more a travel guide, here’s the one I wrote after my first trip!

Paris Airbnb

I’m definitely more of a hotel kind of gal and I’m generally wary of Airbnbs (the horror stories freak me out), but the one we stayed in was amazing right in the Marais. Highly recommend. Pretty sure all of the rooms in the building are Airbnb rentals. The only issue with this one is that there is no shower– just a tub. It grew on me by the end of the trip but washing my hair was more challenging than usual! It had two floors: a kitchenette and living room on the first floor and the bedroom on the second. It was very cozy and romantic.

Old House in Paris

I was getting major Madeline vibes from this house and courtyard.

Places des Vosges

Once we landed and got our things to the apartment, we grabbed a little lunch and I met up with Margot to shoot one a campaign. I was excited to shoot again with her and it was nice to check off the one piece of work right away. After that, it was vacation mode. We ended up in The Place des Vosges (above) where we laid out in the grass for a bit. I had to get up because I thought for sure I was going to fall asleep right then and there.

Notre Dame

Even with the fire and previously planned construction, Notre Dame is still a gorgeous sight, especially at golden hour.


Mike made a reservation at Baieta for our first night’s dinner. The chef Julia Sedefdjian earned her first Michelin star at 21! We did the seven-course tasting menu and loved it. The one dish that I thought I was going to hate ended up being my favorite– it involved a fried egg yolk! So. Delicious.

Poilane Croissants

Shirt // Jeans // Flats

Mike went for a bike ride first thing Saturday and I went for a stroll in search of croissants. Poilâne– Ina Garten’s favorite bakery– was a short walk away from our apartment and it lived up to the hype. I told M it would be my first choice for a last meal it was that good. Like, so buttery and flaky each bite melted immediately on my tongue. We had some again the next day, too.

Paris Courtyard

I love the way apartments and courtyards are hidden behind giant doors.

Roses Paris

We met back up at the Palais-Royal Garden. I sat by the fountain for close to an hour just people watching and enjoying the sun. The forecast called for rain, but it was hard to believe that rain was on the way with the blue skies!!!

Margaux Ballet Flats

About ten minutes after leaving the park things started getting dark, fast. We ducked into the first cafe we saw for lunch. Not a minute after sitting down, they rolled out the awning more and then BAM the rain hit. While rain isn’t ideal on vacation, I actually think Paris is even better in the rain. So romantic!!!

Rainy Lunch

Paris Postcards

Paris Sunset

The sun wasn’t setting until 10 pm every night. The golden hour was even more magical.

Cafe de Flore

Sunday, our last day, was spent doing more wandering and walking. We weaved our way through Saint-Germain. My agenda for the day was the three C’s: croissants, cheese, and crepes.

Luxembourg Gardens

Jardin du Luxembourg wows me every time. Since it was Mother’s Day in France and sunny and warm, the park was extra busy with so many picnickers. I could have spent the entire day there.

Luxembourg Garden Paris


Crepe Paris

Wearing the Celeste dress in cream!

Paris Flowers

Eiffel Tower

Hello Eiffel Tower!!


M and I both really wanted to revisit the Musée de l’Orangerie. Every time I see Monet’s water lilies, I have a strong emotional response. It’s simply stunning.

Monet           Paris Building

While it was only three days, I felt like it was a full week or more! I loved every minute.

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My husband and I are in Paris too! We took a tour of Normandy with Bridget a few days ago!


All those blushes and nudes (nail polish, flats, dress) look so lovely on you!


I love that you only had your phone to take photos. Such a lovely way to spend a few days, especially with someone you love. I saved your AirBnB recommendation to my list for our Paris trip next year. It looks so romantic!


About this time last year I spent a week in Paris. These photos take me right back, I can just taste the amazing food and feel the sun warming my skin!

This goes to show that you don’t have to spend a long time in a place to enjoy it. I usually try to spend at least 2 weeks (sometimes 3) when I fly over seas, in order to justify the high ticket price. However, lately I’ve been playing around with the idea of taking a long weekend somewhere like London or Paris when the fares are low. This post shows that it’s not a waste of time, that it can be done and it can be enjoyable too! I always travel with so many electronics (multiple cameras and computer) and this has inspired me to try traveling light…maybe not for my upcoming three week trip to Italy, but when I take a shorter vacation, I’ll definitely try packing lighter!

Thanks for sharing, it’s got me inspired!


I am so jealous!! These photos are so pretty, and it looks like you had the best time! I really love your three C plan! I need to try that ahah!

xx Libby

A Girl, A Style

I absolutely loved reading this! I was there a few days before you, and it was as beautiful as always – even in the rain. Also can we talk about the incredible roses in the Jardin du Palais Royal and the Poilane croissants?

Briony xx

Kristen Woolsey

These pictures are fantastic! Paris has never been high up on my list of places to travel, but this post is definitely changing my mind about that. Such a romantic destination!

Lauren G

This post makes me want to go back so bad!! Thinking of planning of an extended trip there next summer. It really is just the most beautiful city. Glad you had a lovely Memorial Weekend getaway with M!


The Airbnb you stayed in looks absolutely dreamy! Seems like a great and chill trip overall!

– Laura ||


Going to Paris for the first time in a few weeks while studying abroad in Dublin. This post and others from Paris are part of the reason I’ve been dreaming so much of going. Thanks for the inspo!

Marie M.

Your photos are even crisper with your phone! Looks like you hit all the right spots in Paris.


I have just discovered your blog and I love it! You have shown in this travelogue some of my favorite things about Paris, especially the Orangerie. And the fountain lined with ropes of ivy.