My Summer Uniform

I’m calling it now, this is going to be my official uniform this summer. I know it’s not quite June yet and I’m sure there are warmer days ahead, but I’ve still been pretty chilly for nearly half the week.

This sweater has been an absolute staple in my wardrobe for years now. When I took these outfit photos, I assumed the fisherman sweater was online still. It had been, continuously, for years and apparently, it’s no longer available? So sorry about that! It is still available in a few sizes in a few colors, a v-neck style, a tunic style (in a ton) of colors, a navy/cream color blocked style, an orange-tipped style, or you could always go for a men’s size!

Carly Heitlinger

I usually wear the sweater with denim shorts in the summer– it’s a great layer to have on cooler days by the beach or at night after the sun starts to set. I also wear it with blue jeans for a fuss-free look, but I just love how it looks with white jeans too. It’s a pretty casual sweater but the white jeans adds a crispness to it!

Fisherman Sweater Carly the Prepster  LL Bean Fisherman Sweater

Two more accessories that I can’t seem to get enough of? This mini basket tote and my Superga sneaks.

Mini Wicker Bag

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I love a good sweater for the summer! I am too, always cold ahah! Every time I see you tiny basket bag, I die because it is SO freaking cute and tiny!!

xx Libby


I wish this could be my summer uniform, but here in Houston we are already in the 90s, too hot for sweaters. Luckily we have casual wear all summer at work so lots of summer dresses and jeans for me.


Lol same here in San Antonio 😂 this is definitely a fall look for me!


This is a maybe winter look when it actually gets below 60 here in Tennessee.


LOVE this look, but dear lord if I even thought about wearing a sweater between the months of May-September here in Georgia I would probably burst into flames 😂😅


The summers here are always too hot to even contemplate wearing a sweater, but on rare occasions I’ve worn either a cotton jumper or a long sleeve turtleneck tee 🙂