5 Fun Things to Do With Friends

From what I can tell, everyone in NYC works hard. And not only hard, but a lot. Frankly, I find it really awesome. Everyone I’ve encountered has a wicked cool job, plus at least one side “project” that is equally as cool.
It’s such a perfect place to be especially right out of college. I totally catch other people’s enthusiasm and constantly being surrounded by people who just absolutely L-O-V-E what they’re doing is the best. I mean, in our office alone everyone is absolutely amazing in the most unique ways.
The problem with this is that everyone works hard and a lot. (The same thing that is awesome is also not so awesome.) Yes, plenty of my friends have the energy to work all day (and into the weekend) and then go out at night. I am not one of those people. I’m trying to be better about defining time to work and relax so that I don’t end up working until 3 in the morning and waking up just two hours later. (It’s not sustainable– I learned this the hard way.)
It’s easy to say, “Yes! Let’s get together next week,” only to have three, four, or five weeks go by with no plans. Or to make plans and cancel them when a work project creeps up or you’re simply too tired. It’s a challenge, but friends are important. (I definitely attribute my continued sanity to having friends. I would absolutely go crazy without them.)
Here are five ways to get together with friends in a fun way– and they don’t require exhausting trips to crowded bars.
1. Come up with a “thing” | This should be a fun “thing” that you do with a specific friend. The reason why it works so well is that it consistently gives you something to do… in a spontaneous way. (Can you consistently be spontaneous?) For example, Elana and I are searching for every photobooth in NYC. If we find out about a new one (mostly through Twitter tips and Google searches), we instantly make plans.
2. Share work event invitations | This is a triple whammy. Most importantly, you get to spend time with your friend. Secondly, you (or your friend) don’t have to miss an important an event. And lastly, you (or again, your friend) get to network with new people. Levo constantly has events in NYC (and around the world)!!! It’s been fun to bring friends to the events because they always walk away with new connections. Even though going to my friends’ work places is a little bit of comfort-zone-challenge, I do really get a lot out of meeting new people! (Plus, handing out with friends is the best!
3. Plan a girls’ night in | When things at work get super crazy, plan to stay in. Ordering food in and wearing the most comfortable clothes possible is an absolute must. I recommend either a game night or a childhood-movie-marathon. (Mary-Kate and Ashley movies are perfect for this.) Just something casual fun and little thinking.
4. One Word: Brunch | I mean really…. it goes without saying, but every weekend should have at least one brunch with friends. Set an established restaurant, or pick a new one every week.
5. When in doubt, stay in touch | I have a bunch of friends that don’t live in the city (although I’m seriously working on getting them to move here). I really love staying in touch with my friends. We are constantly emailing little (and big) updates. We text all the time. And we schedule Skype dates when we can.
What fun things do you do with your friends?


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Melissa Dale

I'm glad I found your blog! I graduate in two days and will be moving three thousand miles away, so the transition will be pretty big. While I'm excited to meet new people and make new friends, it can be scary! Any tips on your transition out of college?

Miranda Haley

I love that you mentioned Mary Kate and Ashley movies, I thought I was the only one who got my friends together to watch these. I think sometimes it is fun to pretend we are kids again, before boys complicated everything!


Brunch on the weekends with friends is also something I like to do. Plenty of great food in nola too. Festivals and free shows are always fun too.

Kelsey Lianne

I'm so happy that I just found this blog. Your post are so helpful and interesting. I never would have thought of a couple of these; great things to try. Keep up the great work!


I moved far away from most of my friends, so we plan Skype dates as our little "get togethers". It's perfect because we still act as goofy across the world as we would in the same room!

Jasper & Bee

I'd like to suggest take a two-hour (or so) beginner class in something! My friends and I have tried water color, jewelry making, cupcake baking and wine tasting among others. Time Out NY has a great listing – most are only about $20. Bonus: if you don't show you lose the money, so you're more likely not to cancel.

Julia D.

BRUNCH! YES! I find it helps to have not just a "thing" but a thing at a certain time. Say if every Wednesday there is a cheap movie night that a group of friends go to, eventually it just becomes habit and you know that is a slated break/hang out time. Of course there are times you'll need to cancel, but I find having consistency is really key because usually you don't cancel, you just work life around that event the same way you would around work projects.