Winter Pajama Sets

My sister and I always get matching pajamas around this time of year. (Some years they match more than others because we’re both particular and have very different styles.) My family is coming up to NYC for the holidays, so this year will probably be a little different on Christmas morning. Actually, I’m pretty curious as to how it will ultimately go down. Should be fun and interesting either way, and maybe a new tradition!
I went through and pulled some of my favorite pajama looks.
J. Crew has the cutest pajama sets in my opinion. They’re definitely some of my favorite. I really like the long sleeved ones because the heat in my apartment is temperamental. It only decides to work sometimes. I also love how the pajamas are monogrammable if you order online!!

The nightshirts are amazing. I have a couple and wear them all the time. (For colder nights, a pair of leggings underneath does the trick!) 
Um, these might just be the winner. Amazing price, polka dots, and metallic gold.
What I really like about all these choices is that they can be worn throughout the year (weather permitting). A lot of “Christmas pajamas” really only work for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning! These can be worn while opening gifts and watching parades and eating breakfast on Christmas morning. But also any time throughout the year! Love!
What are your favorite pajamas right now?


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The gold ones from Target are SO cute! I'm feeling like I need to up my pajama game from old t-shirts and ratty sweatpants to a cute matching set…thanks for the inspiration!

Melissa Dale

i love the sleep shirts, leggings are a must, even in Arizona it can get chilly! target clothes will always have a special place in my heart as well!


I'm slightly obsessed with the J. Crew pajama sets, especially in the anchor print!



Definitely agree that winter pajamas are the cutest! I'm currently living in an old-ish pair of flannel pajamas with mooses on them, they are so ridiculous it keeps me warmer. I cannot stand wearing long sleeves and long pants in bed (I have a really warm down comforter) so the sleep shirts look perfect, the J Crew ones are lovely 🙂


These are all so cute!!!! Wish winter pajamas were practical in my location but the climate is a bit too warm for me to wear those materials and sleep comfortably. Wish I could!!!!!


I love how the JCrew pajamas look, but I'm faithful to Victoria's Secret pajamas. They're just so comfortable and come in a variety of styles.


Thank you for sharing. Right after I read this post I went to Target and bought the gold polka dot pjs. They were 50% off, too! One pair left and it was my size. Meant to be!