5 Lists You Should Be Keeping

Maxie is here again today! This is one of my favorite posts she has done for the blog yet. You all know I’m all about making a list and checking it twice. I generally stick to the typical to-do list for the day and a bigger picture one with goals for the month. I definitely need to start doing the lists Maxie recommends. I never thought about some of them (especially number one!).
Five Lists You Should Be Keeping
I’m the biggest list maker in the world. There are so many running lists on the notes in my phone, the stickies on my desktop, and my open browser tabs which serve as one giant horizontal list of things to do. Ringing a bell? I figured, because I’m pretty sure that the most productive people I know (cough *Carly* cough) are always in pursuit of adding to their list, or crossing from it.
While there’s not enough post it notes or Moleskines in the world for the amount of lists I’ve kept in my life, there are a few specific ones that have been total life changers either from the perspective of adventure, productivity, or just friendly reminder of how stinkin’ awesome I am (cause we all need that personal pep talk here and there).
Here’s five lists that you should open up your journal or start a new iPhone note for ASAP:
1) Sh*t I’ve done really well

SO many people I meet are total mountain movers. They publish books, build houses, get degrees, give birth, design new dresses, launch new products…and they completely, totally forget about the amount they’ve accomplished in two months or even two years. This is one of my favorite lists because not only does it remind you of how much you’ve done and where you’ve come from, it’s also a total ego booster when you need it most. When you’re down on yourself and need to be reminded of how worthy you are, take a look at this list that will include everything from that badass speech you gave to the time you completely rocked it helping out a friend. You’re an amazing human. This list helps refresh your memory 😉
2) Top 5 Travel Destinations

I’m obsessed with traveling, so this one is always changing and is always top of mind. However, no matter what stage you are in life or how much you love traveling, knowing this list will come in handy when you get the unexpected week off or a credit to an airline you never planned on having. Know where you want to go. You’ll be there before you know it!
3) #Universe

There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Everything that seems totally random or insane has its purpose. I use this list to remind me how fun and interconnected our universe is. So, when a friend calls right after I was thinking about them, I write it down. If I listen to a song that reminds of someone, and then I run into that someone, I write it down. If I hear people talking about a city that I was planning on traveling to, I write it down. All the “signs” that happen in my life are kept on this list. It’s so fun to read and be tickled by the wonders of this world.
4) Personal

Boring. But important. How often do you list and list and list all the things you need to get done with work and school, yet your personal life is all over the place. Start keeping track of the things you need to get done, whether it’s booking that dermatologist appointment (finally) or making the photo book for the vacation you took with your parents (six months ago). Don’t let your personal life take a back seat. Take care of yourself by penning the todos to paper.
5) What I will accomplish today

Hello best productivity tip ever. I’m the queen of sitting down at my computer in the morning and getting so wrapped up in emails and calls and meetings that by the end of the day it feels like I haven’t gotten a single thing done. However, having my daily list of 3-5 things that must get done that day has been such a game changer. Often, I can get them done in the first part of the morning by just ignoring my emails. It’s totally my new favorite list!
Remember, putting something on a list is powerful in attracting what you want in this world. Put it out there. Write it down. And watch the magic happen!

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Love these ideas for lists! I will definitly start making more lists. I really like the first one, because you can look back at everything you've done and be proud.


I am such a HUGE fan of Maxie's posts! They are always so inspiring and filled with thoughtful advice. Keep them coming Carly! 🙂


Morgan Paige

I always love it when Maxie stops by and once again she gave me something to think about! I definitely have a travel list and a daily to-do list, but I NEVER thought about keeping a list of the sh*t that I'm good at. Talk about self empowerment! Thanks so much for sharing these with us! I'll be starting my list today :]



I really love this idea! I am a big list maker as well so this post really resonates with me, especially the first list. As sad as it is when I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head that I've done really well. I'm sure there are a ton of things I've done really well, big and small, but I belittle them in my mind and when it comes time to recall them I can't. Having a running list like this seems like a great idea so I can be fully conscious of all my accomplishments.

– Kelsey


I love this!! Took these words of wisdom to heart, and I'm starting my own universe list today