Birthday Recap

I meant to do this a lot sooner, but life got in the way. I had a rather rough morning this morning. (Normally I don’t mind Mondays, but today was just… frustrating.) I was scrolling through my camera roll to clear up space– why do I feel like I’m always having to do that?!– and realized I never posted any photos from our trip to Long Island!
It’s only been a week, but I actually kind of feel like I’m already thirty. Time has been zipping by at an alarmingly fast pace. Teddy’s 1st birthday is this week and Garrett has a birthday coming up too… aka the apartment is bursting at the seams with Virgos.

Seeing our friends for Labor Day was just the best. I love Howie and Jana and little Lilly. They’re just good people and it’s nice and relaxing. It’s crazy how just a short drive can feel like we’re hundreds of miles away from the city. (I’m obsessed with their house!)

A short trip requires the perfectly sized weekender. I have this one from Sole Society (c/o), but it also comes in a bigger option and a smaller option too depending on the types of travel you’d be doing.

We went to Flo’s for dinner. It was the perfect place for a low-key and amazing dinner. (I never, ever pass up an opportunity for a lobster roll!) We got lucky on the timing because just as we were leaving it started to pour. 

A quick breakfast and playtime before heading to the beach.
The beach was perfectly cloudy for the two of us. We both are quite pale and absolutely fry in the sun. You can still get burned with the clouds, but it’s not as bad. One thing I never recommend doing? Making fun of someone for the amount of time they take putting sunscreen on. I laughed at Garrett and ended up missing a few spots on my forehead and shins… ouch.
I couldn’t pick a better way to ring in my twenty-fifth birthday. Garrett and I went out to Ho Hum with the Guja’s last Labor Day too. I just love how we came full circle with that.
^^ The cutest family!!!!
It’s half of a miracle that Lilly didn’t end up in Manhattan with us later that night. I mean… she’s too cute for words.
Monogrammed shoes on the beach ensures that no one takes them by accident!
Their house is perfect. Every single detail is just too good. Pink kitchen appliances. White walls and floors inside. Yellow lawn chairs. The other half of the miracle is that we left to go back to Manhattan at all!
It’s never easy leaving! We had to pull the Chevy Traverse over for one last view of the bay before actually hitting the road.

It was the perfect little getaway!

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Sounds like you had the most amazing time!! Slightly jealous of your mini vacation now that I am back at school 🙂 The weather has been perfect too for beach days.

Annie Belle

Jane Reggievia

Happy belated birthday Carly! I guess you had a great birthday judging from your recap pictures. The scenery pictures is just heartbreaking, such a eyes candy! Anyway speaking of birthday, another year to be awesome. Keep shining and keep doing what you love!


Brittany and Samantha

Your pictures are always so on point! I find it so hard to find blogs and pictures that are so high quality…TCP marries words and snaps in a way that is so appealing to the eye that I had to cover it on our blog! Keep it up! xoxo.

Kaitlin Olivero

Great photos from a great trip – looks amazing there! What are you planning for Teddy's first birthday?? Our pup Jack just celebrated his first birthday too and we had so much fun with it 🙂