5 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Between moving, traveling, and the heat I haven’t had that much time (or desire) to cook in the kitchen. We’ve been doing a bunch of grilling outdoors (and by “we” I mostly mean Mike) and, honestly, eating out. Will definitely be keeping note of Louisa’s ideas for non-cook recipes– best of both worlds!

5 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

It has been ridiculously hot this summer, so much so that I can’t even fathom turning on my oven. I’ve been enjoying a lot of salads, sandwiches, and smoothies recently. These are all great, no-heat options for meals! 


1. Mediterranean Bean Salad 


I love bean salad. I meal prep this recipe on a Sunday and eat it for lunch throughout the week. With sundried tomatoes, artichokes, and olives this is a fresh and crunchy salad that holds up really well in the fridge. 

2. Prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato sandwich 

This sandwich was inspired by my trip to Capri a couple of years ago where I had the most incredible sandwich of my life. The key here is channeling your inner Italian Nona–use the best ingredients, local, in-season tomatoes, good quality mozzarella, and aged prosciutto. 

3. Vegetarian taco wraps 

Black beans, spices and cheese are really all you need to make these quick (and budget-friendly) wraps. While maybe not the most “gourmet”, they definitely get the job done! 

4. Coleslaw with Italian Dressing 

Ok, this requires 30 seconds of cooking to boil the dressing but that barely counts. I think that coleslaw is one of the most underrated summer salads! 

5. Avocado chicken salad

One of the best hot weather kitchen hacks is to pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, I’ll shred it and turn it into chicken salad sandwiches. 

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I’m now craving a Prosciutto and tomato sandwich as it always reminds me of being away on holiday and taking a packed lunch with us! The vegan taco wraps also sound delicious.

Emily | Snippets of Em xx