Summer Sweater

I know I’m posting this during a heatwave (yikes!), but I love a good summer sweater. This one has been in my repertoire for a handful of years now and I tend to pack it on nearly every trip I take. It’s so fun yet classic. And because the flag sweater has gotten so popular, Ralph Lauren has re-released it in quite a few colorways.

Here it is in:

Navy + Cream + Yellow + Red + Pink + Green + Blue

See? The whole rainbow!

American Flag Ralph Lauren Sweater

I love the cream and find it extra versatile and summery.

Carly the Prepster

Ralph Lauren Flag Sweater

I’ve mentioned these socks before but now I’m coming back with TONS of wears under my belt now. I LOVE THESE SOCKS. They’re so comfortable and they fit so incredibly well. And they’re definitely no-shows. I pulled my heel out for the below photo so you could see how the tan looks on my skin. There are other shades that would work for nude though: beige (what I’m wearing), tan, brown, and black.

Bombas Socks

Sweater // Shorts // Supergas // Socks

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One of my favorite summer outfits is shorts and a sweater, so you are not alone here! I wore a sweater yesterday when I ran out to the grocery store, and it was like a billion degrees, and I got some great looks, ahah!

xx Libby


You look so adorable in this outfit! Love your style. I am addicted to these outfits and I got great ideas from your article. Thanks for sharing.