Diary No. 11

This Diary post is basically just going to be iPhone snaps from Nantucket. The past two weeks have been a blur of work, Nantucket life, and getting stuff done around the house.

Dogs Slow Ferry

I was meeting everyone on Nantucket and since I wanted to bring the dogs and my car, I had to drive alone to Hyannis for the slow ferry. The drive there was actually a breeze. I cruised and made great time. I had given myself enough wiggle room in case of traffic (you never know with I95!) so I even had enough time to stop at my friend Nicole’s house on the Cape to catch the World Cup and hang out before the ferry.

Daisy Nantucket

On Monday, I did a few shoots with Liza Gershman for a book she’s working on. I knew my friend Daisy was on island, but we coincidentally ran into each other on the beach at 9am! We roped her into a few shots too!

Hydrangeas Nantucket

The hydrangeas were looking their very best all week long.

Dogs Nantucket

And these two little guys had the time of their lives. I actually don’t think I’ve seen them happier or more tired. Truly, they had a blast. It’s not the easiest to travel with dogs and while it’s a “vacation,” it’s not like I can just totally forget about them. (They’re really always on the back of my mind.) But to see them loving life to the fullest made it well worth it.

Long Sleeve Bathing Suit

Wearing this swimsuit: 50% off with code “WHOA”

This was 100% the hottest I’ve ever been on Nantucket. It was boiling and quite humid pretty much every day. It was perfect beach weather though. So every afternoon we’d pack up snacks and drinks and head to Surfside for a few hours. You know it was hot because I voluntarily was in the water every single day!

Millie's Nantucket

Meghan and I had the best lunch at Millie’s. It’s expensive but I think it’s the best food on Nantucket.

Nantucket Gardiner's Corner

On Wednesday, Mike’s sister and niece flew in. This was their first trip to Nantucket so I had fun giving them the grand tour. We mostly shopped, beached, and ate!


Lobster Baby Bathing Suit

Liv spent most of the trip in her car seat hiding from the sun and snoozing (we barely heard a peep from her– dream baby). But we had to take a quick pic of her on the beach in her lobster swimsuit. Can you even???

Galley SunsetI snagged a reservation at The Galley and I think it was the highlight of the trip for everyone. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better sunset. They also were so kind and let us just really sit back and enjoy ourselves.

Nantucket Cottage

Nantucket Lighthouse

The biggest bummer of the trip was that I woke up on Thursday morning to a completely dead phone. I tried everything and knew I had two options: get a new phone somehow or go without. I didn’t want to not have a phone for the drive home. So I took the ferry to the Cape, went to the Best Buy, bought a new phone, and ferried myself back. It was such a foggy morning that I didn’t actually miss that much at all. And while it wasn’t exactly how I’d want to spend a day of my vacation, I made a vacation of it by reading and relaxing on the ferry.


We had a backyard barbecue Thursday night. I love having a house on vacation so we can cook meals. I fired up the grill, some of the girls did the drinks and others did the side dishes. We sat outside chatting and laughing until the sun sank and the mosquitos came out with a vengeance.

Off Roading

I had to include this photo. I don’t know WHAT was happening with the maps app. But it was giving the worst directions and we kept finding ourselves on the worst kind of backroads. One night we got stuck on a road in the pitch dark with holes with water just like this. We were freaking out, but in the end my Subaru did a great job. But sheesh.

The Juice Bar

We totally had Juice Bar every single day. I tried a couple of new flavors but kept coming back to my favorite (coffee). It’s the best ice cream, ever. Trust.

Nantucket Surfside Dogs

And on our last night, everyone had returned home except for Carter and me so we took the dogs for a little sunset romp. I can’t wait to share more of those photos because it was such a perfect night. The beach was nearly empty so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a great trip.

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Love the white and navy dress in the group shot! Is that still available? Thanks, Carly!


It’s from Roller Rabbit, but I haven’t seen it online in a while… but stores that carry the brand may have it!


Thanks, Carly! P.S. I’m heading to Nantucket for a day trip in two weeks and immediately reserved a table at Cru to finally try their lobster roll 🙂


Hi Carly, what is the blue and white dress in the photo with the baby stroller?


It’s from Roller Rabbit, but I haven’t seen it online in a while… but stores that carry the brand may have it!


Great pics! Nantucket is at the top of my travel bucket list! I agree ice cream is a must on the beach, Will deff be trying Juice Bar when I go. Next time you’re at the jersey shore I highly recommend Kohrs Bros


The maps app has betrayed me so many times. Even google maps will do you wrong, like when you’re driving south through New York they’ll re-route you over the GW bridge instead of Tappen-Zee to the bitter end because they want you to pay the tolls 🤦🏼‍♀️ old fashioned maps for the win!