Top Ten Buys From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + $500 Giveaway

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best times to invest in staples and items you’ve been lusting over but don’t want to pay full price. It’s exploded over the years to a point of overconsumption, but I still think it’s worth shopping. In years past, I have bought some of my most favorite items during the same. Like my Tory Burch riding boots (that I bought over ten years ago!) and my favorite everyday bras and underwear.

Now here’s the thing. I think it’s a risk to buy fall items in July! If it’s something you know you’re going to wear a lot, then go for it! But if it’s something you think is “cute” but otherwise not head over heels, wait. Generally speaking, I find it’s worth waiting until you “need” (lol, I use that term quite loosely!) something than to buy something ahead of time just in case just to save a few bucks. Things to avoid: expensive trendy items that you’ll find replicas at in other retailers come fall (you can get it for a better price anyway!), brands that do frequent sales anyway (looking at you J. Crew & Madewell), and impulse buys (this sale capitalizes on psychologically making you feel like you need something now or you’ll miss out forever but everything actually comes back in stock and in today’s retail market there’s a good chance it’ll go on sale again).

Here are what I would consider the ten “best buys” of the sale:

Natoria Bra


This bra has a cult following for good reason. It’s a beautiful bra that provides just the right amount of coverage and works with all kinds of fabric. (If you want a more traditional bra, I also have/love this style.)

Liza Dress


I have last year’s version of this dress and it’s one of my favorites GMG has ever done. I am totally loving this year’s colorway and it’ll be work for more than just the fall season. Whenever I wear it, I get tons of compliments, which never hurts.



You know I love a good Barbour coat. While this isn’t the “classic” Beadnell, it’s close. It’s a lightweight version (so it could be extra perfect for people who live in slightly warmer climates but want the look) and has a unique floral lining. I’d personally go for the archive olive, but I’m loving the merlot as well.

Hunter Boots


I absolutely swear by Hunter’s packable boots. In my opinion, they’re not only the most practical (they can be squished/folded into a suitcase with ease) but they’re also the most comfortable because they’re more lightweight than the originals. I find that I can wear these ALL DAY without my feet feeling heavy at all. I even climbed Arthur’s Seat in them when I was in Scotland years ago.

Cashmere Cardigan


I don’t have this particular brand but I do have a similar style cashmere cardigan that I love. Even though it’s expensive, I generally find investing in cashmere to be worth it– especially with proper love and care! I wear mine year-round, bringing it with me on trips for chilly airplanes, as an extra layer for evening al fresco dinners, or layered over something cute for extra warmth on a cooler day.

Silk Pillowcase


While this seems like a bizarre luxury, I love my Slip pillowcases. Highly recommend. As I’ve been working to correct my neck/back issues, I have been forcing myself to sleep with pillows (which I had never really done before) and I just love how this one feels. It’s also supposed to be better for your hair and skin– but the most noticeable thing to me is how much cooler it stays throughout the night! If you’re a “Christmas in July” kind of planner, consider getting a few of these to have on hand for gifts! They’re crowdpleasers.



This is the only makeup remover my mom uses (she buys it multiple bottles at a time!) and she passed on her love for it to my sister and me. This has two full-sized bottles and a travel-sized. If it’s something you know you love, it’s worth stocking up!

Nike Bra


The activewear section seems really great to me. One of my go-to sports bras is included and I love the look of this crop top-esque bra as well. Lots of Zella, Nike, & Sweaty Betty.

Pendleton Rain Jacket


This rain jacket is as classic as it gets. The yellow is a must-have in my opinion, but the black would be a great option too if you want a traditional style that doesn’t stand out too much. (But honestly if you’re going to do the black, I would do this one with the tartan lining– too cute.)

Patagonia Nano Puff


Patagonia is a great to brand to buy when it goes on sale. If you need a lighter layer, I can’t recommend the Nano Puff more. This one is hooded and a great thing to have in your closet. I love traveling with mine because they don’t take up too much space and it’s almost like a magic layer that gives you just the right amount of warmth without bulk.


I wasn’t planning on buying anything because I did a good job stocking up on my usual things last year. But I think I may upgrade my boots (and I like the name hehe) because I realized I wasn’t wearing my black boots since they are not the most comfortable and I may get these Anthropologie dishes for our open shelving!!



To say thank you (for reading in general and for putting up with one more post about the Nordstrom sale 😉), I’m going to be giving away a $500 Nordstrom e-gift card to a commenter. Super easy to enter, just leave a comment with what you’re eyeing in the sale! Make sure when you leave the reply that you include your email address in the form (where it asks for your name + email + website)– not the actual comment so it doesn’t get flagged as spam! I’m picking the winner tomorrow at 12:30pm EST so you can shop the sale… good luck!



I’m thinking about finally trying the Zella leggings! They’re such a good price and the positive reviews make it easier to feel confident about purchasing them. I might also splurge on the Tory Burch boots but I’m less sure about that!


I’m hoping to pick up some more mix and match basics for work. I’m a teacher and I love nothing more than easy, comfortable and professional options for work!

Alyssa Gianino

The patagonia items are my top choices because they rarely go on sale and last foreverrrrr!


I love your posts. You’re so honest and not sensationalistic. I think I will buy all the shoes!!


All the cashmere sweaters, I’m a sucker for all cashmere sweaters so this is always a great time to grab some at a discount!

Rachel W

I have been looking at gray cashmere cardigans since you posted yours! I’m determined to get one that I can wear in the evenings while I’m still living on Martha’s Vineyard this summer.


I’m thinking of buying the Barbour coat and a couple pairs of shoes for my mom. She turns 75 later this year and I want to spoil her a bit!

Lindsay Mynaugh

I think this might be the year I buy myself a Barbour jacket!


Love your feed! I’m definitely using the sale to stock up on bras and maybe a few pairs of jeans?

Monika Bojarska

I spy with my little eyes the Cashmere cardigan and slip silk pillowcase 😉


I’m stocking up on a new fall coat, workout clothes and bras- all the essentials that will last year after year. And maybe a Gal Meets Glam dress too 🙂


I’ve been waiting for the color block Madewell Ryder cardigan to hopefully be restocked!! Seems like the perfect fall cardi 🙂


Thinking of buying yet again another Barbour! I loved the merlot colour


I just bought my first home too! I’m a teacher and in two weeks will be moving in and starting the school year (yikes!). I’m eyeing the Barefoot Dreams throw blankets and Hanky Pankys.


I’m eyeing the blush Tory Burch coat. Such a bummer that the Natori feathers bra is not available in all sizes this year 🙁

Kathryn Johnson

The Barbour jacket looks like the perfect fall piece!!


I love all the Gal Meets Glam dresses on the sale this year! Also hoping to get a few basics myself!

alison jones

So excited about the Barbour coats, and I think the Patagonia is perfect for travel!


I’m thinking of getting the Patagonia Puff! Love the sale!


I think I’m going to pick up that Gal Meets Glam dress for an upcoming wedding. Love it so much!

Emily Geiss

I love this! I picked up the Clinique Moisture Surge set, it’s the best value ever! I also grabbed some of my favorite jeans from KUT and some staple Topshop sweaters. I wasn’t loving the shoe or dress selection this year.


Love your picks Carly! You should totally go for the boots 😉 I’m eyeing a Tory Burch bag (the everly bag – perfect for a work bag!) and I like your idea of stocking up on bras and underwear.

Domenica Proud

I definitely want to stock up on some of the active wear (especially sports bras) before heading back to school!

Claire Brito

I am moving into my dorm in DC in August so eying the slip pillow cases to stay cool (the ones in the link!!) and maybe a diptyque candle for study nights 🙂

Ashley Hamilton

I’m planning to purchase some cashmere scarves, workout gear and a Barbour jacket for my husband!!


I am loving the fall GMG dresses—they’re so classic for any time of year and some of the colors are so pretty! Just need to decide what color of the Kinsley to get!


Being a teacher (meaning I don’t get paid over the summer) and having just bought a house, I’m really trying to just focus on buying the staples this year (bras, underwear, etc.). But I also plan on buying a gift for a friend’s birthday as well!


I’m eyeing all of the Patagonia stuff on sale, love their company and their clothing. I’ve been trying to get outdoors more and having more Patagonia clothing will definitely motivate me!


I’m so intrigued by the silk pillow cases – definitely want to try those!


Hoping to pick up some good basics, I haven’t looked at anything yet though.

Christine Treece

I’ve added the SlipSilk pillow cases into my cart. I’ve been eyeing them forever and now seems like a good time! Thanks!


Great round up! And I really appreciate you mentioning that you don’t have to get something right now just because it’s on sale. All that said, I’d love to get my first Gal Meets Glam dress in the sale!


I might have to splurge on a Barbour coat! It’s been on my wish list for years but I’ve never pulled the trigger. Also love the Frye boots!

Michelle Jackson

I love your picks! I’m looking at some good denim and a good jacket for cooler weather, like the Patagonia one you listed.


There’s a fun printed Topshop dress that I think could be a solid addition to my work wardrobe.


I am eyeing some pajama sets. I love that you have coordinated pjs and you’re right- going to sleep like that makes me feel so cozy and oddly calm!


Hoping & (holding out for some good luck) to get that cute Pendleton rain coat! These Boston rain showers have convinced me to invest in something more sturdy 🙂

michelle fernandez

Thanks for the round up Carly and the much needed reminder that just because it’s on “sale” doesn’t mean it’s a need!! Haha I feel like sometimes it’s so overwhelming during this season because our brains react to the overload of sale posts with almost an emergency response. Thanks for the grounding reminder and for turning me onto the feather Bra last year! I’ve been wearing it ever since and I am never going back to any other kind because it’s amazing! Thanks!


I’m eyeing some fresh jeans – a little bored with skinnies!


Omg amazing! I’m looking to get into Pilates and will have to check out the activewear sale. Great post as always!

Tamara Prevatt

Thanks so much for posting your favorites from the sale! It can be overwhelming navigating through things on my own—I’m definitely eyeing the workout gear!!

Alex Grayson

I’m looking at some basics! Really anything I can find that’s a good deal and my size. Most of my wardrobe staples don’t fit perfectly anymore or are too worn, so it’s time to replace them!


I bought a cute pair of black sorel boots! Love the sorel brand!

Madeline Jursek

Need some good fall essentials! Might pick up a cardigan or two 🙂


I would stock up on a few of the basics you recommended for myself, some of the blue and white Anthropologie items for my kitchen, and then a couple of things to spoil my mom with! I love to use sales like this to purchase great gifts for the people I love most in my life! Thanks for this helpful roundup of sale items, Carly!


Love shopping the Nordstrom sale for thoughtful purchases and not just to buy stuff on sale. I’ve been reading your blog for about 10 years now and love all the great content each day.


I’m starting a new job in August and need to upgrade my business wardrobe, so I’ve got my eye on a pair of Sole Society loafers!


Loving the Barbour jacket! But I have been eyeing a Patagonia Nano Puff for a while, so it may be time to go for it with the sale.


Oooh, I do love the Hunter packable boots. They’re seriously a lifesaver! This year I ordered a Tory Burch crossbody, a Halogen pencil skirt, a pair of CZ studs, a faux leather moto jacket, some Zella leggings, and a pair of waterproof booties. I definitely went a bit overboard but it’s all stuff that’s been on my wish list for a while (and realistically I usually end up returning about half of what I order since it’s not as cute in person or doesn’t fit).

Schuyler Freyaldenhoven

Hi Carly! So generous of you to do this giveaway. I am personally eyeing a couple of great blazers to add to my workwear collection as I move up to NYC and start a new job!


I’m thinking of getting the pillowcases. I have been eyeing them for awhile!


I’m eyeing a pretty coat! You can never have too many 😂

Bailey Griffith

Would LOVE to snag a Gal Meets Glam dress during the sale! I haven’t bought one yet!


I loving the Blondo boots that they have for sale! Waterproof booties that come in a variety of textures… leather, suede, etc. Perfect for fall and winter weather!

Jessica Alvarez

Honestly, I’ve been really needing some activewear for a few months. Now might be the time to finally invest in some high quality pieces from Zella or Nike!


I’m eyeing that Gal Meets Glam dress for upcoming family pictures 😍


I ordered the Barbour coat you mentioned – interested to see if it fits and I like it!


Definitely eyeing another Silk pillowcase! I got one a few months ago and absolutely love it. Now I need one for when one is in the wash!

Lauren Grotta

I’ve been eyeing a new pair of boots and jacket! Love the Frye ones you posted! I agree that staples are the best things to buy from the sale.

Kaitlyn Duvalois

I have been eyeing the Serrado Throw Blanket by Pendleton, a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and a pair of Zella joggers. Pretty minimal damage this year!

Robin M

Would have loved the Nanopuff but it is already sold out! The Barbour is also tempting 🙂

Mica Kogan

Love this! Moving to Oklahoma from Tampa, FL and need a good pair of boots! Will probably get the Hunter boots! Thank you!


I have been thinking about the silk silk pillowcases for a while now, since I am a belly sleeper and I heard they help preventing wrinkles. Maybe will do the leap and get them finally. Nordy is the best!!!

Megan Bookser

I’ve had my sights set on the leopard Steve Madden mules! It seems like mules are here to stay for a while, and I love how leopard shoes pair with nearly any outfit. Gotta get em while in stock and on sale!

Katie Lindequist

I’ve been wanting a Barbour jacket for quite some time but could never justify the price, so i think i would get one of those. Although, those silk pillow cases sound pretty good too!

Thanks Carly!



I have my eye on the Patagonia puff, and would also love to pick up some classic fall/winter pieces. I’ve only been in the working world for a year, and my professional wardrobe is a bit lacking!

Thanks for doing this!

Carly Holt

I’ll be stocking up on a new Natori feathers bra, the 4 pack Donna Karen cashmere deodorant and soooo many clothes for my upcoming honeymoon!

Love your blog! And your name 🙂 ❤️


Would love to get some classic basics for work. Love the cashmere sweater you suggested!


I’m looking at the light brown perforated bootie by Sofft. I already splurged on a Kendra Scott necklace!

Paola Chavez

Thank you for being so transparent about the sale. I am eyeing a barefoot dreams blanket, diptyque candles and perhaps a new pair of hunters!


I will be stocking up on Natori bras! I interned at Nordstrom a few years ago and have been hooked on these bras ever since.

Sarah W

I’m excited to stock up in basic sweaters for fall! I’m also needing more Patagonia items since I have trips planned for the fall and winter.


Loving your picks! I’ve had my eye on a Barbour coat for a while now…


There’s a tiger print sweater that I’m coveting! I need more winter clothes for my trip to NYC at Thanksgiving, and the tiger print is perfect for this LSU alumna

Sarah Ault

All great finds! I need to upgrade my Hunters, so I appreciated your comments on the packable pair!
Thanks for the “heads up” on the great deals!😉

Ashley MacFarlane

I’m going to try a GMG dress . This twin mama wants to treat herself as all my clothes prior to a twin pregnancy don’t be fit right anymore


I’m getting several of my fav beauty essentials—especially Paula’s Choice and eyeing so cute shoes for work!


I’ve been looking at the Barbour jacket, but I also love the Gal Meets Glam dress!! So many fun things!!


Hoping to try the Natori feathers bar and maybe grab the Charlotte Tilbury pillowtalk lip set!

Ashleigh Jones

Love this post Carly! Just bought my first Barbour jacket when I was in Scotland. Can’t wait for it to get colder so I can wear it!

Danielle L

Thanks for this post. I love the idea of stocking up on essentials you know you need as opposed to the buying frenzy! I’m interested in necessities like the Natori bras (seriously, love these) and some new workout gear!


I am eyeing one of the barefoot dreams cardigans! I appreciate you as a blogger for not going completely crazy for the sale!

Sabel Harris

Definitely eyeing the nano puff from Patagonia. Would be great to just put on quickly before taking my dog out for a walk in the morning when it gets chilly!

Kelly A.

I’m always waiting for the Zella leggings to go on sale! I was a little underwhelmed by the sale this year but there are still a lot of great basics.


I always love your suggestions and level-headed approach to the sale!


lots of workout gear but you may have sold me on the nanopuff too!

Leslie Orozco

I’ve been thinking out the Tory Burch boots for sometime now. May pull the trigger!


I desperately need a new Patagonia jacket for the DC winters!

Jennifer Friscia

Definitely keeping my eye out for a GMG dress!! They are so adorable and I would love to show it off in my small New England town!


Planning to finally make the investment in Tory boots.. I’ve been coveting them for years!


I’m with you – I feel like I’ve gotten staples in the past few years so there’s no “big ticket” item that I really “need.” I do like the workout section too – I think I might replace some of my sports bras with ones from the sale!

Jenn J.

I’ve been eyeing some basics – including some Zella leggings and tops. I’m trying really hard not to go overboard this year!


I was also eyeing the packable hunter boots because I love mine but it’s honestly a workout sometimes wearing the regular ones haha. I was also thinking about the le pliage cuir leather tote by longchamp. But I love that yellow rain jacket you posted. Decisions Decisions haha

Alyssa Williams

I love all of your sale picks! I’m eyeing the Tory Burch tote bag!

Megan Martinsen

I’m eyeing the Barbour coat. Such a classic and the lighter weight seems like I’d get more use.


I’m mostly shopping fir my son. He’s starting preschool this fall, so we need some good outdoor gear and shoes for his nature-focused school.

Alexandra Jackson

Hi Carly! I would love to add a pair of jeans to my closet! And workout bras! And some booties I could wear to work everyday!


I am thinking about the Adidas Edge Lux 3 running shoes and may finally pull the trigger on the Spanx faux leather leggings!


I’ve been eyeing the new GMG dresses and some new fall boots! Loved this post Carly 🙂


A lot of the SomethingNavy collection is on sale and the hot pink joggers are calling my name.

Mary Kate

Thank you for keeping your roundup short and simple! I’m eyeing a barefoot dreams cardigan, the silk pillowcases and some Charlotte Tilbury makeup.


I am eyeing that Gal meets Glam Liza dress. I haven’t bought one of her dresses yet, but that has been my favorite! Thanks for sharing about the sale, but not overdoing it, I love your picks!

Abby M.

Thanks for sharing all of these! I definitely think that the sale is overhyped, but there are still some great things to be found! I have my eye on some new workout gear and those silk pillowcases!!

Chelsea A.

Ohh I can’t decide! I’ve always been a fan of Gal Meets Glam dresses, but I’ve also been wanting to try a silk pillowcase. I absolutely love Lancome’s makeup remover (it’s the only one that removes my mascara without any problem), and I can’t get over the price! And, of course, the rain jacket and Hunter boots. I thought I was doing okay with this sale until I saw your post! 🙂

Lily O'Beirne

I am loving all your Nordy sale suggestions! I am eyeing the beauty selection this year; specifically the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Peel Like a Pro Set ($130). My friend is an esthetician and highly recommends it.


I’ve heard about silk pillow cases being good for preventing wrinkles so I might have to give them a go!


I love the black raincoat with tartan lining, so cute!!!


I love the nike sports bra–great find! I’ve been looking for a new one since mine are starting to wear out. I also like the long cashmere cardigan because it looks like a nice upgrade to some of my cotton sweaters. Thanks for sharing some great options Carly!

Caroline Lestitian

I love the patagonia items! Thanks so much for the helpful blog posts!


I’m loving the Barbour coat – a classic that will be perfect for study abroad and the years to come! Also tempted to get the Gal Meets Glam Dress because I think it would be so fun to wear traipsing around Spain!

Kimbell K

I’m looking at finally buying a Barbour coat! 😍

Caitlan D.

I have been following you since I was in middle school and you were in college! So needless to say I have been eyeing the Tory boots for sometime now.


Those Anthropologie dishes look gorgeous – would love to add them to my kitchen!

Erica Martin

Thank you for this post! I am eyeing some outerwear—some staple pieces that will last a long time!! I think you’re spot on about the best investment pieces!


I think I NEED the Barbour jacket! The lining is so cute!

Katie Canterbury

Such great recommendations! I appreciate that you focus on staples rather than super trendy. I’m eyeing a few classic cashmere sweaters and scarves that I know I’ll love for years to come!


Workout tank, baby clothes, and hitting the makeup deals! (dreaming of the Tory boots too…)


Thank you for mentioning the home items, besides barefoot dreams items I havent seen anyone else mention other home items and it completely fell off my radar.

I am looking at the Jeffery Campbell Snake Skin booties, usually out of my comfort zone but they look really fun.

Tracy Bach

I’m planning on getting the SPANX faux leather leggings. I was eyeing them last year but never bought, and yet it was something I wanted to reach for constantly over the winter months. I live in workout leggings and these are a much classier way to spruce up an outfit without losing that comfort!


I want to pick up a cashmere piece during the sale. I agree that it’s a good investment, and the nsale has a lot of good options. Thanks Carly! 🙂


Definitely eyeing all of the activewear and a new pair of booties because the Chicago winter destroyed mine last year!

Kim Pincombe-Cole

I’m hoping for restocks or returns on the sold out Vince Camuto Gigietta Snakeskin Booties! And the Cozy Print Sweatshirt by Carlson. And the Cammando Faux Leather Leggings.. !!!

Alex Samuely

I’m eyeing the Natori bras and a new pair of riding boots (getting excited for fall already!)


I am eyeing up the Barbour jacket! Classic plus a great splurge on sale.


I love stocking up on the voluspa candle sets to have on hand for last minute gifts!


Definitely eyeing some new booties for fall, and might stock up on some neutral sweaters as well!

Isabella Smith

Super into the silk pillow cases!! Thanks for keeping us in the know!!

Jennifer Gilbertson

I’m thinking of the Barbour coat! I LOVE coats, lol-a perfectly coordinated coat cheers me up during the looong Midwest winters! Maybe the packable Hunter boots too-No way Id pack my originals bc they’re so bulky, I never knew a packable version existed before today!? Thanks Carly!


Love your thoughts on the sale and your recs! I too want to stick with basics I know I’ll wear (especially in cold Chicago winters) like the zella leggings and cashmere wrap.


My favorite Madewell cardio in every color, Sorel boots, LivingProof hair care,and some sassy faux snake skin booties!


I’m definitely hoping to pick up some active wear! I bought the Zella leggings last year and I love them!


I love your take on the sale and the concept of focusing on the basics and things that don’t often go on sale. I’m eying the Marc Fisher pointed toe flats this year, but definitely taking a look at the activewear too, now that you mentioned it!


I’ve been eyeing the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip kit! I haven’t used it so I am very curious!


Eyeing the workout gear myself! And also tempted by the Nano jacket 🙂


Love my Slip pillowcases too! Will probably buy some more during the sale!

Taylor Templeton

I want to pick up some sweaters and jeans! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Loving those dishes! And possibly a cardigan. Still on the fence, but as you said, perfect for travel!


I plan on getting some new workout gear – sports bras and leggings. Your workout posts inspire me to get some cute new gear!

Lauren Bellatti

I’ve got my eye on the Nike Indy sports bra. I’m in desperate need of a good sports bra and your rec helps seal the deal!


New shoes! My feet grew half a size during pregnancy, so now I have to restock my closet. As dorky as it sounds, looking at some of the options from Naturalizers. I’m an elementary teacher and a new mom, so comfort is key right now.


I really want to get a new Patagonia puffer coat for the winter. Those are the best!

Stephanie Davis

I would love to get the gal meets glam for my new job I’m starting! Thanks so much for your honest feedback on the sale and the staples you included!


I’m definitely eyeing a Barbour jacket-I’ve always wanted one!


You turned me on to the Natori bras last year, and I absolutely love them. I always buy one when they go on sale so I can build up my collections. This year I mostly just stocked up on things for my husband. This is the only time of year the Tommy John stuff goes on sale, and the Hugo Boss pants are a good buy as well. I was also on the hunt for a good cardigan that I can use when I travel for work.


I’ve been wanting to upgrade my bras so I think I’m going to get a few basic, boring Natori bras. Thanks for the recommendation!

Taylor C

Loving all the jackets! Either the Barbour or the Pendleton!!


Would love to get the slip silk pillowcase and some fall booties!


I very much appreciate your honest post about this (and others in general!) sale. It’s refreshing! I’m definitely eyeing up some of the bra selections — I desperately need an update ha! 😬 And I would love to purchase a GMG dress! 🙂


Thanks for putting this together! I already gave my list to my Mom (she shops the early access for Christmas gifts…) but I’m eyeing some bras/shapewear for myself.


I went ahead and bought some wardrobe staples from the sale- black calson sweater and black cami from 1.state. Both are great workwear basics!


I love buying the Zella reversible leggings every year! Athletic on one side, and casual on the other- easy fall staple.


I’ve had a Barbour coat and Hunter boots on my wishlist for over a year- not an impulse buy.

Amelia Allen

Hi Carly, if you’ve worked out in the Zella sports bra linked here, would you says it’s good for HIIT and cardio workouts. I’m struggling to feel supported in my workouts now that I do more jumping! Thank you!


I am hoping to get a Barbour coat! I waited too long on the one you recommended last year and am still kicking myself!

Love your new kitchen!


Def eyeing the Tory Burch riding boots and workout gear for BBG round 2!!

Claire Vesier

I have been dying to get the Slip Silk Pillowcases! Love that they’re cheaper now (I wouldn’t have seen this without your post). So off to Nordstrom’s I guess!


I’m going tomorrow! Hoping to pick up some great sweaters for winter and maybe a pair of zella leggings!


I’m planning my first trip to New England in the fall (after years of wanting to go) and I definitely am eyeing the jackets and boots that you have in your sale picks . This post was so helpful!
Love from TX


Thinking about buying a barbour or a gal meets glam dress!


Honestly not that much except there is pair of aquatalia boots that could come in SO handy. They are SO expensive but they are marked down by ALOT so that is one investment piece I could have dor YEARS to come. Thanks for doing this opportunity!


I think I’m going to try the slip pillow cases, they’re too expensive to purchase at retail price!


I’m eyeing a new pair of black booties! Mine are a little too casual for certain occasions so hoping to get a pair with a higher heel to fancy them up a bit!

Breanna Taylor

I’ve been eying a beautiful Shinola watch! Was surprised to see it included in the sale!

Morgan Van Hoof

In need of a new pair of workout shoes (for all my Sweat workouts)!! I have been eyeing the Nike Free TR8’s for awhile and a cute black and floral pair is included in the sale!


I would love to try the Zella leggings that everyone has been raving about!

Channing Boone

Hi Carly! I agree, staple picks are the most worth it when it comes to this sale. I limit myself to three pairs of shoes, one coat, three sweaters, one scarf, two workout outfits, three beauty items, and one home item. Every year I get very excited to spend and realize as soon as I begin looking at the item that I really do not need all the stuff. Clean and classic pieces that are an investment rather than a fashion statement are my go to. I love the Barbour jacket and it’s on the top of my list this year! Thanks for sharing.

Mollie Moran

Definitely the workout gear!! Always in need of that


I’ve been eyeing pajamas (can never have enough!) and work dresses. I’m moving to DC in a few weeks for grad school and I need some outfits that work for class and internships!

Gina Leeper

I’m eyeing all the cashmere and then Gorjana necklaces 🙂


I’ve got my eye on raincoats because I just moved to Seattle!

Kate R.

I am eyeing their Nordstrom lingerie pajamas. They are so soft I want another pair!!!


I am hoping to purchase a few (maybe a lot) of sweaters and cardigans!


There’s so much to chose from it’s overwhelming! But I’ve laid my eyes on a Patagonia jacket for a while now so that’s probably what I’ll be getting. Love your IG and blog! A.

Effie Wong

I missed out the lace cami at the early access, I’m hoping it will restock soon. The black patagonia jacket looks promising, I might pick it up during the sale. Thank you!


Love your practical picks, Carly! I have a Slip Silk pillowcase but eyeing this set for gifts!


Thinking about pulling the trigger on these bras everyone loves!


I’m eyeing a couple of totes for work and looking for new wallet! Leaning towards a Tory Burch one

Leah Hart

I am eyeing the Le Labo Discovery Set and NEST Diffusers!


Love the hunter boots. Been eyeing a pair forever. May be time to pull the trigger.


I love the cashmere sweater you included in this guide. It’s perfect for winter! But I’d also love to stock up on some workout clothes too.

Jill Schuerman

I’m eyeing those Silk pillowcases so I can sleep like a queen


Going to stock up on Zella leggings and maybe take the plunge on Tory Burch riding boots!!


Eyeing classic work basics, everything Patagonia, and now the natori bra!


I’m torn between buying another Slip pillowcase or getting the Pendleton rain jacket. I already have enough jackets, but that yellow is calling me!

Lauren Ecker

I’m eyeing some new bedding for a little bedroom upgrade


This year I really scaled back because I really didn’t need anything. I did pick up the Tory Burch Everly T-Strap Flat Sandal & Born Uchee Knee High Boot. Supper pleased with these purchases this year.


Love the cashmere cardigan! I’m always on the lookout for a good blouse too.

Jen Johnson

This year for the sale I decided I’d like to shop a couple investment pieces. Like new booties, Bras and a new purse. Love following you and I love your simple picks for the sale. Thank you for the chance.


I just kicked off a weight loss journey, so I’m thinking Zella leggings! First pair.


Had no idea they have Anthro home goods – just might have to get some dishes too! And definitely workout gear!

Grace L

I’m looking for pajamas! Nordstrom always has the coziest ones!


I’m looking at the Barbour jacket and Hunter boots :)?


I’m 19 weeks pregnant and hoping to find items that will carry me through pregnancy (and beyond) while still making me feel great!


Moving to Chicago in 2 weeks so I’m definitely eyeing the gorgeous cashmere sweater!

Storey Dyer Kloman

Eyeing all things gal meets glam and Something Navy! In particular, the Courtney Rio Stripe Lawn Maxi Dress for an upcoming wedding. Your picks are always so helpful!


I’m definitely eyeing those Slip pillowcases and a new rain jacket for fall!

Lauren Choi

I’ve been eyeing the gal meets glam dress and the bra you posted!

Ellie Onstott

Eyeballing the tan Topshop sweats and AG Jeans for some cozy fall looks! Heading the graduate school and I’m gonna need em!

Hailey Hallum

I’ve been eyeing so much- really hoping to grab a great pair of running shoes. Also hoping the Zella cashmere/wool mock neck comes back in stock, it looks SO cozy!!

Chandler Ann Hulsey

Thanks for all of the recs! I am eyeing the Barbour jacket and those slip pillowcases!

Harper Johnson

Love that cashmere cardigan and definitely eying the silk pillowcases for my new apartment!


I’m eyeing the Naturalizer Dalton Tall Boots in maple leather!

Lacey Watson

Love your picks! I’ve been eyeing the a Barbour jacket—I’m loving the shoreline because it’s a bit shorter and. I think it will be more flattering on my 5’2” frame! And as always I’m looking for a few cute booties for the fall and winter!

Isabelle K

I love the Barbour jacket that you included above. Thank you for making this guide!


Loving the Barbour coat and dying to try the silk pillow cases! ❤️❤️


I’m eyeing a lot of comfy basics like T-shirt’s, sweats, and sneakers!

Kiersten Cleveland

Hi! So excited to buy some new madewell pajamas!


I would love to get some Natori pieces and splurge on a dress or jacket!


I’ve heard great things about the Silk pillowcases! Keeping an eye on those.


I’ve been eyeing those Slip pillowcases for awhile now!! Still love reading your posts after all these years!


I’d love but would never otherwise splurge on the Pendleton rain coat!


Excited for a new robe for the cooler months and a pair of white sneaks for traveling this summer!


those slip pillowcases have been on my wish list for ages!! It might be time to finally pull the trigger.


My favorite thing at the sale is the crossbody Tory bag. So compact, small enough to not be in the way, and the body strap frees up your hands. Perfect travel purse when you need two hands for photos!

Ashley Berle

I’m eyeing a barefoot dreams cardigan and the tory burch flap bag 🙂

Allison Owings

I have been eyeing the Tory Burch tote bag! Still can’t decide between the tan color and blush though!

Namrata Kang

This is the list I wanted from the blogging world! Thank you!!


I love just getting staples too and one new pair of shoes. I got the snakeskin Steve Madden flats.

Sarah T.

I would love a pair of Zella leggings, a barefoot dreams cardigan, and the Dior Glow balm duo! Thank you for this generous giveaway!


I have been waiting for this sale all year specifically to buy the nano puffer because I see you wearing it all the time in your stories! It looks so comfy for walks throughout the year:) but I’m also starting a new job as a teacher next month so I’m looking for some great prepster staples!

Carol Gordon

I love all of your suggestions, but am considering the cashmere cardigan and black boots. I also love the way you have your items pictured and linked for easy shopping. Your sale coverage is the best…very helpful and well timed without going over the top. Thanks!

Karen Palagonia

I’m in desperate need for new black riding boots. I have had a pair of Frye boots for ten years but after re-soling them three times, I think they finally need to be retired. Hoping I can find a cute and comfortable replacement!


I’m planning on investing in some cashmere while it’s at a great price!


Love all the workout gear and outerwear- I agree about the over consumption and FOMO this sale causes, but also I’m here commenting for a chance to win a gift card. 🙂

Amanda Lutick

I’m moving to New York and would love to add the Nano Puff to my wardrobe!


I’m eyeing some of the cashmere wraps to pick up ahead of the holidays. They’re a wonderful gift that people don’t always buy for themselves.

Megan H.

So sweet, Carly! I’m loving the sweaters and boots this year! 🙂


So sweet of you to do this! I’m eyeing the Gal Meets Glam Kinsley dress, those Slip pillowcases – I’ve been wanting them for ages! -, and some luggage as I have a big move coming up!

Carrie Bacon

I love that Gal Meets Glam dress! I think I’ll have to get it ❤️


I am post baby so am eyeing the Natori bras to treat my new body.


I’ve been looking for a new raincoat, and may need to snag that one with the tartan lining!


Totally going to get some Slip pillowcases/scrunchies and a Barbour coat to prepare for a chilly fall in Massachusetts!

Andrea Eskridge

I always buy the Natori Feathers bra and Hanky Panky underwear during this sale!


Definitely eyeing up Gal Meets Glam and the Natori bras are amazing!


I stock up on Natori bras and Hanky Panky underwear each year — also have my eye on some comfy pajamas!


I’ve been eyeing the Barbour jacket! Also there seems to be a good selection of sportswear so will probably look through that to help motivate me to go to the gym more often!

Katherine Morrison

I have always wanted to try the slip silk pillow cases and can’t wait to get my hands on them during the sale! I can already picture my amazing sleep filled nights laying my head on these 🙂


Always have my eye on new work out gear (I like the looks of that sports bra you linked) and I’m always looking to add a new item from Patagonia to the collection.

Danna Seligman

I cannot wait to get the diptyque candle set and the Theory Clairene Wool Blend Jacket: fulfilling my work (wardrobe)-life balance goals.

Maddison Whitmore

I am eyeing the Barefoot Dreams blankets! I also want to try the Slip pillowcases.

Mary Cate

I keep going back to the gal meets glam dress! Great for work or a weekend brunch… and you can’t beat the colors 🙂


Love the Natori bras too! This is usually when I stock up on a new one or two!

Hannah Byram

Love the cashmere cardigan! A girl can never have too many quality cardigans. You have listed the best pieces that aren’t just an impulse buy! Everything on here will be used for years!


I might finally get the Spanx faux leather leggings! I’ve been eyeing them for a while and they look super flattering!

Jennifer newton

Booties and cardigans! I need some workout clothes but can’t decide what is worth it!


I’m eyeing all of the Natori bras that are on sale. I’ve never tried one before, but I’ve heard good things from many people so I want to give them a shot. I’m also liking some Zella joggers (though I think they’re already sold out in my size) and a plaid shirt from Rails.

There are so many cute shoes on sale too! I can’t wear them for a long time though because I broke my foot and have to wear a boot for two months 🙁


I’m really wanting some new workout clothes and upgrade some of my work clothes as well! Thanks for this post, it was great!


Love your outlook on the sale! As I don’t NEED anything, I’m looking to upgrade basics and eyeing the Natori bra!

Taylor F.

I’m hoping to purchase some new athletic gear to keep me motivated to work out!!

Michele Shelton

I love you picks! The bra I have in several colors and it’s the best!! I regretted not buying the GMG dress the last time it was out in different colors, so I definitely want to purchase this one! 🙂


Eyeing some new basics and since my hair dryer just died, the Cura hair dryer!


Definitely new boots for me- I’ve held out for the last few years, so I think it’s time for a new pair to have me skipping into fall 🙂

Charlotte Thomson

Amazing picks! I’ve had my eye on the Gal Meets Glam dress for a while (I loved it immediately when it first came out!) so I think I may have to pull the trigger 🙂

Kimberly Honiball

I’m eyeing the faux-leather leggings from Spanx! They’ve been on my list for over a year! I also might stock up on some of those bras you suggested…

Stacie Leggett

I’m eyeing the workout gear and the pillow cases for gifts for Christmas!


I snagged the Zella Live In Leggings (the BEST basic black leggings) and the Spanx faux leather ones!

Mary Tanner

I’m thinking about stocking up on NeuLash – I just started using it a few weeks ago, but have heard rave reviews, and given Nordstrom’s flexible return policy I could return the set if I find I’m not thrilled with my results after the first tube! And I need to snag some of the slip pillowcases, I got a “mulberry silk” pillowcase from Amazon awhile back that’s pretty good, so I can only assume the real deal one is better!


Definitely wanting those boots. Also bras. I’m a teacher, and so I also want to update some of my wardrobe basics.

Sarah Spiller

I’m currently job searching so I’m eyeing the J. Crew Dover blazer! Would be a perfect upgrade for my interview outfit. The Natori feather bra is also gorgeous and the kind of staple I love to buy during the sale.


I want to try the Spanx faux leather leggings and stock up on Natori bras & Zella leggings!

Jessica Levine

I’m looking to get the luggage set that is on sale and the Charlotte Tilbury lip kit


I LOVE the Hunter packable boots!!! Everything in the sale looks amazing!


I’m obsessed with the Slip silk pillowcases, and am super tempted to get those. I just purchased the Slip sleeping masks and they are so comfy <3


Love! I’m eyeing all of the python print boots myself, and always looking for a new pair or riding boots!

Rina giudicelli

Thank you for this amazing list! Everything looks amazing but I love those silk pillow cases!!

Krista Scott

I have been waiting to buy Frye riding boots in black, so this may be the time. Also, love Zella workout pants!
BTW…I really enjoy your blog posts and all your content, actually. Yours is the first I go to in my morning rotation!

Danielle Marino

Hey Carly, I’m thinking about the Zella leggings as well, I’ve heard plenty of good things before. Also the Patagonia Los Gatos zip up if it comes back in stock!

From a fellow New Jersey resident, stay cool this weekend it’s going to be so hot!

Marie M.

Hunter Tour Packable Boots. Although it doesn’t rain much — anymore — global warming anyone? these are cute and I’d love to have/wear them.


Thanks for such a practical roundup! I love your pragmatic approach to shopping. I have been eyeing Barbour coat, and Hunter boots for years!

Hannah Chalfant

Currently eyeing the slip silk pillowcase! Hoping it will help take better care of my hair and skin during these dry summer months!


I would KILL for that yellow rain jacket. Ugh. Too perfect.

Caroline F

I’m picking up another Natori bra, also my favorite!

Rachel C

I actually need some new light jackets – so I have my eye on that Patagonia jacket!


Looking at the Barbour jacket! Been eyeing it for years & am so excited!


I’m loving the Patagonia nano puffer as well as the blue and white anthro kitchen items 😍😍😍

Regan Templeton

There’s a pair of Rag & Bone sunglasses I must have.


I bought my favorite bumble and bumble hair primer and a pair of madewell jeans this year 👖💁🏼‍♀️

Erin Klein

Loving the gal meets glam and Patagonia items! Perfect for work and adventure!


A barefoot dreams cardigan or blanket, they look super soft and cozy!

Katherine Cornett

I’m eyeing the Gal Meets Glam Kinsley dress!!!!


I’m eyeing the Nano Puff and stocking up on my favorite face soap!!


I’m so excited to finally try the Natori bras!! Both you and Mackenzie RAVE about them and I really, truly trust your judgement and opinions, so I’m biting the bullet and grabbing a couple!! Thanks as always for your classic/timeless suggestions!


I am definitely looking at a better winter coat from this sale – I really like the Patagonia puffer you highlighted!

Sarah Willett

This is so sweet! I totally agree with you on the Natori bras. I buy one every year almost. I’ve been eyeing that same Patagonia jacket and some staple denim this year!


I am loving the Barbour coat! I’m moving overseas in a few weeks and need to upgrade my rain jacket!

Morgan D

Definitely eyeing the Barbour jacket!! Been wanting one for years!

Emily K

I am dying for the hunter packable boots! My current rain boots weigh a million tons so lightweight ones sound like a dream!


I was shopping for friendly maternity wear and ordered 2 tank dresses and a long cardigan; I planning on living in those once fall weather hits. Love the Anthro home items!


I love stocking up on fall must haves before I go back to college! Sweaters and leggings are a must!


After 1 year of looking and following, FINALLY getting a Gal Meets Glam dress.

Shannon Owsiak

Can’t wait to get one of the gal meets glam dresses!

Kayla L

Thanks for this great list! I also purchased a pair of TB riding boots during an anniversary sale that are still kicking around in my closet. This year, we are eyeing some items for our little one like a Nuna car seat and a Stokke high chair (how parenting changes your priorities!).

Elyse G.

I just discovered I have a hole in my Hunter Tours, so I am absolutely getting a new pair while they are on sale. *fingers crossed*

Elsa Kniffen

Fall workout gear more Zella to get motivated!! You’ve inspired me to try BBG


I’m eyeing some of the GMG dresses. I just moved to Texas, so I’m rather to stock up on beautiful, lightweight sundresses!


I would love to try the silk pillow cases – have heard they’re especially great for curly haired gals. A splurge for me would be the cashmere sweater!

Hannah Drinkall

Love all of your posts Carly and this was probably the easiest to read, most concise #NSale post yet! Thank you for a clear, helpful read!

Rachel M.

With a brand new baby, my main Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping is for him!! They have some really cute baby gear on sale 🙂 i

I will still be checking out some goodies for me too! Eyeing a lot of workout gear as some extra motivation to get back to fitness once I can!!

Clarissa Tellez

I would love to stock up on workout gear! My favorite sports bra ever (the Nike Dry-fit padded sports bra) is in the sale. It really is the best for running — comfortable and keeps you secure!


I am totally eyeing a Barobour jacket, and I already picked up a few new workout pieces!


Looking forward to buying a fresh pair of white sneakers for the fall! I’m thinking the white luxe leather Converse


I’m always tempted to stock up on Nike things but I’m also thinking I may make the plunge on the Barbour coat. Thanks for this sane and measured post haha!


I’ve always wanted to try the GHD platinum styler and it’s at a great price during the sale…not sure if I should bite the bullet or not!


I totally have my eye on that beautiful Barbour coat!!


I love your approach to the sale and also tend to stick to basics for this type of thing. A few years ago I bought my first pair of Frame denim and never looked back! I’d love to stock up on some new jeans for this year!


Definitely eyeing the Tory Burch crossbody. A bag I can use all year!


Definitely a new Patagonia nano jacket! The perfect weight for fall.


I’ve been waiting for your post!! I knew you’d highlight a few classics that are actually worth it- thank you!! I think I’m just getting bras and undies this year lol and maybe the pajamas everyone raves about! xx

Crystal Yim

I’m eyeing some maternity dresses from Ingrid & Isabel since i’m entering my third trimester soon!

Erin Bean

I’m definitely buying a new bra at the Nordstrom sale. I loved the antho pitcher that you shared! It’s a beauty and would look lovely in your new home.

Carlee T

I picked up some great Natori sale items already but I’m eyeing that Barbour jacket! I love the merlot color too.


I’ve been lusting after the dyptique travel size candles since last year’s sale – finally going to grab them for the home we just bought!


I’m excited to purchase some of the athletic clothing! Most of my athletic clothes are 6 years old and falling apart, so I hope to buy some quality pieces that will last.


Got my eye on the topshop cardigan— bc I’m a sweateraholic in the colder months and usually find myself wearing the same one 2x a week!! Also looking at tennis shoes but of course the swift runs I already own and love and need an upgrade on, are sold out!!

Jessica Sherrill

I’ve got my eye on another Gal Meets Glam dress. I love the one I got last year!

Jennifer B

Thank you for offering this giveaway!! How generous. I’m on a budget since we have home renovations, yet there are so many thing I need (my changed postpartum body had to get rid of tons of clothes).

Fingers crossed!

Keep doing what you do, I appreciate all your hard work bringing us great content!


Love the slip silk pillowcase! Great idea to stock up for gifts!


I’ve had my eye on the Slip pillowcases for ages! I’m a side-sleeper, and my crow’s feet could really use some TLC 😬


I’m eyeing that Barbour jacket or the Pendleton rain coat. Both look super cute and functional!


That raincoat looks like a great investment piece – thanks for the summary, Carly!


Totally eyeing that gorgeous Barbour jacket! Great picks!


I ALWAYS buy bras and underwear during the Nordstrom sale! Boring, I know, but gotta stick to the essentials 😂


Really excited to purchase the Barbour coats along with a cashmere sweater or cardigan 🙂

Coralys Marie Melendez Gonzalez

Those dishes you picked are super cute. I’m eyeing some basics as I don’t really need a lot of cardigans and long sleeves as I live in Florida. The gal meets glam dress is really cute though.


Ahhhh Carly you’re so so sweet!! I agree that this sale is about getting some great basics! I could really replace my hunter boots!!

xx Libby


I’m eyeing a new rain coat!! And love the Pendleton Rain Jacket you suggested!!


Hoping to buy some pajamas for my bridesmaids to get ready in for my wedding!


I always love to get your advice! I’m eyeing the GMG dresses and the slip pillowcases! I saw the bras that you recommended say to size up on band and cup size on the product detail? Do you do that?


As a teacher, I want to stock up on basics that I can use for work and wear everyday! Im also eyeing any sweats/ comfy clothes for my days off to help me feel more “me” time. I love your advice on the sale, I definitely do not feel I “need” to purchase anything from your advice!!


Definitely the Zella leggings and tank! Also the Natori Bras!


I am eyeing a new rain jacket and love the Pendleton rain jacket you suggested!!

Julia Cunningham

I live in a place that has cool weather year-round, so I’m really loving all of the jackets included in the sale. Especially loving your Barbour pick!

Janean Comfort

I loved your suggestions! I have been wanting a pair of hunter boots for a while now but it just doesn’t get THAT cold in California lol It does, however, get cold enough for a cashmere sweater 😉


I’ve got my eye on a new fall jacket! Mine is literally coming apart at the seams! 😂

Hollie M

I’ve scored several items already – wit and wisdom jeans, some tops/sweaters, natori undies, ugg loafers … all great prices!

Miriam Hall

Totally eyeing Barbour this year in the sale! Hoping to pickup a jacket for my trip to Prague this Fall!


Love your round up today! I am hoping to snap a pair of cute booties that double for work and fun! Verstitle pieces are so important when you are living in small spaces.


Good pick on the Barbour – a steal! I’m eyeing the raincoat!

Ashley M

Love your classic style!

I’d love to refresh my athletic wear a bit 🙂


I would really love a pair of Hunter boots. I’ve never had a pair. It’s been raining a lot in Kentucky so I feel like it’s a “need” at this point. Haha

Shari B

I’m eyeing the Barbour Violet jacket, the Hunter Tour boots and the Slip silk pillowcases!

Madison smith

I’m really considering a Barbour jacket! They are just so classic!

Candice Z

Jeans and Gal Meets Glam Dresses !!!! Looking forward to clothes now postpartum!

Marin Arsenault

Stocking up on Spanx leggings for sure! Love them even more than Lulu and the prices is awesome


I’m eyeing the silk pillowcases! I’ve been thinking about them since last years sale, and this might just be the year I bite the bullet! I have naturally curly hair, so I am hoping they’ll cut down on frizz.

Samantha Findlay

Love Hunter Boots and would love to add another color to my wardrobe since I wear the ones I have so much! I am like you, and don’t feel the need to buy anything trendy or excessive. Thanks!


I am buying zella leggings and natori bra. They are my must buy items every year.

Kathleen Gaskins

I would love a pair of hunter rainboots! I’ve been eying them for ages 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

Sami W

Looving the barbour coats and the Something Navy collection items that went on sale. And will always manage to put something cheetah print in my cart…


I would love to pick up the Steve Madden snake print Jillian boots!


I’m thinking about the Zella leggings and of course the beautiful GMG dresses!


I love the Stila Stay all day eyeliner, and could use a refill so I’m going for that with the liquid eyeshadow set! 🙂

Jamie Willis

I’m making my first international trip this year and I’m trying to decide on their luggage!


Definitely have my eye on the Gal Meets Glam dresses in the sale! Yay, christmas in july!

Kate Parsons

I am definitely eyeing the workwear section. I just starting out my post-grad career and need to stock up on some good quality professional staples. Love your picks!


Dying over the Tory Burch Everly Tote/Wallet Combo and the Hunter Rain Boots with that rain jacket would be perfect for the fall, such great deals on these, but I’m still nervous to spend that much even though I know it’s worth it!

Caroline Olson

I’m eyeing the Barbour Jacket and a Tory Burch crossbody!


I am eyeing up all of the workwear staples! I am entering my last semester of graduate school, and have my final capstone internship this fall. I am hoping to invest in some nice pieces to have throughout my career!


Love your choices Carly! I’ve been eyeing those hunter boots and some leather Spanx leggings!!

Jackie M

I’ve been looking at the Tori riding boots for a couple years and just need to pull the trigger!

Carlyn M

There’s two sweaters I’m eyeing and the Patagonia nano puff! Thanks Carly!!

Sydney Donnell

As silly as it sounds the one thing I’m eyeing are a pair of classic cubic zirconia stud earrings. I have owned diamond earrings for every and realize that since becoming a mom I always seem to loose one. I keep replacing them just to have one go missing. Thinking a classic cheaper option may be a better idea for this point in my life of everyday wear.


I would love the Patagonia jacket, I really need a hooded jacket like that! And some sports gear!

Emma Chini

I love stocking up on beauty items, I got the Revitalash, Kiehl’s lotion and Living Proof shampoo. Now I feel less guilty 🙂

Kristen Frost

Carly! I love your taste and I appreciate that you posted your guide once it’s open to the public 😊 I’m definitely considering the Barbour jacket and the Carly boots are too cute as well!

Larissa Ziolo-Britt

I’m definitely stocking up on Lancome Bi-Facil. It is my favorite makeup remover and the only one I will use for the rest of my life. I’m also eyeing riding boots in desperate need of a new pair and would love to get a pair that will last for decades.


I’m thinking of buying some basics for work! I’m a teacher and cute, affordable clothing is so hard to come by and I often feel like I spend more on my kiddos than myself. Also eyeing those silk pillowcases to help me get some better sleep and overall health. Thank you for always giving your practical input!

Alexandra T

Hi Carly! Definitely loving that cashmere cardigan!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Angela Kappus

Gotta stock up on some rain gear since I moved to a land full of rain, ha, different from CA!


Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! One of my all time favorite scents, and the set comes with rollerballs I can stash in my purse and car.

Julie Doonan

I love this sale, I can’t wait to get more Zella workout gear!


Honestly, I would really like some new, good quality bras since I stopped nursing my daughter and everything has shifted 😉 I’d also love to buy somethings for my daughter!

Jacqueline Collins

Most definitely getting the Slip Silk Pillowcases! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for a great top 10!

Jessica Trepel

I am looking to get a pair of Zella leggings, Chantelle intimates, and maybe some black boots! Congratulations on your new home!🏡


Those boots are gorgeous. I “need” brown. And some Sunday Riley stuff.

Stephanie Trovato

I’m eyeing the Barefoot Dreams Sweaters and blanket, plus have been waiting to get a Girl Meets Glam dress!


Carly, I surely am not tired of posts about the sale haha I look forward to these and really trust your judgment. I can’t tell you how many bookmarked items I have of things you have linked on Instagram and your blog lol! Anyways, I am looking forward to getting a pair of those adidas running shoes with the copper lines/logo. So cute! Thanks for running this giveaway 🙂


I have never actually shopped the sale before but something that I am eyeing is a Tory Burch bag! It would be such a nice everyday purse!

Anna Fickenscher

I live in black sweaters during the fall and winter. Every year I find myself buying a new one since mine get so much wear every year!

Emily Anne

A Patagonia jacket for sure – I don’t have one with a hood and that would be helpful in bad weather!


I’ve been eying either the Barbour or Patagonia jackets!


I’m looking at a couple cardigans, loafers and pajama sets, but not sure if I’ll buy anything because like you said, I don’t know if I really need it or am just erring caught up in everyone’s posts about the sale 🤷🏻‍♀️


I tried to stay SUPER practical this year: 2 new Natori bras, another pack of Zella no show socks (yay pink!), shower curtain and bath mat for guest bathroom that has been waiting on just the right ones, and some Anthropologie dishes to replace/ add to our somewhat dwindling collection. If I was going to splurge (which I’m not this year ;)), then it would be on something like those TB riding boots, a Barbour coat, or some AG jeans 🙂


I’m thinking about buying some new black booties for fall, can’t go wrong with a staple!

Elizabeth Swerdlin

Barbours, baby! Barbours! Hoping to invest in one of the quilted jackets! xo


I am definitely eyeing the barbour coat and the lancome bi-facials!

Hailey Williams

I’m definitely eyeing the Patagonia Nano puff. I keep telling myself every winter I’ll get one, But I may treat myself early this year and snag it while it’s on sale!!


I bought the bra you recommended last year and I am planning on getting at least one more!


I am eyeing the Hunter boots and the Slip Silk pillow cases!

Blair E

I just moved recently as well and this would be awesome, I purged so much I have to build up a new wardrobe!


Natori bras and the silk pillow cases. Had my eye on jeans, but they sold out.

Miriam Nuzzo

I need bras! Hopefully the sizing works out because I’ve never sized up on something like that.


Eyeing some black heeled booties! The two I was watching are out of stock, but my fingers are crossed they come back with returns 🙂


That Gal Meets Glam dress is gorgeous! Definitely eyeing that one.


It’s very refreshing to see that your suggestions are investment pieces or pieces that you could wear everyday and not include impulse buys. I caught myself before checking out and limited myself to some Zella workout pants I needed to replace.

Might have to look investing in a new coat though after your suggestions.

Mariella Testa

I am definitely eyeing the Patagonia nano puffer! Love Patagonia!

Becky H

So… I wasn’t planning on shopping, but now I’m definitely eyeing the two jackets (Barbour and rain coat), as well as that fabulous long cashmere cardigan. Thanks for the recs, and opportunity to shop!

Maria Smith

The Diptyque candle set – something I’ve always wanted to order!!


I have been thinking about getting some new workout gear and I’ve heard great things about the Zella leggings! The silk pillowcases you shared look nice too; I’ve heard so much about how good silk pillowcases are!


Natori bra has been my i need to try on list forever. I really should pull the trigger since they are on sale!


I love Zella leggings!! Also, I am looking for some clothes for work!

Heather Hawkins

I love this post and you for not spamming Instagram with the early access sale hoopla! 🙂 If I were chosen as the lucky winner I would purchase the cognac Tory Burch tote. I have had mine for 3 years and absolutely love it!

Kailey Hoover

Love this! I would purchase a GMG dress if I were to win!


Barbour coat would be the dream buy! But since I’m not willing to spend that much money at this point in my life I’m probably sticking to leggings. I love the Zella leggings and my old pair that I got from the sale a couple years ago broke so time to restock.

Amelia Butler

The Pendleton rain jacket for sure, always need a pop of color on rainy days!!! ☂


I was definitely not planning on buying anything, but you have managed to draw attention to the few items I WOULD buy. My top pick would have to be that Pendleton rain coat. I’ve been hunting for a new one and it’s quite perfect. The plaid lining in the black / navy colorways is a DELIGHT!

Taylor Gwin

I love seeing your post for the N-Sale! There are soooo many people posting about ‘must haves’ for Fall, but I appreciate that your picks are truly MUST haves. I’m eyeing that Anthro pitcher now and would love to splurge on a cashmere cardi 😍

Ashley Brown

There are so many good deals on shoes! I am in need of some staples to add to my work wardrobe and fun shoes for my weekend attire! BUT I would be really tempted to buy new bedding. There are some pretty quilts on sale.


I’ve heard so many great things about Slip silk pillowcases and think this may be the time to snag them!


LOVE your sale picks. I’m definitely trying to round out my cold weather wardrobe with a new cozy sweater or two!

Allison Hoffman

I’m planning to get makeup brushes, workout leggings and maybe some boots!

Emma Griebenow

Just ordered a pair of Blondo boots and looking at a leather jacket!

Katie Doten

I’m loving the Hunter boots. Classics that I always keep.

Ashley Doty

I would finally jump and buy a gal meets glam dress. The collections are always so beautiful


Looking at the Sam Edelman heeled black boots! Need to stock up before winter comes.


I’m starting a new job in a few weeks so I’m looking to buy some classic professional pieces + shoes. But that slip pillowcase might be the perfect fit for my new apartment!


Those same Anthropologie dishes and the Patagonia zip up!


Eyeing the small hunters (love my normal ones but like the non-tall ones) and as lame as this sounds, the bath towels!

Sara Orduña

I’m definitely looking to stock up on Supergoop sunscreen. The spray bottle set is amazing and I love to give a bottle to each member of my family to make sure they’re protected especially the summer sun .

Carly Rippel

I need anything cashmere! I’m moving to an even colder climate than I’m used to so I need to be able to warm up!


I’m so excited for the sweaters and will probably finally cave and get a cashmere sweater!!


I bought a teddy bear Caslon long faux fur jacket. And I would probably love the faux leather spanx along with 100 other items for myself and my girls 😍


Ahhh so many choices from the Nordstrom sale! I’ve been thinking about investing in some Hunter boots, hmmmm


Thanks for sharing your favorites, Carly! I still love my Hunter rainboots from a few sales ago. I was eying up a few sweaters, but sadly they were already sold out. I’m thinking of doing the cute pink checkered pajama set from Madewell and maybe other favorites that are restocked!


I have a Nordstrom card, so I already scooped up a cashmere tunic, new bras, and my favorite set of pajamas in the short version!


🤞on winning the gift card. Been curbing my spending on clothes etc to save for travels later this year, but this would allow me to snag a treat or two

Laura B

Hey Carly!
Thanks for your honestly about the sale – it’s true everyone goes crazy and can be sucked into buying things they don’t need! I’ve been looking to get another pair of my Zella leggings and maybe the Patagonia jacket you mentioned! -Laura


The Patagonia coat! I have been eyeing it for a while and so excited it’s on sale!

Marianna M.

I am thinking about getting the Barbour coat. I live in the Southeast, so it would be good to have the l

Amanda McDowell

I have my eye on ALL the workout gear — I just moved to a new part of the country where it is HOT so I’m all about the shorts and longline sports bras these days!

Stephanie Kaiser

I’m lusting over the pillowcases and Patagonia coat! Thanks for sharing your favs! xo


Just picked up the Patagonia “Chacabuco 15-Inch Laptop 30-Liter Backpack” in black for an upcoming trip – glad I checked the men’s accessories section otherwise I would have missed out!


Anything barefoot dreams! Their cardigans are all so soft!


Thanks for not overindulging in the N-Sale craziness! I’m definitely eyeing a new bra or two (so fun lol, but now’s the time to stock up!)


I’m always eyeing a new handbag & I’d love a grey one for this autumn!

Emily Smith

Thanks for the roundup! I think I’m going to grab some new Nike trainers!!

Elizabeth S

Definitely that Anthropologie jug! It’s perfect!! I just bought my first house too and need to decorate badly haha. I’ve loved following your journey with your house and getting design ideas.


I like the Barbour violet coat! Thanks for the recommendations.


Much like you I use the Nordstrom sale as an opportunity to refresh my basics that I use daily,at a great price.


I’ve been eyeing that Pendleton rain coat- I think now it finally the time to get it!


Looking into replenishing my staples. But eyeing that patagonia nanopuff jacket!


I’d love a brand new pair of Nike leggings and sports bra 🙂

Colleen J.

So many things to chose from but I have my eye on a Gal Meets Glam dress!

Madeleine Ramsey

I’m looking for a new pair of brown booties but would love to splurge on a GMG dress!


I immediately purchased another pair of Zella leggings and have my eye on a few jackets/vests that have already gone out of stock. Fingers crossed someone returns my size and I’m able to scoop them up!


We just relocated from Austin to Las Vegas and I have absolutely nothing to wear in the desert! Desperately needing to completely overhaul my wardrobe!


I am totally going to get the Natori bra and a lot of home goods !


Definitely the Gal Meets Glam dresses! I love their new two-piece sets! 😍

Mads Moseley

I am looking for anything barefoot dreams! I’m all about the comfort!


I am eyeing the new Nike swift sneakers! Love a good Nike sneaker to walk to work in!


I am eyeing the little girls clothes since I have a 5 month old. A North Face puffer has already made it to my cart, but trying to stay practical for her. Miniature items of my favorites are so hard to pass up though!


Definitely thinking about grabbing those silk pillow cases while they’re on sale! But totally agree with you about the over consumption – although tempting, personally I won’t be picking up any trendy fall items. Once the season rolls around I think I make better judgement calls about what I really need and I’d rather pay a little more investing in quality pieces while feeling confident about the purchase than just mass buying everything I find potentially interesting.


Love stocking up on beauty items that I need regardless of season! The Philosophy Grace lotion is wonderful.


I’d love to pick up a Gal Meets Glam dress and a comfy pair of cute sneakers from the sale!


I’ve loved your style and have been following since 2010! I look forward to these posts every year . I’m eyeing up some booties and undergarments! Thanks for always putting out great content.


I look forward to these posts every year . I’m eyeing up some booties and undergarments! Thanks for always putting out great content.


I’m hoping to stock up on some travel essentials and basic, long-lasting wardrobe pieces for my trip to Spain next spring! So excited!


Inclement weather stuff – cardigans, boots, etc. 🙂


I am so excited to finally add a barefoot cardigan to my teacher wardrobe and gift one to my mom, who is also a teacher! I got a bathrobe for my mom (and one for me) for Christmas last year, and she is so in love with it! I know that she’ll love the cardigan just as much too! The only problem will be keeping it a surprise for that long!

Thank you for sharing your classic style with us and not making this sale in a “do or die” type thing. I love your posts! And your new house is beautiful! (I have the Anthro Attingham tea pot and it’s amazing, lovely pattern!)


Those bras look so comfortable! I also love the Pendleton Rain Coat-classic and cute!

Morgan Doll

I’m eyeing all of the cute sweaters!!! This gift card would help a college girl out on her fall wardrobe 🙂 Thanks so much Carly!!


Thanks for sharing your picks, Carly! I also loved the section on what you’re actually purchasing. Side note: I’m loving everything you’re sharing from your new home. You seem so happy! Congrats! 🤗

Marimartha Clark

I love the cashmere button sleeve sweater! Looking for a little pick me up when winter hits! I also love those Frye boots as well. I have not upgraded my boots in years!

Ashley Cook

I have had my eye on a few NATORI Bras for a while now. I would take the plunge and order myself a few!


The Barbour quilted jacket. Always wanted one but didn’t want to pay full price for it.

Morgan Doll

I am dying to try out those bras you are always talking about!! Thanks Carly!


Definitely eyeing the Gal Meets Glam dresses! I have a lot of weddings coming up this fall and think the dresses are so versatile for work and special events.

Morgan Doll

I have always wanted a GMG dress I’m so glad they’re on sale!!! Thanks Carly!


I wasn’t going to shop the sale, but I may pick up a silk pillowcase!

did you not use pillows at all before??!

Sarah Shapleigh

I have my eye on a Barefoot Dreams cardigan! I’m a new mom and I know I will wear it year round! So cozy to throw on while taking care of my little one 🙂


I’m planning to buy as many warm things as I can! My boyfriend and I are moving to Connecticut from Florida in a few weeks so I need a whole warm weather wardrobe. Ugg slippers, boots, Barbour jackets, Patagonia jackets, and now that Pendleton rain jacket too! Love your blog so much!


I’m buying the Converse Chuck Taylor lift sneakers and Articles of Society denim! Their jeans are soooo comfortable!

catherine looby

I’m looking to stock up on workout clothes including my favorite Zella leggings. They are so comfy!

Meghan Douglas

Love the Harper Rose belted dress and the packable Hunters!

Maitland Frilot

I may have already placed 3 orders this morning, but I would love to be able to buy a barbour!


Deff eyeing up those hunter boots. Also been wanting to switch to silk pillow cases. Thanks for the suggestions!

Shayla McMurray

I’m eyeing the Hanky Panky retro high waist things! Usually they are $10 off or so during this sale but right now they are the cheapest I’ve ever seen – 4 for $59! 😲😲😲😲

Alison Ray

Totally agree it has gotten almost to the state of overconsumption, but think the sale is great for staples or things you’ve been eyeing for a while! Also really appreciate that you dont over share about this sale and waited until after public access!

Allison Matulich

I definitely want to stock up on the Zella leggings!!

Lauren Kim

I’m eyeing a few new cardigans for this winter. Yay!🥰


I’m moving into a new apartment end of August so am mostly looking at home deals, but I could really use a new pair of black heeled booties! Mine are from Target and have seen better days after a few winters in Boston…


I’m in desperate need of fall/winter basics so I’m eyeing a new pair of Frame denim, a Barbour jacket, and a sweater or two!

Courtney Liss

Yay! This is a great giveaway. I am eyeing many pairs of the boots….. mine are worn out.


I’m looking for a new pair of work flats and loving that dress!

Victoria McKee

I am loving the Barbour jacket, will save up for it or one like it next year. I am loving the raincoat you picked in your top 10. Also, I am stocking up on basics. Tee’s, pj’s and bras etc. I also purchased the Kiehl’s Lotion and Urban Decay All Nighter spray! Thanks for making it easy with 10 great picks!

Anne D’Andrea

I have twin girls going away this year to college in Michigan so eyeing the Patagonia jackets to keep them warm!

Emily Schoenberger

I am dying for that Barbour jacket! So cute!


I am obsessed with the Steve Madden Jillian Bootie in the snake print. Would be perfect for fall!


A new pair of Tory Burch riding boots for this gal!

Ps love your posts. And your Nordstrom anniversary sale advice is spot on.


I ended up buying a suede skirt by Blank NYC in the sale! I have two of their suede jackets that I’m obsessed with so I thought I’d give it a try!


I have been eyeing those Anthropologie dishes as well! Love the blue and white pattern

Kylen Pohl

I would love to splurge on a Barbour and a Gal Meets Glam Dress for fall before I go back to college for the year!


Love the NSale for Back to School classics! The best for cute teaching staples (like the boots!)


I’m really looking to stock up on basics for work but also would love a new pair of sunnies!

Lauren L.

I think the supergoop SPF hand cream is such a great buy and I’m hoping one of the pairs of black booties I ordered work out!


I am eyeing that yellow Pendleton Mac that you posted and a few cardigans and preppy staples!


Thanks for the suggestions!! Definitely eyeing the Barbour jacket, and the Pendleton yellow rain coat – both so classic and cute!!


I am eyeing the BP joggers and a dress by Eliza J or a sweater by Barefoot Dreams which I know I need to act on fast. A comfy soft sweater for the Fall.


I’ve been thinking ip upgrading my facial cleanser brush, so I’ve been eyeing the Foreo Luna 2!

Katherine Thein

I would invest in some Madewell slides and a new Tory Burch bag for fall.

Lilly Heald

I’m eyeing the Natori feather bra, some Oribe products, and workout gear!! Love your blog Carly!

Lilly Heald

Oops I messed up my email, so just commenting again 🙂


I’m training for a 5k in August, so I’ve been eyeing the workout gear!

Haleigh Lipnick

I have been in LOVE with the LIZA DRESS!! My office is casual and that dress just enough to dress up or down! My fiance and I also just purchased a home, so i’m eyeing some amazing home accents!

Nicole Paller

I’m eyeing the Tory Burch tote to use for school!


Hi!!!! I purchased the Beauty Blender set. I have been eying the Hunter Boots!


I am dying to try silk pillowcases! My skin has gone haywire lately (especially on the side I sleep on) so I think these may actually help!


I’ve been dreaming of (ha!) one of those Barefooted Dreams blankets for at least a year now but haven’t been able to bite the bullet. Now that it’s on sale, it’s so tempting but every time I decide I’m going to go ahead and take the plunge, it’s sold out! Fingers crossed it comes back in stock before the sale is over!

Jenn Gioia

I’m eyeing everything! In particular though the Patagonia Nano Puff is a great price right now. Would love to see how the Anthro plates look if you end up bringing them home!!


I’m looking at some work staples and over the knee boots!

Salma Santos

As a first-year teacher, I’m looking to buy clothes that are a good fit my job — my college wardrobe just won’t do! Haha!

Ashton B.

I’ve got my eye on the Hunter boots! I’m traveling to Alaska next month and I remember you saying they are a must- pack item from your trip a while back! Thanks for sharing!


Yay I hope I win the gift card! I would love to purchase anything from my wishlist/stuff I need.


Hello, I’m a reader from Austria. I would love to get a Barbour jacket as well as Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.

Lisa D

I’ve been thinking about this Patagonia puffer for a while!


I’ve really been wanting the slip silk pillow cases! I’ve been working on my skincare routine and I think it would help.. I’m going to pass it along to my mom for a Christmas idea! Thanks for not making me feel like I need everything from the sale!!

Amy N

eyeing the barbour coat, rebecca taylor tweed jacket, and some cozy blankets


I’m eyeing the Spanx faux leather leggings! I think they will be perfect with boots and a cute sweater in the fall:)


Thanks for the blog post Carly! I’m looking at a pair of riding boots and a new pair of sandals.


Eyeing the silk pillowcases after seeing them in your post! I’ve heard cotton pillowcases can cause wrinkles, so this sounds amazing!

Maddie Ringer

The Nordstrom Sale is literally my favorite time of year! There are so many cute things on sale right now!


The Barbour coats!! They are such a classic and such a good price!

Sara K.

I always grab new Hanky Panky underwear and a couple new bras! Beyond that, I’ve mostly got my eye on blazers, skirts, and dresses for work.

Rebecca Welker

I would love to get either the hunter boots or the leggings.

Haley Piper

Eyeing all of the beauty stuff, but especially the GHD straightener! Anybody love theirs!?


I would love to get a Tory Burch bag from the sale but I am struggling with it being a want versus a need. I live in the South where it will be warm until late October, so I can’t even start thinking about fall clothes yet! Love your picks!


I’m looking into the Longline Open Cardigan and the Drape Collar Knit Blazer. I’m a college student and with the chilly Boston weather, I definitely need some more layers for the fall!

Renae Bruce

I’ve been eyeing a Barbour jacket, they’re such a good investment but so pricey regular prices. I just moved to New England a couple months ago and one would be perfect for the fall!

Kelly Harley

Yes, to the silk pillowcases. Also, a new suede moto jacket for fall!

Anne S

You’re the second blogger who has recommended a cashmere cardigan! Definitely what I have my eyes on 😍


I’ve been eyeing the Halogen cashmere long cardigan! Hard to think about sweaters when it’s 95 degrees 🙂 but I know it will be fall before we know it!


I’m eyeing the Zella leggings, I’ve heard so many great things! A new pair of simple loafers are far more necessary though.


Ahh great read! I have been one the fence about the silk pillow cases, but have only heard great things about them. I have my eye on the Aneita rug by Jaipur! So stunning 🤩🤩

Skylar Dixon

Love that sports bra! I got one 2 n sales ago and it still holds up! Bought some replacement Zella leggings too!!

Caroline Dodd

I am loving the Barbour Violet coat, and the spanx faux leather leggings!! Thank you so much for a concise and honest post about the N Sale 😂

Melissa Sully

That Lancôme makeup remover is seriously the best! Always worth stocking up knowing it’s gonna get purchased anyways!


There are lots of things in the sale that I’m eyeing. The Patagonia nano puff and cashmere cardigan are high on the list. I’d also like to have the Barbour packable boots. I have a pair of their originals, but I travel a lot and the packable version would be really helpful.

Leslie Perez

Hi Carly! First off congrats on being a home owner! There are so many choices but one I would definitely go with are 2 pairs of hunter boots (one for me, one for my mom). We live in Boston and although it’s 90 degrees right now and I’m in denial it’ll ever snow again, I know we’ll be grateful for these.


I would love to get some new workout gear and maybe some staple shoes for the fall


Totally eyeing that Barbour jacket and a solid pair of denim!


It may finally be time for a pair of packable Hunter boots!

Joan Crandall

My favorite purchase of this year is actually not for myself – it was a pair of sneakers for my 4 year old boy! He rarely asks for anything specific but he had his eyes on those from the first time he saw them 2 weeks ago. He got them today and is all the heart eyes for them. Hasn’t taken them off yet!


I think I might treat myself to the cute Victorian-style long-sleeved top. I’ve been on the hunt for a more delicate top that I can wear out to dinner.


I am loving the GMG dress!
My mom is your biggest fan and she always keeps me in the loop with your stuff.
Keep rocking it!


I’m eying some new PJs and grabbing a couple pairs of ballet flats!


Zella leggings for sure… and maybe those silk pillow cases too!

Debbie Fluehr

I am actually looking at one of those Pendleton rain coats. Too cute!

Morgan Miller

Eyeing the whole GMG collection because LOVE! Hard choices.

Allison Keathley

I’m hoping to snag the Spanx leggings and Barbour coat! 🤞🏻


Hi! Love love love this post, your recommendations are always so reasoned and helpful. Keep up the great work!


I snagged a cashmere v-neck since I needed a replacement- have my eye on some beauty items, too!


For sure eyeing the Patagonia for some upcoming winter travel!

Niki Cline

Hi Carly! Great read and this will be my first time hit the sale so I’m really excited. The Hunter boots sound great and I’m looking forward to checking out those bras since I’ve lost a lot weight recently. Thanks for posting and I look forward to reading more! Have fun at the sale!


I’m going to finally try the Slip Silk pillowcases! Staying cool in the dog days of summer is a challenge 🥵 Also love the GMG Liza dress!


I am eyeing those Zella leggings and the initial Kate Spade necklace. Would use most of the gift card on my mom and get her a outfit.


Would love to buy my first Barbour coat – I loved your experience with the brand and the quality of their products!


I’ve been invited to 7 weddings in the next year so I need a dress than can handle a few re-stylings!! 😋

Jordan Walker

I’m looking into the Natori bra you suggested! Always looking for good bras. Also would love to snag a Patagonia!


Eyeing some designer denim – maybe AG! Have a great weekend 😊

Alyssa Davanzo

I have my eye on those Tory Burch riding boots! Can’t wait to wear them in the fall!

Linda Staffon

Eyeing those hunter boots! Thanks for sharing them! I’ve been “influenced”!

Caitlin Pond

I love all of these picks, thanks Carly!!! I’m eyeing the Nike Epic React sneakers included in the sale. I’ve been wanting to try them anyways!


There’s a leather Longchamp I’m looking at (total investment piece!) as well as a dainty diamond necklace from Dana Rebecca!

Marissa Rogoff

I’ve been wanting Hunter boots for the longest time! Would be perfect timing for rainy season in Florida.


Dying to buy my first gal meets glam dress! I’m also looking for some more business clothing!

Lindsay Wilde

All the workout clothes! You can never have too many! Sadly also professional clothes for work.


The Nike sports bra image immediately caught my eye and then I found myself scrolling through all of the workout gear on sale. Thinking of purchasing the bra as well as some Zella pocket leggings for a new yoga outfit 🙂


I really want a Rails top or two but having a hard time with the $100 (sale!) price tag for a casual button down…so cute and versatile though!

Ashley Barker

I’m eyeing ALL of the Barbour coats for my BIG move to New York City to start my first “big girl” job in the fashion industry!!! I just graduated from UGA (which is in the super high temps/humidity filled south of Georgia.. even during October), so I don’t have many down or quilted jackets for autumn in the city! Thanks for the thoughtful opportunity Carly. xoxo


I’m eyeing some workout gear and pajamas! Also love the feathers bra.


Keeping an eye on the Zella maternity leggings and hoping they come back in stock!


Super interested in trying that bra! I think I remember seeing you talk about those before- maybe this is the year I give one a go!

Carolyn Vaughan

I am looking at buying the silk pillow cases! As someone with curly hair, I’ve heard that sleeping on a silk case reduces frizz for better looking hair even a few days after washing. Seems promising!

Gillian Redstone

I’m hoping to grab some high quality, versatile pieces that I can wear season-to-season for my semester abroad in Bologna, Italy, which I leave for next month!


Well now I’m eyeing that cashmere cardigan! Looks amazing! Thanks Carly.

Julia Kryluk

Love the Gal Meets Glam dress! Great Post Carly! You always know the best stuff !


I’m hoping some of the Madewell cardigans come back in stock.


I really could use a new pair of black ankle boots from this sale! I’ve worn my through last season lol


I’ve been eyeing a Barbour jacket for the longest time! As well as a Patagonia jacket for my solo trip hiking in Canada!

Leah S

Loving the Barbour in merlot and trying the natori rose bra!


I’m eyeing all the great beauty deals, especially from Bobbi Brown


I’m eyeing the Pendleton rain coat, as I’ve been on the lookout for a new red raincoat! Pretty and waterproof (a must in the Pacific Northwest).

Ashley Pugh

I’ve seen so many good things in the sale, but I’ve mainly been eyeing all of the cute shoes!

Alex M.

Thanks for sharing your picks! I have been eyeing that GMG dress ever since you shared it on the blog last year, and now I just might have to get this one!


I’m going to purchase the Neulash serum and maybe some loungewear! I love the yellow rain jacket!

Arielle Pietron

I am dieing for the all leather Longchamp Le Pliage cuir In blush!


Been eyeing the Zella leggings so I may get a pair or two! And I didn’t realize the packable Hunter boots were part of the sale too! I’ve been thinking of getting another pair. I’ve got one in navy and it is the best rain boots. So chic yet still very comfortable! For the handful of times I’ve been to Ireland, they were my go-to shoes.
Thanks for all the great suggestions for the sale!


I was looking for some basic brown/tan booties for the fall since mine have seen better days. I’m always super excited about the sale but then I get so overwhelmed not knowing where to start or what I’m looking for.


I could use a fall upgrade. I think I will try the Lancôme Bi-facial.

Brenda Pazos

I got my eyes on the Hunter tour packable boots, I have loved them since I start observing how you and Julia style them with differnet outfits, and they seem so practical for travelling, I can’t wait to own a pair.

Robin McGonigle

I have been eyeballing the Gal Meets Glam dresses! I’ve been dying to get one and now might be the push I need. Also those Frye boots are amazing.

Megan L

Carly, I was looking last night to see if you had posted anything about the NSale, and came across your post from last year! I saw the cute Tory Burch shift dress and wanted to see if they had anything like it this year. While scrolling I saw the Gal Meets Glam dress that you posted in this blog post and said to myself “Carly would pick something like this.” Now seeing it in this post I just lol.


Thanks Carly for your suggestions! I think I want to get that cashmere cardigan! Looks amazing!


Picking up some clothes for our long anticipated little lady arriving this fall 💕 and a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for myself…for “recovery” 🤣


What a great post and completely agreed with you about the sale and also only buys things I know I NEED and actually wear. Thank you for the sharing with us.


I love the Natori Feather Bra! Going to have to stock up for this year!


Going back and forth between Stuart Weitzmen boots and the Steve Madden dupes of them. Are they worth the price?


I’m looking at some Zella workout wear and the Hunter boots!


I love that raincoat. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Morgan Roberts

I am eyeing the Madewell brown booties!!! They are a little pricey but I’ve been wanting them since they came out a couple of years ago!!!

Amber Fitzgerald

Thanks for these picks Carly! I LOVE my silk pillowcase they are the best!

I’m so tempted to upgrade my work backpack – but I honestly haven’t even looked at what they have yet in fear I’d fall in love with something insanely expensive 😛


I’ve been wanting a Barbour jacket but I’m also loving the yellow rain coat!


Oohhhhh those Hunter boots sound like a great option when it’s rainy!

Katie G.

I always try to grab workout clothes so that’s what I’m focusing on this year. They’re all great quality items/brands that are much more manageable at the sale price!

Caitlin U

My list would be so long but I’m looking towards getting the Gibson Cozy Twist Pullover! I could wear it to work, or on the weekends!


Thank you for always being so realistic about this sale! It’s so fun to look at but easy to get caught up in thinking you need so many things! This year I’m going to purchase a pair of the Zella maternity leggings, a neutral cashmere scarf and a new suitcase since mine was destroyed on a recent trip!


A new rain coat and I love Natori bras so I want to stock up on those!

Sydney Wetteland

I’m looking for a new pair of riding boots this year !

Ashley B. Romero

Definitely eyeing that cashmere cardigan! It would keep me warm in the frigid AC at work and add some luxurious coverage.


I have been wanting a Slip pillow case for a while now, they look so luxurious.

Grace McKinney

I need so many sports bras since I’m training for a half marathon!


I love those hunter boots! Also love how you called out how this sale has exploded so insanely, especially when there’s sales almost every week!!

Caitlyn Wessel

I have been wanting a pair of Hunter Chelsea Rain Boots!!!

Geysanni Robbins

I really really want the Tory Burch boots and with this gift card I could even get a Patagonia or rain jacket as well! All items I need but could never really afford. So much to shop, so little money! Help a girl out Carly!!!


I’m hoping to get some new boots too! Love the blog! 😊


Eyeing Patagonia and Barbour since those hardly ever go on sale those items are so good in unpredictable DC weather.

Meghan Maloney

I love the short hunted boots or Tory Burch riding boots! Thanks for sharing your top picks!

Lisa M Stephan

I’m debating buying another Barbour coat! I love mine so much and they are such a good deal right now!

Kat Crawford

I’ve been stocking up on Patagonia ever since I moved to the CO mountains! Definitely will get myself a nano puff!


Love that you are covering just a top ten! I would splurge on the Barbour coat! Love that it’s an investment piece that would last.

Paige Bierman

I’m eyeing the cute suede mini skirt and a new pair of jeans!

Sarah S.

I’d love to buy some new fall clothes and a Natori bra!

Scarlet Woofter

I have had my eye out for some nice fall/winter boots!!


I’ve been having trouble staying motivated to get to the gym each day. Maybe some cute workout gear to replace old college T-shirts is just the answer!


I’m looking forward to getting the D&G Light Blue perfume set!

Lisa Baar

I am stocking up on Zella leggings. So comfortable and versatile!


I’ve got my eye on a couple pairs of ankle boots for fall!

Stephanie D.

I’ve heard so many good things about the Natori feathers bra, so I’m tempted to try one! Also Dyptique candles and my favorite running shoe, the Asics Gel Kayano 26, are on sale, so maybe those as well!

Donna S

I would love to buy the slip pillowcases. I read sleeping on them can prevent wrinkles and I’m all for that!


Carly I love that you show classic and versatile items for this sale. I love following your blog for this very reason! Thanks for being such a honest and open blogger. Xoxo


I love the pillow cases! I have heard wonderful things about the silk cases, and now I am going to get them for me and my sister!


I’ve been seeing a lot of ankle boots that are calling my name.


I’ve been eyeing the Sweaty Betty 7/8 leggings for months… I think this is finally the time to buy. 🙂

Juyoung Shin

I misplaced my yellow rain jacket a few months ago and I’ve been googling yellow rain jackets to replace it! The Pendleton rain jacket looks perfect!


I’m hoping to look at some of the home goods as I’m moving into a new place next month!


Considering the barefoot dreams blanket. Looks so snuggly

Alexandria Fraley

BARBOUR JACKET & Gal Meets Glam dress! I have wanted the jacket for years. And I am looking at some more professional clothes since I will be graduating college this December. 🙌👩‍🎓
I also have to present my research project to my History Board at school and have wanted one of Julia’s gowns to present in.


Love your picks! I’m finally looking to upgrade my bras and running sneakers post-grad school !


I’m eyeing the nano puff 😍 have been wanting one for years!


Jeans.. maybe more madewell and those Hunter rain boots for sure!


I would love the cashmere cardigan and to try the silk pillowcases!


Barefoot dreams, good denim, leather booties, cashmere! Forever basics


Buying some new Hunter boots! Need to replace my old ones!

Brittany Hoyle

I’m looking at the athletic gear, particularly some Zella leggings!

Ava K

I definitely want to snag some jeans but I’m also interested in the silk pillow case! Just got the eye mask and I love it.

Heather Carmichael

Just a few “must-have” pieces like the Zella vest jacket, a new T3 curling iron, and hoping the plaid Veronica Beard jacket comes back in stock 🙂


Thank you for this, Carly!
I’m eyeing the Gal Meets Glam dress😍🤗
So cute!

Kait Oglesby Newton

I got so much in this sale- including shoes, a ton of jewelry, etc, but I am most excited about my Sam Edelman leather jacket. I have wanted one for years and decided to take the plunge.


Love the Tory Burch chunky heel sandals and obsessed with the Tory bag!


I am planning on buying a Natori bra! They are my favorite.

Catherine LH

I want the Gal Meets Glam dress and maybe the Natori bra too ;)!


I’ve been wanting to try the slip pillow cases! Everyone seems to love them.

Katie Putnam

I’m definitely eyeing that Patagonia Nano Puff! I desperately want to plan a hiking trip soon and that would be the perfect jacket to have!

Franziska Wolf

Love the Patagonia Nano Puff- it sounds amazing for colder days and hiking.


Short rain boots in leopard and fun staple work dresses to refresh my closet!

Maria M

Hey Carly!! Love your post so much! It’s great to see you insights. I’m hoping to snag some Hunter boots!

Claudia Zerdin

I am loving all things gal meets glam and so happy they have a few dresses included in the sale this year:-) You may or may not have persuaded me to buy that bra because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good one. Please keep these posts coming I always look forward to them!!


Great picks! I just finished my breastfeeding journey 😢and think it’s time I treat myself to some beautiful Natori bras.


I have been eyeing a pair of blue heeled shoes for my upcoming wedding!! I think I’d also pick up some new clothes for my teaching internship 🙂


I am eyeing the Barbour jacket and also some beauty items I already use like the Alterna Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner!


i just started a new job, so I’m looking for work appropriate attire!


It’s hard to think about fall when it’s going to be super hot where I live until October, but I have a mountain trip planned where it will hopefully be cooler- thinking a Patagonia jacket would be perfect for that!

Carolyne Ventricelli

I’m eyeing the cashmere wrap and a new pair of AG jeans!

Caitlin H

I’m thinking I will get another Nike sports bra or 2 and maybe some gear from Zella (love their leggings!)

Hunter Waldrop

Seriously eyes the natori bra! I have always wanted one but haven’t been able to convince myself


Loving so many things, but I’m definitely eyeing some new comfy heels for back to school. You can’t be a teacher without comfortable shoes, but who can afford them on a teacher budget?!


I stocked up on my favorite Natori Bras and Spanx! Always a great time to buy the essentials!

Eleanor Renfrow

Loving ALL the Gal Meets Glam dresses!! Each one is elegant, feminine, and still very practical!


I’m looking at winter staples for a warmer climate – love the jackets you’ve recommended!!

Abigail Anderson

This is so sweet of you! I’m eyeing some new cozy sweaters for my work-from-home remote job life!


I am eyeing a new pair of hunter boots! My original pair from 8th grade are just not cutting it anymore.


I’ve been eyeing the slip silk pillowcases!! I have the eye mask and love it, but haven’t brought myself to splurge on the pillowcases.


It’s super impractical, and definitely something I *need* (despite your good advice lol) but there’s a Halogen leopard print fur jacket that I absolutely LOVE! It’s a bit pricey for something that’s not necessarily a staple, but I’m obsessed!!! Besides, isn’t people’s considered a neutral??😝


Really excited about the Nordstrom sale! From hunter, to gal meets glam, to work put clothes, oh my! So many fun things 🙂

Kiranjot Kler

I had my eye on Marc Fisher pointy toe loafers in snake skin and comfy booties for this coming fall and I found one – Steve Madden’s Jillian bootie in Taupe… I really want to thank you for your stories on Nordstrom sale picks. It really helped to filter out my options from the humongous choices available. Thanks… xoxo

Emily E

Love the post. I did purchase a Rails Plaid shirt from the sale, but I have been eyeing the Barbour Lightweight Waxed Jacket. I would love to add it to my closet. It is perfect for the fall.


I love the Patagonia Nano Puff! Looks like it’s sold out right now, but I’m hoping they restock!


So many good deals! The Charlotte Tilbury products are staples in my makeup bag, definitely have my eye on those.

Alison Bergman

Need to get a dress for TWO weddings I have in September, only 6 days apart. Hoping to get one nice dress that I can dry clean in between and the sale has some amazing choices!!!


I’m excited to stock up for some classic pieces for law school! I’m starting this fall.

Eleanora Y

New work wardrobe please! New shoes 🙏🏾 Love the blog over the years btw. One of the few that’s still more than just buy this.


I’m eyeing the classics like boots and coats for fall!


I think you just sold me on the packable Hunter boots! I have the regular boots and find them really heavy… might have to sell those and switch to the packable ones!

Amy B.

Thanks for the chance to win such a great gift! I am definitely looking to add a cashmere sweater (or two!) to my closet or perhaps a new handbag for fall/winter- it’s been years since I’ve purchased one!

Adrianna Taeschler

I always stock up on cashmere and barefoot dreams during the sale so I’m going for the cashmere wrap/scarf I saw and the barefoot dreams cardigan 😍😍


I’ve really been looking for a really cute cashmere sweater!

Carla Dudek

I’d love to pick up a couple of the silk slip pillowcases……. and I love the look of the Veronica Beard Beacon Check Dickey Jacket- a splurge, but if I win the gift card, it’s a steal!!


Thank you for this round-up! I’d love to try the Natori bra and to have some new work out gear! And sweaters and jeans and shoes 😅 I just had my third baby, so it would be so nice to have some new fall things after being pregnant and breastfeeding for the past four years straight!


Can’t wait to shop the sale! I’ve been eyeing the Hunter boots!


I really like your picks! I’ve been wanting the slip silk pillowcases and this is the perfect time to snag them!


I love your blog and account! My activewear and sunglasses need some updates (currently wearing $2 shades from Primark that don’t help my eyes at all against the sun), and based on your posts (and kellyinthecity’s) this sale is great for that!!


Totally hoping to restock my workout gear this summer. Love the cropped sportsbra linked above!


Oh I LOVE those Frye boots! I always stock up on Zella leggings during the sale and I’m pregnant this year so the maternity version is calling my name! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


Love the Gal Meets Glam dress! Her pieces are so classy and you two have such a sweet friendship!


I am eyeing the Barbour jackets! Especially the violet one! But after reading this blog post I’m in love with the yellow Pendleton jacket! I have been on the hunt for the perfect yellow rain coat for years!

Erin Dayhaw

I’ve been eying some Hunter Boots! I’ve lost weight so they can finally fit my calves!


I already shopped the Nordstrom Sale once, but am considering returning these weekend. Love your suggestions!

Lauren Drummond

I’ve got my eye on a pair of black suede Mark Fisher booties! They come up slightly higher than a regular ankle bootie so I think they’ll be perfect for dressier outfits in the fall/winter!

Beth Wall

I have been eyeing the exact same Pendleton rain jacket! Love it. Also, a plaid shirt by Rails, Wit & Wisdom jeans, Barefoot Dreams socks and an adorable Chelsea28 dress!! 😊


I’ve been eyeing the entire show department, I need all new closed toed shoes. My dog (who is such a good boy, usually) recently went through a phase where he ate all my work appropriate closed toed shoes! He never touched my husbands shoes. Toms, Sperrys, Converse, loafers, brown leather flats. He would go and find them while we were out of the house and go to town. I’ve been wearing sandals to work the passed few weeks and it just doesn’t feel right.


I really need a new winter coat and have been avoiding it, so that’s what I’m sure I’ll end up with!

Caitlin Allen

I am DYING to get some new decor for my new house!!

Bayley S

Thank you so much for not overhyping the sale and just focusing on classic, staple items! The Anthro dishes are darling!


I have my eye on some Zella activewear & a puffy vest for fall!


I would LOVE to add one of the Gal Meets Glam dresses to my closet!


I’ve been eyeing the Farrah high waisted denim and revitalash for a while


As usual, I’m looking at shoes: boots and flats specifically, because while I love pretty heels I can’t run around the city in them, and sometimes sneakers just won’t do. And of course underwear, because that always needs a refresh after summer (is that TMI?).

Mel B

I appreciate your more laid-back approach to the sale than some other bloggers! I have my eye on a cute leopard print sweater, and will check out those anthropologie dishes!

Sarah Churchwell

Hi I just wanted to say I love your blog! What I’m eyeing is a cashmere sweater


The packable Hunter boots look so cute and practical!


Definitely the yellow rain jacket!!! I’ve been wanting one for years 😍

Susan Hackett

Love all these recommendations! I’ve been eyeing some gorgeous Ted Baker flats!


I’m eyeing the Patagonia items I need some new cold weather gear before I go back to uva for school. They hardly ever goes on sale so these prices are definitely easier for a student budget!

Carly S.

Thanks for sharing! I am definitely eyeing some new riding boots & considering getting my first Barbour jacket! 🙂


Love the simplicity of your picks! I’m loving the outerwear in the sale- a girl can never have too many jackets, right??

Alexis Del Duke

Love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Staples! I’m eyeing a Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and Hunter Boots so far!

Love this post – thanks Carly!

Oumayma el hamzaoui

I’m really eyeing the ugg slippers! They look super comfortable and an awesome pair of slippers to have around the house overall!


Love your picks! I’m moving to Ireland for school, so that Pendleton rain jacket or a similar style would be great to get on sale!

Steff R

I’ve been really into learning about clean skincare lately and while there isn’t much makeup included in the sale, there are a few moisturizers and cleansers that I have my eye on! Trying to slowly transition into mostly-clean skin products.


I’ve been jealous of your Hunter tour boots forever (seriously, since at least your trip to Ireland!), and I think now may finally be time for me to pull the trigger!!


Love your take on the fake pressure around having to buy things right now. Really keeps things in perspective compared to a lot of what is being promoted on Instagram!

Chelsea S.

Sam Edelman Hiltin Knee High boots in black. They’re classic!


Got some jeans and a pair of mules to try and some anthropologie candles! Kept it simple this year!

Kara Lynn Stokes

The rain jacket is amazing!!! Thanks for all the great suggestions


I’m thinking to get a pair of white sneakers! You inspired me to get those 🙂

Katlyn Morris

Eyeing those packable Hunter boots! Love my originals, but would love a pair that is easy to travel with! Thanks for the picks, Carly!


Hi Carly! I love love love you blog for so many years! Because of you I became a big fan of Gal meet Glam as well and i have few of my favorites dress from that store!
I was thinking to order the GAL MEETS GLAM LIZA DRESS and now that i see you love it it make me want it even more!

Keep being the amazing person you are!


Those Hunters are so cute!! I’m loving that color 😍

Valerie Acito

Love the post 😍😍 It’s so hard to decide but I really want a barefoot dreams cardigan!! Or some new sneakers 💁🏼‍♀️

Meghan Reid

I’ve been wanting to get in on the Natori bra following! I’m always a big fan of sweaters and cardigans and the Nordstrom sale always has the best selection. A good everyday Barbour jacket for fall and winter is also on the list and an updates pair of fall riding boots… thinking either Tory Burch or Sam Edelman. So many good picks to choose from this year!


Not terribly exciting, but I’ll be stocking up on all things “business casual” to reorient my cozy college wardrobe to one that is appropriate for my first job post-grad! Fingers crossed the Jcrew Cameron pants are restocked!

Emma Reilly

I am eyeing that Pendleton rain jacket!! I love classic jackets and have always struggled to find a rain jacket that fits the bill. This one seems to be the one! Plus the yellow will brighten up any rainy day 🌂🌧


I’ve been eyeing that Barbour coat for ages and think I’m finally gonna buy it this year. Thanks for the color suggestions I tend to get a bit indecisive when it comes to this stuff lol.


Excited to finally invest in the Barbour coat now that I can get it on sale!! Love all your picks!!


I’ve got my eye on the cashmere cardigan – thanks for the suggestions!

Anna Grace Arnall

Finally invest in some real Spanx and a new fall dress to wear over it!!

Maggie Morales

Hi Carly! I love your picks. There’s so many things I’m eyeing but I would love the oaui set because their scalp scrub is everything. I also can’t resist those argento vivo gold hoops!

Ashley Morton

So glad I read this post! Love the raincoat with the tartan lining in it that you linked!

Mana Sadeghi

The one thing I’m always keeping an eye on during big sales is cashmere. I love the feeling of putting them on during colder days ❤️

Victoria McDonald

On you recommendation, I got the Natori feather bra last year and I AM IN LOVE. This year I am eyeing the silk pillowcases, and maybe a new winter coat!


Love the Marc Fisher Booties and Natori Bras! Thanks Carly!


Love these sale picks – eyeing the Anthropologie dishes!

Hallie W

Eyeing new tops like the Haslon one for new work tops!


Definitely checking out the Natori bras! Also appreciate your intro at the beginning and keeping it real 🙂


I have been eyeing the barefoot dreams blanket for those chilly falls nights!


Stocked up on the Lancôme essentials and Living Proof Shampoo & Conditioner set! Waiting for the Halogen Dress to come back to stock.


I LOOOOOOVE Gal Meets Glam dresses. They make me feel so beautiful and timeless. Definitely eyeing the Liza!


I’m looking for a new work tote and loving the one from Madewell!


It’s funny you mention the slip pillowcases! They’re what I’ve been eying for this sale. I’ve been trying the “curly girl method” to see if I can tame my frizzy waves into something manageable and a silk pillowcase is a must according to all my research.


yoga/athletic gear! i don’t really need anything in particular but love stocking up just in case lol

Jennifer Gaudy

I’ve been shopping the sale all week for basics. I’ve had my eye on the Tory Burch riding boots and Barbour rain coat.

Sarah R.

Loving everything Barefoot Dreams included in the sale!! Anything cozy for long nights studying🤓


I got a rain coat 4 years ago and couldn’t find one that I like since then. The yellow rain jacket is absolutely adorb.! Also need winter boats! And oh my the tory burch prints this season. So basically everything in Nordstrom!


Thanks for the giveaway! I’m eyeing something cozy from Barefoot Dreams this year

Gabrielle San Roman

Definitely looking to invest in some long term pieces like Hunter boots and a Barbour jacket! I’ve been eyeing them for so long!


Love these picks!! The Nano puff is one of my favorite sale items!

Peggy Johnson

I am looking at the PATAGONIA NANO PUFF Jacket and a few others. I need to replace my coat that the zipper broke.


Eyeing some of the jackets/blazers and always all activewear!!

Andrea Terrones

Def eyeing those hunter boots, but also a moto jacket from Top Shop.


I’m eyeing all the athletic wear! Such good deals. My dad and I have a tradition of going to t