5 Pasta Recipes to Make This Winter

I think one of the best things I’ve learned how to do in the kitchen is how to make homemade pasta sauce. On cozy, and maybe lazy nights, I love to whip up a simple, fresh pasta dish. I typically go for simple tomatoes and garlic for mine, but Louisa’s recipe suggestions have me ready to venture off the beaten path to try something new. (Also, random, I’m dying to get a spiralizer! Do you have one and love it too?!)


5 Pasta Recipes to Make This Winter

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I can’t be the only one who eats pasta at least once a week, can I? If I need something really quick after working a long, 12 hour day, a quick pasta dish is the answer. If I need to relax and decompress when a project hits a hiccup or a situation goes south, I’ll close my computer, turn up the music and hunker down in the kitchen with a comforting pasta recipe to cook. Cooking and sharing food with the people I love is something that makes me so incredibly happy, and I think everyone can agree that pasta, is without a doubt the ultimate crowd pleaser. I mean, we all love carbs, don’t we? It’s about balance, friends! Pasta for dinner tonight, salad for lunch tomorrow.

When I work on these posts, I’m always trying to solve a problem, whether it’s packing your lunch, essential cooking techniques, or tips for cooking for one, I’m always trying to help come up with a solution. So I want to know, what do you struggle with the most in the kitchen? What recipes or techniques do you want to tackle, but aren’t sure how? Or is there a recipe or a topic you’d love to know more about? Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, I think pasta is important, and these recipes will change your life.

1. The weeknight miracle: chicken rigatoni

Everyone has their favorite pasta shape and rigatoni is without a doubt, one of my absolute favorites. This recipe is my newest pasta recipes with a creamy tomato-based sauce with chicken, olives, red pepper and basil. It’s to die for. I can’t stop eating this!

2. The fail-proof vegetarian recipe that isn’t tomato sauce: pasta with cherry tomatoes and garlic

You guys, this pasta recipe, is so easy, but it seems fancy because you start by making a chili garlic oil. I know, you’re making a homemade infused oil! Which seems crazy and complicated, but actually, the secret is just eating up oil slowly on the stove with tons of garlic and hot chili flakes. This pasta recipe is so simple, fresh and flavourful it will blow your mind.

3. The bad day, comfort food:.sausage and leek pasta

Ok, this one is a cream-based sauce with sausage, so I’m not going to lie and pretend it’s healthy. It’s definitely on the more indulgent side of the spectrum. But this is the kind of pasta you need for those nights when you have a bad day at work, or someone isn’t texting you back, or you’re left out of something and feeling a little down (we’ve all been there!).

4. The winter-survival recipe: kale and sausage baked pasta

If you’ve never tried kale and sausages together, you are seriously missing out! These two ingredients go together like peanut butter and jam. I love this recipe because I love kale, sausages, pasta and cheese (not in that order), and it combines all of them.
5. Light vegetarian fare: asparagus and white bean pesto pasta

Whole wheat pasta + pesto + asparagus + tomatoes + white beans. Need I say more?

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Thanks for the post! Louisa, I just discovered how good summer squash and zucchini are, and I can’t believe I never made/ate them before. But I’m not sure how long they will be in season. Do you have any tips for which late autumn and winter veggies I should be buying and cooking?


As a follower for years, I feel like I have to say that though I love your the new blog layout, it’s super frustrating as a user. You have to click into “read more” to read full story, and then back in your browser a couple times to get back to read on. I am guessing the site KPI’s have this documented in terms of drop off or lower user interaction — not super intuitive.


We’re still tweaking things! Thanks for the feedback– it’s important and helpful to know!!


Definitely get a spiralizer! I used mine just last week for zucchini, carrot, and potato noodles. You will find yourself eating way more veggies, and your meals will feel heartier without any guilt. check out inspiralized for inspiration.


YUM!! These all sound amazing, especially the kale and sausage one! Cannot wait to give these a go – they will be perfect on a cozy fall night! XO


I am definitely going to incorporate those vegetarian pasta ideas!

I have a spiralizer and absolutely love it- I recommend it to clients frequently! It’s been helpful in getting me to eat more veggies (dietitians struggle, too!!), and once dressed up with the sauce, you really don’t miss the pasta at all.


I LOVE seafood (especially salmon!) but I never seem to be able to get it quite right when I make it on my own. Some simple seafood recipes would be great!

Jane Reggievia

This is a great post! I’m so into pasta dishes lately and eager to learn how to make fresh pasta sauces. Creamy pasta is my recent favorite. Thank you so much, Lou!


I have a spiralizer and I love it. I got the inexpensive manual one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It does not take a long time to do a zucchini or two which is enough for one person. If you want to do larger amounts, a mechanized one may be better. It’s an easy way to eat more veggies.


Hi Carly!

Thank you so much for the lovely recipes! You’re definitely not the only one having pasta more than once a week. I’m always in for noodles and you just got me five brilliant new ideas!
Keep it up!

Judi Abbott

I have been making the cherry tomato sauce since Sonny Bono was on Good Morning America at least 30 years ago. He said it was his grandmother’s recipe which he called Picchio Pacchio. It is pretty with yellow tomatoes too, or a mixture. I like your idea of infusing the oil instead of separate garlic and chilis (although when making it for freezing I use them separately).